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  1. My thought too. Lots of right handed guys fish a left handed conventional reel just for that reason.
  2. It's better than it used to be. The gas used now is different from a few years ago. The new stuff passes right thru the walls of the colon so you don't get any gas pains after the procedure is done. Good luck. You're doing the right thing.
  3. Please don't forget feedback. Let me know what's right or wrong with them.
  4. Lead begins to melt around 630 degrees F. The 500 degree stuff won't do the job. I'd be dubious of the other higher temperature epoxy too. Metal movement from thermal expansion would likely break the epoxy bond. Large quantities of molten lead is nothing to be fooling around with. Replace the cracked pot.
  5. Glad you all like them. Good luck fishing.
  6. This is the hook commonly used for that. It is kirbed and offset to create action.
  7. Absolutely right on both posts.
  8. Not to be facetious but what are "these"? The most popular these days for boat use are the Ultra Minnow or "Spro" type and ball heads. Most other styles are either designed for use from the beach or casting in shallow water or aren't made in sizes big enough for head boats. The Ultra Minnows I can supply in sizes up to 8 ohs and the ball heads up to 3 oz. Ultra Minnows: Ultra Minnows in Sea Robin color scheme: Hope this helps. Any more questions don't hesitate to ask. dan
  9. To be honest I needed a diversion. Been chained up to my tying bench for three days. Needed something else to do to break the monotony.
  10. I wonder if he realizes the last post in this thread was 12 years ago. The thread itself is 19 years old.
  11. Here's what I came up with in a hurry. They are both 1 oz heads. The shorter one has a 7/0 hook and the longer has a 8/0. PM your mailing address to me and I'll get them out to you.
  12. OK. Let me see what I can do with these first. Never made them before.
  13. Thanks. Best part is she's still swimming.
  14. OK. Now I understand. How many of those do you use and what size heads?