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  1. Still planning to come up...but...this virus thing...dunno.
  2. Horrocks Ibbotson
  3. I need to glue thin 2" slats to a painted plaster wall. No clamps or fasteners so I need a contact adhesive or almost an instant glue. Gorilla glue or instant nails? Any ideas? TIA
  4. Geez. Always enjoyed talking to Ron. RIP.
  5. That is the key and it is us who need to practice that. Alas, most won't.
  6. Terro. They take it back to the colony & it kills 'em all.
  7. I used a less socially acceptable term in my original post.
  8. If people show up tearing up the beaches, raising hell, throwing trash and garbage all know, behaving like balloon knots. Then they'll close it...
  9. NO home park victories! Wow! Erik's gotta be dancin'!
  10. Hey Steve, glad Donna and you made it home alright. Could have been better catching but nice to be there.

    question...the tip top guide on one of my 1502's broke, guide and brace came detached from the sleeve. could have been from the tough fight with the 51 in the current? having a little trouble finding the sleeve size on a non cut 1502. thought you might know off the top of your head. Thanks...

    1. SteveZ


      Hey CJ!  Sorry, I don't know/remember.  Tips are sized in 64ths.  Measure with your mic and convert to 64ths.  Donna's 1502 measures .180 just below the tip wrap which converts to 11.5 64ths so a size 12 would fit ok.  Marcus has probably done a 1502 more recently than I and might have a clue.  Or any of the other guys.  


      I really don't think your drum did it...prolly died from old age.  LOL


      Ran over a fresh road kill on the way home...helluva shock to the truck and to us.  Not sure how, but no damage to the truck except some bloody stuff under the front bumper and in the rear wheel well. 


      Good luck with that stick!

    2. Catskill John

      Catskill John

      Wow, better hitting a dead one than a live one I guess. Probably have a tip somewhere but my wife moved stuff around, I'll just measure it.

      You guys have a healthy and warm winter...

    3. SteveZ


      Thanks.  Think I'd go with a 12.  Yep, I have a stash of tips.  Most of 'em won't fit anything I have...



  11. CJ is referring to AI/MD. And if that beach is closed due to high water you know the beach at Chincoteague is awash.
  12. From a 2013 post by Poppy: "The original and legendary 1509 Heaver, first introduced to the masses some 15+ years ago, was made on a blank made by All Star in their Texas facility. The development of that blank was a joint effort between Breakaway and All Star as I recall. So w/ the 1509 it would be… The 150 would mean the blank/rod would be 150 inches (12’ – 6”) long… Guess what? The blank/rod was 13’ – 2” long…in inches it was 158”…neither the length in feet or in inches correlated to the blank/rod number… All Star also made a 1508 and it too was 13’ – 2” long."
  13. That I don't know. I've owned a dozen or more RS 150X rods and probably wrapped 6 or 8 more for other folks and all were 12' 6". I had a couple 1569s and they were both 13'. But I never had a RS 1509, so I just can't answer. But after snooping around a bit I believe the SU1509 was also a 12' 6" blank. Could be wrong. And maybe Jim is right that it's another blank. There's enough of these things floating around that somebody's gotta have one to measure.