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  1. I’m good for one thread per year now. Had to fill my quota.
  2. It's not a State... It's a condition.
  3. A crap ton of pnutz and bunker, with needlefish mixed in.
  4. Even closer to home!
  5. Hey Dennis, I've been meaning to try Tilted Barn. They're less than 15 minutes from my house. I enjoyed visiting Proclomation when they were in Kingston. I'm more of a Flying Jenny / Hazy Day fan (Grey Sail in Westerly) IPA's give me a wicked headache.
  6. Here's a few Pre-War slides that I scanned. My great grandparents had a house on Beavertail. The gentleman with the bass was a neighbor, name unknown. Enjoy... Matt
  7. Lack of fish and injuries equals no motivation.
  8. Torn cartilage in my left shoulder... FML
  9. I was there with my Dad that day.
  10. Yeah man, everything's been collecting dust since May 2016.
  11. I quit fishing two years ago.
  12. He went right there.
  13. Kinda like dumping a bag of popcorn in the canal... and watching everyone tear ass towards the seagulls.
  14. It's winter... it happens to all of us.