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  1. You're not gonna have good time here.
  2. What in the corn bread hell??
  3. I guess we get even more crotchety as time goes by, and can't even exchange a simple greeting. Big disappointment.
  4. Ran into a local photographer down there last year, local guy... used to make striper fishing DVD's with lots of underwater footage. I said: "Hi, M***" and he just gave me a dead stare and kept walking. Good times.
  5. RHM

    One could say they were the best of times.
  6. RHM

    Soild dude in person. Never did me wrong. Offered up some Penn parts that I was in need of bitd.
  7. RHM

    I miss that guy.
  8. I fish them almost exclusively. I find two cut hooks work well, or a single as long as it doesn't wrap the lip. If you're going to utilize a two hook system, a brass chain off the tail wrap is paramount to keeping the skin from wrapping around the rear treble. It also makes the plug cast better. I carry both two hook and single hook A40's and Jr's and the single belly with a brass chain will absolutely bomb out there, even in a good headwind.
  9. My Simms boots lasted exactly four trips before one of the soles completely separated from the shoe. Total garbage. I've switched to Orvis and haven't looked back.
  10. I've got chains and straps, and zero fux to give.
  11. I've been using Walmart DC batteries on my 24v TM for over ten years with zero issues.
  12. Kid named Jim that useta post here bitd supposedly had a gun brandished at him by said landowner. Circa 2013 as I recall. Bout the time the palm trees were planted in the back yard.
  13. Sprague bridge for sure. Spent many early mornings there after the night shift at UPS.
  14. My Arra Surf Series rods are old as ****, but they have never failed. Durable and strong is what I'm after when swimming and climbing around all night. Not interested in saving a few ounces in exchange for a "modern" rod exploding in my face. Just me.