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  1. Never seen these in my life western ct sound. Outgoing tide, tidal marsh.12-14” long. Swimming in schools of 5 or more. I thought pipefish but these are big. Any idea
  2. Thin lizzy - sun goes down
  3. Hey skunkoff and heavy hooksetter, I'm also a old school CT metalhead. Was in bands that never went anywhere mostly doing covers of maiden, king diamond, anthrax, megadeth, helloween, fates warning, yngwie etc. And some originals but singers could never cut it. Also this was late 90s to 2006 or so. What bands where you guys in? Gonna throw names out see if you remember any of these local guys and bands. Some I still talk to, some a met a few times,I'm very interested and trying to track down all Connecticut metal bands from the 80's. Indestructible noise command, Joined forces, Theater/ Jim Clark, ESP, Leige lord, Mike Vescera/ obsesseion.
  4. Hi guys this is my first post on these forums. I love this site. I recently bought a 1988 Aquasport 130 Dory/ Dell Quay Dory. I have searched all over the net and can't find any info. Did Aquasport buy the dell quay molds? From what little info I got this sure looks like the dell quay hull, and the hull markers say it is a aquaport but it has both decals. I will post some pics soon. I also have some water in the hull but I don't beleive it to be completly water logged, I can easily lift the bow and stern of the boat. I am fairly sure the main point of intrusion was where the side console was screwed to the deck. I cut out that small section of the floor 5" x 14" and dug out the foam to the hull. The only stuff that was wet was the area around the screws and 1/4" all along the bottom, all of the center foam was bone dry. I have been taking out a little water every day (about 1 or 2 ounces) From what I have heard this foam will never dry out completley. Do you think I will be ok pulling out as much as I can then refoaming and glassing and of course going around and checking the rest of the mounting holes