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  1. Congratulations Sudsy! It's true what Chief says, you've been at the front lines fighting for fishermen's rights and beach access for as long as I can remember, and everyone should be thankful for your efforts. You always have sage advice (due to your age) for newbies as well as seasoned anglers...and I'm proud to call you my friend. Congrats Jerry!
  2. Sudsy that's not what these are for..I did handle these pliers at the Somerset Fly show yesterday and I will be buying a pair soon. Hook stuck in hand? You know the deal..have a plan for that. Either carry pliers like Manleys or bolt cutters with you or walk back to the truck (my plan) Update...bigger size around 7" in the works
  3. lol rookies
  4. Congrats in being able to have the opportunity to learn from a legend. Unfortunately this will only be available to a few. Wouldn't it be a shame to miss this awesome opportunity to record this for posterity and also to be able to share with all the surfcasters that can not attend? I'm sure that some tech savvy member.....cough cough..Jok3r can set up a camera and record...just a thought
  5. You're absolutely right Rick and it's a shame. I consider myself an optimist also but it's hard to stay that way seeing the lack of action
  6. A little help here...I can't find the email address for district 22. Can a smart person show me where they are or post a link. Also why only 4 people have replied "sent"? This affects everyone!
  7. Ummm...for the OP English is not his native language. Do you still wanna beat up on him for using "Pole" instead of "Rod"?
  8. What he said...I do not own A Fiberstar but have cast it and it is pretty good.
  9. Buenos dias...Because I own one I can suggest a St Croix Legend 2-6 oz...It throws down to 3/4 of an ounce without a problem and it loves 2-3 ounces.
  10. Afterhours. In my mind plugs that are easily accessible like go to the shop and buy Afterhours can't be beat. They all swim true.
  11. They're no good. Send them to me and I'll dispose of them for ya
  12. OP...Original Poster. The person that posted the thread. Bienvenido amigo somos muchos los que hablamos EspaƱol