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    Fishing, travel when possible and did I mention fishing?
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    Semi-retired machinist and small time commercial tackle maker.

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  1. Let me see if I got this right. First you ask a question and then argue with the answers you get! So what is it you want, legitimate answers to your question or to just argue?
  2. Bronze has usually been used to make the molds for keeled squids. The melting temperature is in the range of 1700°F, far above the 430°F for tin. Way too high to make squids but perfect for making the molds.
  3. Sand beaches with little or no structure produce best just before sunrise and for about 20 minutes or a half hour after. Fish plugs in close, right behind the wash. Stripers will run along the lip looking for crabs and small baitfish caught in the turbulent water. Once the sun is up a bit the fish move out and are more likely to be out at the bar and cuts. Overcast days extend this "golden hour" a little longer.
  4. Caught a short striper once and was approached by a mature woman and a nun. The woman asked me to give the fish to the nun and I politely declined pointing out the fact that the fish was short legally and also had some sort of fin rot or fungus. Apparently she didn't believe me and I finally had to tell her "render under to Caeser what belongs to Caesar and render unto the Father what belongs to Him". That ended the discussion. The nun understood, the woman didn't.
  5. Thank you for the great job testing. You exceeded my expectations. From what you observed and learned I now have to re-think this idea. The Fishair is just too dense to achieve what I was hoping for.
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