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  1. Must have been but I don't remember. I don't remember that fish but I probably have a pic somewhere. I don't even remember who sent me that clip. I do remember having several 20+ fish days and I remember a glorious day with 10 over 45". But now I can't even remember where I left my coffee mug. But I surely do remember the wonderful folks I've met & fished with over the years and that world famous "Deadhead" is one of 'em.
  2. We used to catch fish...
  3. Check out "The Outlaw Gunner" by Harry Walsh. Available on Amazon.
  4. Gave the first one to the local food bank. Gave the second one to St. Jude's. Don't want any more.
  5. I ain't driving 500 miles and spending $2-3K to fish for something that ain't there. Used to love Nov on AI...not now. If I wasn't getting so dang long in the tooth I'd think about Avon in Nov. Might have to think about it anyway...
  6. Another new one for me today: cusk eel. I had no clue but Bill tagged it right off. My fish book shows 8 or 10 different ones but the illustrations are in black and white. This guy was a nice golden tan. After googling: Striped Cusk-eel Ophidion marginatum. Also got a double header with another pinfish and, surprise to me, a trout. The pinfish got a 9/0 Big Eye and the trout got to go home to momma.
  7. In the process of figuring out that it was a pinfish I learned that they are indeed decent bait for reds. If that sucker wants to chomp my fishbites again he's going in the bait box...
  8. Pinfish!
  9. Small, 6-8" long, about 2.5" high, flat sided, silvery with a bluish tint, faint yellow stripes down the side, yellow edge on the anal and caudal fins. Caught on fishbites with the bait rod. Cute little guy but I have no idea what it might be. Any help?
  10. Yep.
  11. Beach is closed...
  13. Thanks but you can't keep up as it is an ongoing thing...
  14. I'm gonna sit in the rental this weekend and contemplate my sins, which are many. Ya'll have fun, behave yourselves, and I do hope you catch. Most of all, be safe.