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  1. After my input I went on a search for what I had suggested and found the almost exact thing. It's on the big river site listed as "Double-Sided Fishing Lure Hook Tackle Box Visible Hard Plastic Clear Fishing Lure Bait Squid Jig Minnows Hooks Accessory Storage Case Container". Price is $12.59. I bought one myself and was surprised to see it has ventilation holes. Here's a picture. Looking at the listing again I see that the one shown above is a 10 slot size but there are also 14 slots sizes available and in different colors too.
  2. In all probability the SS was short on manpower. That would explain their dependence on local police and such for these events. Keeping new hires is a constant problem for them.
  3. Thanks for that. I misunderstood what you were referring to.
  4. Could you clarify that for me. I don't recall supplying anyone with hooks.
  5. Judging from your picture they take up less room than the plugs and soft plastics. There are a couple things that must be considered when looking for storage solutions. First is that the container selected is big enough to allow the hair to stay straight without being curled, bent or caught in the lid. Keeping the hair pristine is the whole point of a bucktail. Another consideration is ventilation. We all put bucktails away wet. That encourages the growth of mold and causes hooks to rust prematurely. From the picture again it appears the bottom Bullet Head has a rusty hook. The loss of a fish of a lifetime is not worth cheaping out on good lure storage. Search the phrase "clear plastic lure storage boxes" on the big river website will bring up dozens of possible selections. Unfortunately most lack the ventilation feature but a couple minutes with a drill or even a hot needle can fix that.
  6. If I can't take it with me and still have both hands free to fish It's not going with me.
  7. Clayton Moore AKA The Lone Ranger
  8. She certainly knows about crap. She is crap herself.
  9. They're not there. I haven't listed them on SOL yet. Only available on a private website.
  10. They're a diamond jig with a curve in the body. The curve gives them great wiggling action on the retrieve.
  11. Bluefish Busters either chrome or painted finish, Peanuts and Dizzy Diamonds.
  12. Didn't work for me. They are relentless. Got one mad at me and he called back 14 times that day. I might even consider voting for Biden if he could stop the calls.
  13. Not likely. Admitting they were fooled would also mean admitting they were wrong. Democrats never do that. Lie, avoid, deflect and spin but never admit being wrong.
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