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  1. #12 is yours. PM on the way.
  2. Unfortunately #10 has been sold. #12 is all 1 oz. I just checked and I don't have any that are smaller than 1 oz.
  3. OK. How did he get down from there?
  4. That's part of the problem.
  5. That situation is not likely to be as dangerous as they make it out to be. If it was they'd never get insurance coverage for the project.
  6. Just did a quick Google search on "old fishing tackle collectors". Plenty of websites looking for that kind of stuff. You might get better answers there.
  7. Reality TV shows are seldom if ever real.
  8. Yes it is but guys are still buying them. One of my commercial customers (a local tackle shop) can't get enough even at those prices.
  9. Yes, they're still available. Here's the total. 1 set 3/4oz as follows: 4 white, 2 pink = 14.50 1 set 1 1/2 oz. - 4 white, 2 mean green = 18.00 Tails -6 white, 4 mean green, 2 pink @ 1.00 ea = 12.00 shipping, Priority mail, flat rate = 9.45 total = 53.95 NOTE: The heads quoted are for the heads only, no tails attached. My PayPal address is tinmantackle@msn.com. If you prefer some other method let me know. I can accept checks, money orders and credit cards. In the case of credit cards it's best to call me. I don't want your credit card numbers in my computer as I can't guarantee security. NOTE: Because you're new to SOL you don't have Personal Messaging privileges yet. Be certain your address listed on your PayPal account is correct. That's what I'll use for shipping. Do not post your name and address here in the open forum and do not use the "friends and family" option on PayPal. Thanks dan Thanks
  10. Forget clams. Worms are 25.00 a dozen. More than 2 bucks a worm!
  11. A 4/0 is a good size for 4" Gulp! and it's about the smallest that will fit that mold without extraordinary methods.
  12. #10 is yours. PM on the way.
  13. Maybe he'll stay there.
  14. When that's all they've got that's what they'll do.