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  1. Where would ya put the rod rack???
  2. What CG said...
  3. Yep. Too many internet fishers see all the photos and decide it is so easy they wanna join in. And they do not do any homework and hardly have a clue. I dunno. All have a right to participate. But I wonder about the motivation and the dedication.
  4. Yeah, I think the fishery will continue on its present course... as long as we don't kill the big momma's. But who knows which asshats will decide the resource is too valuable to let it survive?
  5. Amen!
  6. I want to rant about those too lazy or too ignorant to find their own fish. But I won't. I will say if a person wants to catch they need to get off the internet and get on the beach.
  7. You're welcome! Always glad to see a nice fish.
  8. Beach might be closed for several days. We'll have to wait & see...
  9. Lots of guys cannot wing it way out there and somehow they still catch fish. Length is good to have in your bag but it ain't the only club.
  10. Love it!
  11. Why I don't fish on Saturdays.
  12. Bev! We're certainly going to make an effort to see you & Terry. We'll be up next Sunday for 4 wks. Remember that we don't fish on Saturdays. S & D
  13. Well...I like it rather nasty but this seems to be a bit much. Besides, you'd hafta throw a brick. See ya soon!
  14. WMO

    That blue is huge!