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  1. My friend did an amazing job. I have a lathe, but the spool wouldn't fit my jacobs chuck, and Mike makes 5000$ pocket knives. There's probably only a few dozen people on this planet who polish metal with his level of skill and enthusiasm. The spare spool was 150$ for the torque 5, and the time and aggravation that I would have put into fixing it is worth more than that to me.
  2. Modified ritz, I prefer a slim profile for inshore rods. I usually leave a little more meat on the grips of my beach rods.
  3. I've done the same thing to the same reel. I was lucky enough to have a friend with a 3000sq ft machine shop who owed me a little favor. I still ended up buying a 2nd spool. Removing the dent isn't enough, the surface will have to be polished afterwards. Few have the tools, or the time to do it right.
  4. There has never been a documented fatal encounter with an american saltwater crocodile in the state of Florida.
  5. Nobody is getting a tag to hunt residential alligators. You can report a nuisance gator to fwc, and they'll send someone to relocate it if it's actually being a problem. If it's just sitting on a shoreline being a gator, you'd be wasting their time.
  6. Feeding alligators is illegal, and pretty stupid. If one of the residents sees you feeding a gator, there's a good chance you'll be the one calling the cops.
  7. I've never tried to convince anyone that they need to pick up fly fishing. I honestly don't care. I'm just as comfortable with a 10' plug rod as I am with 10wt, always have been. My fishery is entirely visual, it's all sight casting. Regardless of what I'm targeting, I rarely need to be effective beyond 90'. So I throw a lot of flies. Beaches, jetties, flats and creeks, I don't discriminate. Seems to work well in other parts of the world too. If you want to fly fish, you have my unflinching support, but it would be awful crowded on the water if it weren't for golfers. If it's not for you, so be it.
  8. Being totally serious, I don't pay any attention to them if they're less than 8' long. You're going to have to make some seriously bad decisions if you're going to have a problem with them. Unless you're a dwarf, or like to swim at night, you have nothing to worry about.
  9. Yeah, I don't feel like I have anything to contribute to this thread. I cover miles this time of year, I do everything I can to trim the fat on my load out. A quart of cold water is mandatory, a slim plug bag or sling, some flourocarbon, pliers, and one rod. That's it. No camera, no cooler, no second rig. The more you carry, the shorter your day is going to be. Some day everyone will have a drone to carry their gear, I hope I don't live to see the day.
  10. Other than one tiny little ultra light, all my rigs have white braid, 832 on some, invisibraid on others.
  11. Ooh, the mustads are way worse. I put rust inhibitor strips in all my plug boxes (zerust, super cheap, available at any hardware store), the finish really takes a back seat to strength and penetration for what I do. Owner has a light wire inline that I like for small plugs, but they will rust quick.
  12. Alcedo micron.
  13. I use sage blanks. Being on a budget makes it difficult. TFO has a blank program, I'm not sure if the Axiom II is available as a blank yet, but you could certainly do worse. Rainshadow is another reasonably priced option. Personally, if I wanted a performance rod and didn't want to drop a morgage payment on a blank, I'd try to dig up something recently discontinued (method/one/Xi3).
  14. You'd stop short, I sure as hell won't.
  15. Feelings? They're domesticated. You can shoot bears at the landfill, but don't call it hunting.