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  1. Dang...sorry to hear.
  2. What CJ said. Heads.
  3. and roundheads...
  4. OK, I won't go.
  5. Was thinking about Hugh just yesterday. He knew stuff and was always willing to share. Last time I saw him was on the OBX. He was fishing by himself as was I. Sort of kindred spirits, I guess. RIP, Plug. You are missed.
  6. I didn't dream any of this stuff up...had some really excellent role models. Like that tall skinny dude. The old hippie. You three musketeers who have caught some BIG fish. The guy from NY mtns. The redhead. The youngster from FLA. The local dude addicted to grinders. And some others that I'd mention if my memory wasn't going downhill so fast. These guys have doing it for years. They are some of the best guys ever and they all CATCH. Listen to what they say.
  7. Aw shucks, JC. Yer gonna make me blush...
  8. I think you're kinda confused. The 10 lb per ounce "rule" pertains to the sinker weight, and not the rod rating. Most of us use 50# big game for a shock leader for ANY sinker you're likely to throw from the beach. And lots of big fish have been put on the beach with 15# big game but most use 17-20 running line like Gary said. Can't think of a better combo than a 12 1/2 or 13' custom with a good conventional reel loaded with a quality mono topped with a 50# shocker. And, like Gary said, if 10 won't do I'm off to the house. I've thrown 14 oz sinkers but I ain't gonna do that again. Good luck with your new rod.
  9. Okuma Classic is gone.
  10. I have a like new Okuma Classic 200...has a sticker that declares it to be a C model suitable for casting. The box is marked "Trolling". Reel is not a caster but would make a good trolling reel. Looks new...spooled it & tried casting a couple times. Pick up in West OC in October.
  11. So maybe some guys don't take photos and don't make reports. Agree that numbers are way down. I think we've seen the last of the 20+ fish days. And the size seems way down.
  12. Dang...I've missed him on the beach.