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    Semi-retired machinist and small time commercial tackle maker.

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  1. That's the only reason Sweeney's digging in his heels and saying no more taxes. Just wait until some pet project of his comes along or George Norcross wants something. They'll find another way to tax us for sure. They all lie.
  2. Who was paying the taxes on the lot during those 2 years?
  3. Hi RR Interesting question. No one ever asked it before. Here's the answer. 1/2 oz = just over 1/2". Actual measurement is .55. 1 oz = 3/4" almost exactly. Hope this helps. dan
  4. You got'em. PM on the way.
  5. Sure. I have them all the time.
  6. Sorry Tim. I should have stipulated that too.
  7. Sure. I'll make bucktails any way someone wants. Just ask! Here's a picture of my "teardrops" with feathers.
  8. You're right, it does. Too bad none of that is happening.
  9. You're right, it does. Too bad none of that is happening.
  10. You're right, it does. Too bad none of that is happening.
  11. Shipping charges depend on shipping weight. Up to 12 ozs it's first class mail and tops out around 4.50. Over that it automatically becomes Priority Mail and I almost always use the flat rate charges. The small box ( about the size of the old VCR tapes) is 7.25 no matter what the weight. Next is the medium size at 14.00. Never had anything over that size.
  12. Hi Nice looking rigging job. Good luck with them. Pictures! I like getting pictures of fish caught on tackle I made. dan
  13. All of these will be Smilin' Bills 2 - 3/4oz 1 red 1 white @ 4.00 ea = 8.00 2 -1oz 1 red 1 white @ 4.25 ea = 8.50 2 - 1 1/2 oz 1 red 1 white @ 4.50 ea = 9.00 shipping, priority mail, flat rate = 7.25 total = 32.75 My PayPal address is tinmantackle@msn.com. If you prefer some other method let me know. I can accept checks, money orders and credit cards. In the case of credit cards it's best to call me. I don't want your credit card numbers in my computer as I can't guarantee security. I'll need your mailing address. What "red" do you want? The most requested is wine red but I can also do a red more like fire engine red. Thanks dan
  14. Not a good idea. Using personal email for anything other than making payments to PayPal etc. is frowned upon. You'll learn all that if you stay with the site. It's well worth it. In the mean time as soon as you get enough posts etc we can go forward with this.