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  1. The breaks come naturally in the form of broken bones, torn ligaments, melanomas & hurricanes.
  2. The hydro LC is also considerably more durable than a bomber or SP.
  3. I've replaced all my SP's & 17a's with yozuri LC minnows. Has almost the same drift/cadence as an SP(a little more pronounced), and it casts a hair better (it's a bit heavier).
  4. I can't take credit for the idea, but yes. 1 fatality in 80 years doesn't really sound like much of a problem to me. If people were actually on the menu there would be incidents like this every day.
  5. If you were living in the real world you'd realize that falling coconuts kill more people than sharks.
  6. This, a thousand times.
  7. Bear, bear, and more bear on a #3\0.
  8. Hot and cold, but I've been catching quality fish. The season started with some freakishly large tarpon in late July. I was driving to Vero every day for a few weeks when they were on anchovies. Pogies came and went in a blink, kinda disappointing but I've been catching fish regardless of the presence of bait. One thing about this season that's been really great is there's been absolutely nobody out there. I mean nobody. I go early, midday, evening, doesn't matter, I'll have it all to myself. I'm moving Friday, give me a shout if you're bored and want to lift furniture all day. And I don't do Quan's anymore. I've been vegetarian for almost 2 years now. I do pizza: )
  9. What supports the O ring? Maybe I'm just missing something really obvious.
  10. Not even kidding when I say it's more of a compulsion than anything else. I left the military with some issues, fishing helped me get my mind right. I'm lucky to have friends and family that are supportive.
  11. There are some really fun exotics in the canals, I go occasionally in the winter months. The habitat is a little more challenging than most give credit, dress for a full blown no-see-um assault. Deet won't work.
  12. 17 and counting. I'm 43, and I see a dermatologist 4 times a year. I kept a journal until 08'. About 270 days was average for me back then. I'm slowing down, mostly because our fishery doesn't inspire me the way it used to. Florida is in deep ****.
  13. They still make full cage reels. I don't see how an O ring could do anything other than cause more problems.
  14. I use them on open beaches. Tails move just fine, but one small tarpon and they're done. I use the 4" 1.5oz and the 5" 2oz. Here's a pic of one that was eviscerated on the strike.
  15. It's definitely early, you guys should all avoid the beach until the first week of October: )