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  1. Keep doing that. You'll learn the hard way.
  2. Cleaning a hook with any kind of abrasive method will only destroy the protective plating and that makes it more prone to rusting. Any kind of physical damage on a hook is a guaranteed failure point.
  3. Unfortunately no. Lots of other stuff, eels, grub tails, paddle tail grubs.
  4. NJTramcar makes some nice stuff.
  5. You've already ordered one possibility from me. The 1 1/2 oz squids. I also make those in tin. The same size weighs 1 oz. There's also my "Bluefish Busters". Link: https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/661746-squids-and-bluefish-busters/ Pictures.
  6. They are Mustad #32824 hooks. Expensive compared to the standard 34184 & 34185 hooks.
  7. Your layout is fine and your math is correct. PM on the way.
  8. Already done. I had a request for shad heads with bigger hooks and decided to offer them in the Commercial B/S/T section. Here's a link to the thread and pictures. The link: https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/789074-heads-for-big-shads/ The last picture shows the standard hook size against the larger size for paddle tail shads.
  9. Very sorry for your and your children loss. From the pictures she was attractive and had a great smile.
  10. Ankle monitor and all! She can't go out to have fun so it comes to her.
  11. That's cool. Ask DoorGunner. He knows all that bay stuff.
  12. I think you need an education in the hazards of what you're about to get into.
  13. Some guys get all the hot chicks.
  14. Yes you can. PM on the way.