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  1. The xlwg isn't hard to find, or expensive. Mfc has Kelly Galloup's belly bumper hook, umpqua has their bendback hook. Honestly, I think they're more versatile than the vmc.
  2. Personal preference, the certate is definitely capable. Saragosas should be going on sale soon fwiw. The torque 5 was right at 20oz, and I didn't care for it on that rod. The certate weighs half as much.
  3. I have a certate 5000 on mine. I had a penn torque 5 on it before, and it just didn't feel right.
  4. Century has a couple shorties. Scott has a few short rods available in the sector series, production rods only, no blanks.
  5. I'm not sure why it bugs me so much. I don't break rods, and I have several redundancies anyway. It's just unsettling. Anyway, rear grip is finished and I'll be drilling cork rings at some point this afternoon. I've been saving this stuff for a new 7wt, but it looks like that'll have to wait.
  6. A 70/30 split doesn't bother me. I got it for land based tarpon. I'll order another blank before I glue anything.
  7. Just to follow up guys, I received my blank a little over a week ago. It took me a few days to calm down. The blank that arrived was a 50/50 split with a diameter of about 1/2", and a 5.5 top. I obviously should have asked more questions. I haven't seen a 50/50 split in 10 years, and I certainly wouldn't have ordered this blank had I known. But, things being what they are I decided to proceed with the build. We'll see. The smaller fish I'll be targeting are in the 75-80lb class, I have doubts.
  8. It's a protein surrounded by a layer of lipids, soap (any variety), alcohol, and bleach are all effective.
  9. I'm about 1000 miles or more south of most of you. My habitat is different, the species I target are different, and generally speaking we use smaller/lighter gear than the majority of NE anglers. That being said, covering water is just as important here as it is in your area. I'd have a hard time justifying 50lb for even the largest tarpon. Most braids test out at almost double their rating with a well tied knot. I know 30lb invisibraid braid tests at well over 50 with a static load. Most reels can't generate enough drag to justify using anything heavier than 30. Some folks have difficulties managing lighter braid. The hail mary casting method combined with the habit of automatically tripping the bail is recipe for disaster. Heavier braid would help in that regard. I'd never tell the next guy how to fish, but 50lb would certainly make things harder than they have to be.
  10. Bail is firm on my reel, no play at all.
  11. So far, so good. The 2019 10k sw-c that I picked up in December probably has less than 100hrs on it, a few cobia and some snapper. It's not going to get worked hard until summer arrives.
  12. You can call it whatever you want, I've owned both, both fell short.
  13. You're operating under some powerful assumptions. I have no issues swimming with my stella, or my tranx, or my saltiga. None of them have had to have their handle replaced twice in one season either.
  14. I'll never own another VS. The stiffness, the line lay, the drag, there isn't a single feature of that reel that doesn't fall short.
  15. You could do worse.