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  1. Especially Congress.
  2. You got it right! Not only that but how deep to go? How deep is too deep? How deep before the action blows up in your face? That's what you pay an experienced gunsmith to know.
  3. I'll take it at the asking price. PM PayPal details.
  4. February 16 is Surfday at Brookdale Community College on Lincroft, N.J. It's a day dedicated to surf fishing only. Lots of top tackle vendors and seminars galore.
  5. +1. I'm a machinist and I wouldn't want to do it.
  6. Do a search on "Scotts bait & tackle show list". Almost all of them are on the list. The only one I know that is not is the Hi-Mar striper Club show on Feb 9 in Port Monmouth, NJ.
  7. What state?
  8. Don't worry. We haven't lost anybody yet. PM on the way.
  9. You're late to the party. It was published in 2007. You are right. Every salt water fisherman should read it.
  10. PM on the way.
  11. I worked in a fish market when I was in high school way back in the early 60's. It was a common occurrence to have to "candle" cod fillets to remove the parasitic worms. Salt water fish are not a problem. The parasites are harmless. Fresh water fish however can have worms that are dangerous to humans.
  12. OK. That sounds good to me. Sending a PM.
  13. OK, the holidays are over and as promised here's the collection I wish to offer. Make an offer on individual bottles or the whole lot. My preference would be the whole lot. If these don't sell here there's a good chance they will poured down the drain and that would be almost sacrilegious. All are sealed unopened with the original tax stamp except the bottle of Sherry. No tax stamp on that one. That's it! We're both in Jersey so making a transfer should be no problem. Oh yeah, no extra charge for the 30 or 40 years of dust.
  14. Just to give you an idea of the range of sizes I can do with that pot go to the Commercial B/S/T section under Jigs-Bucktails-Sinkers-Metal. I just recently posted a large selection of bare jig heads for guys with the same problem you have and who can't or don't want to pour their own.
  15. Yep, that's the one. I've poured up to 8 oz Ultra Minnows with it. Only quirk is the heater elements don't last as long as other size pots. I keep a couple spare elements on hand.