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    Semi-retired machinist and small time commercial tackle maker.

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  1. Congrats. It was a long road to get there but it benefits everyone, not just gun owners.
  2. If he doesn't like it he can leave. And take his useless wife with him.
  3. By "we" I mean the country in general. Personally I'm the same as you. I wouldn't vote for Biden to be a dog catcher no less President.
  4. You can't fix it either. We got what we voted for, and now we'll pay the price and so will our kids and grandchildren.
  5. I usually go with 4 wraps at least. Did you wet the knot with saliva before tightening up?
  6. Yes, it has been a while. You're the only guy I know that likes the red over white bucktails. PM on the way.
  7. Good luck fishing.
  8. In NJ there is no title on trailers weighing under 2500 lbs. You have to have a notarized Bill of Sale and the old registration. I'd check with the Pa DMV to see what they require for and out of state transfer.
  9. By far more guys fish white than any other color. After that it's chartreuse, wine red, pink and blurple.
  10. Funny you should say boat registration. I recently bought a 14' tin boat & trailer. The boat paperwork went thru fine but the MVC refused to register the trailer. 2 appointments, hours of wasted time, considerable expense and exasperation later I just got it this morning. NJ also has the payroll padding requirement of police at road construction sites. NJ and Mass are mirror images of each other when it comes to Democratic stupidity. Fish Bucket is right too. Most of the regulatory nonsense we have to deal with is created by faceless and self important beaucrats that don't answer to anyone. To paraphrase Marco Ramius "a little revolution now and then is a good thing don't you think?"
  11. Which bastion of Democratic stupidity and incompetence are you dealing with?
  12. Election Day is coming. That's how you get your revenge.
  13. Up Front Bait & Tackle in Keyport