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  1. Sure do. Here's pictures. J-35 copies. Ultimus originals. What's your preference?
  2. Do you know how hard it is to beat a seated Democrat in New Jersey? Even now with Menendez all but found guilty of several corruption charges he's running against a strong Republican for his Senate seat and will likely win. Polls show people will vote for a Democrat in Jersey no matter what their record.
  3. You can't get a PM yet. You don't have enough posts and possibly time on the site.
  4. Thanks! I needed my morning laugh.
  5. I don't understand what you mean. Not hand out free books and tee shorts in exchange for a bigger venue? You're missing the point. There is no bigger venue with the amenities needed. By amenities I mean several lecture halls with all the necessary audio visual systems in place, the support staff for those, a cafeteria, etc. Believe me when I say that this problem has been looked at unsuccessfully several times.
  6. Been thru this before. You're right, it's not large enough but there's nowhere else in Jersey that the producing club can afford that offers all the things this show requires. Believe me it's been researched.
  7. Surfday is Feb 16, 2019 at Brookdale Community College in NJ.
  8. I'll have to get a few and test them.
  9. My MAC always corrects "bucktail" to "ducktail". I would turn the auto spell correct off but there are times I want it to work.
  10. Tell me what hooks are stronger.
  11. The OP is in Alabama. How many Asian markets are there in that part of the country?
  12. Thanks Lou. I needed the laugh!
  13. Oh boy! The price of 3D eyes for bucktails is going to go up.
  14. Liver is a good eel bait too.