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  1. Looking for a blank or rod built conventional. Will consider other similar blanks or rods.
  2. Has never been a problem for me. Have never had any interaction with a uniformed moron on Assateague Island. Lots of 'em on the beach, though.
  3. What Esox said...and wok...and lucky. Some conditions are better, of course. But I never let conditions dictate. Secret? Bait in the water. Just go fish.
  4. No schedule? How 'bout by appointment???
  5. I dunno...tough choice there CJ. How 'bout java from 6 to 8 AM? That'll leave plenty of time for both doncha think???
  6. A-fib...dang. You & CG really doing half caf??? One of my few remaining vices is hi-test java.
  7. Well it is done, except for the tip top. Bright shiny white with bright shiny guides (gasp!). Blue shrink sleeve grips. Wrapped in blue. Cut the tip so that it needs an 18 tip top...ain't a noodle stick now. 26 mm graphite reel seat, which I now regret. Should have used a chrome over brass seat. Might change that seat this winter if I get too bored. Just about ready for Erik's squidder which has new drag washers, a longer handle, and a jillion yards of 20# big game. I know, I know. Not like me at all. Ya'll know I prefer black on black with cork tape grips and a souped up 6500. But it has been fun. Now if that tip top would just come in... I suspect I'll fish it a time or two and then hang it on the wall. This project really reminded me of two things: Can't see and so darn shaky I can't hold a screwdriver in the head of a screw. Age sucks but it beats the alternative. So far...
  8. Earl woulda been
  9. That ain't gonna happen.
  10. Got one in DE 'bout 20 yrs ago.
  11. Dang. Big change. My nice vintage conventional meant for the squidder? It ain't what it seems. Someone stuck a conventional top on a spinner butt and that's why the guides and layout seemed so weird. It was sold as a parts rod with no guarantees so it is on me as I should have made certain what I was getting into. Since it doesn't make sense to keep it as is with a couple new guides I'm gonna totally strip it and rebuild it as a conventional rod. Dunno how I'm going to get that metal seat off, though. Give me something to do this winter...
  12. Nope. I am realizing I have a frankenrod. Somebody stuck a conventional top on a spinner butt and called it a conventional rod. And that's why I got it for cheap. So I'm just gonna stick some guides on it for now and will probably completely strip it and redo it as a true conventional rod after the fall fishing. Thanks for the reply.
  13. That was fun. Now I'm working on a 13' conolon and a 386. Keeps me outta mischief...mostly...