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  1. Not a new fly by any stretch of the imagination, just new materials. I started using whiting bird fur for tails on larger seaducers. They're catching fish pretty much everywhere I take them.
  2. I'm using hand tied calf tail jigs, in the Vero-Ft. Pierce area, but basically doing the same thing. I use a St. Croix 5S76mlxf with a certate 2500xh. I pick my battles. I don't hit dock lights looking for slobs. I have my choice of half a dozen habitats where I can target the big girls without going through 20$ worth of braid every week. Dock lights are good for insomnia, and entertaining guests, but it costs me a lot of jigs.
  3. I'm 4 miles from the inlet, you'll have the same experience on my back porch.
  4. Florida here. I'm just fascinated by the fact that you guys evidently have a seasonal reprieve. 24/7/365 here. Mosquitoes bother me far less than our biting gnats. Having recently moved to a more rural area of coastal Florida, I'm not adjusting well. I get lit up while pumping gas (seriously).
  5. The best backing I've found has been 40lb power pro hollow ace. It's expensive, but very smooth (for those who insist on grabbing their backing on running fish, still not convinced these people exist outside of web forums), and it's easy to splice. It's roughly the same size as 20lb micron.
  6. I've had two days this week where I've lost count. No slobs yet, but steady action if you've got good eyes.
  7. Yes. I've caught both on commanders & skippy's.
  8. A straight splice to your fly line is the cleanest & strongest. For the backing you've answered your own question. Gel spun/Spectra can't be spliced unless it's a 16 carrier hollow core like power pro hollow ace or Cortland C-16. If you're running gel spun a simple triple surgeons with a double loop is your best option. A bimini in gsp is just a huge knot that serves no particular function. It isn't particularly strong, and it's a very large knot. Considering a triple surgeons tied in 50lb gsp is going to test higher than the max core strength of any fly line in existence, I don't see the need for anything else. You can also double the surface area of your handshake by adding an extra hitch.
  9. I'm sure you guys have already considered this, but I went to the optometrist and got myself some industrial strength readers. They're heavy, and you won't catch me wearing them in public, but I can't let a little thing like not being able to see stop me from tying & building.
  10. I use the partridge F3 & F7 for everything from bonefish to juvenile tarpon. #2 is the largest size available.
  11. For the same reason that "Finding Sasquatch" is on season 9.
  12. I really hate biminis. Not that they're difficult to tie (20 seconds give or take), but it's probably the most misunderstood knot in existence. The bimini was engineered to protect lighter class tippets on igfa compliant leaders. I get a lot of requests for biminis in places where an absurdly large knot is a liability or worse. I don't argue. I just tie the stupid knot and let them figure it out on their own. I'm rarely in the mood for another "but the internet told me". I still see reels that come from reputable shops with biminis tied in GSP/Spectra, occasionally covered in quick set epoxy. I've gotten really good at hiding my disgust from customers.
  13. double post
  14. I work too hard at it to let something absurd like superstition effect my fishing. That being said, coffee and goumet indica are a given, but it's not a ritual, it's just breakfast. And you'll never see me at a dunkin doughnuts.
  15. I use these to emulate our local lug worms. It's bunny and beaver, takes 5 minutes to tie.