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  1. It's available now, but has to be drop shipped from the factory. My 2500h should be here Friday.
  2. This thread is hilarious. Every state that has legalized cannabis has seen a dramatic drop in violent crime, and alcohol and opiate related deaths. Are there people who shouldn't partake? Uh, yeah. Absolutely. Today's cannabis is nothing like what we had growing up, and I'll be the first to admit that there's nothing recreational about some of the dosage levels available in the edibles. But if you find yourself a nice mild indica strain, it isn't going to wreck your fishing. Prohibition is something that's fun to put under a microscope. People who want it are going to get it whether it's legal or not, criminalizing it has no effect on demand. But it's a convenient way to keep a thumb on certain communities. The lives destroyed by prohibition outweigh the handful of folks who can't handle their **** by a pretty obscene margin.
  3. I use a Rite bobbin. The mag or half hitch model both have the right weight. I also have one that I bought off Amazon for 80$, I don't really care for it.
  4. I have my gripes about the gen 1 torque, but it's been a more reliable piece than any of my other surf reels. I've had 3 of them, the first was butter smooth (similar feel to my saltiga z), the only reason I got rid of it was because I was healing an elbow injury. The second reel was stiff, and despite taking every single piece of that reel apart and greasing it thoroughly, that never changed. Nowhere near as stiff as the VS reels I've owned, but still not great. Bought a 2nd one hoping I'd get a looser reel, and I got lucky. I've had that reel for 5-6 years now. It doesn't see as much action as other rigs I own, but it probably sees 50+ days a year walking the beach, sight casting 70" tarpon with 3oz plugs. Other than an aftermarket handle I've never had to replace a single part.
  5. Depends on the tarpon, and where. For juvies I use alot of small gurglers and clousers, bendback variations for working mangroves. For larger fish in open water I like a big soft hackle streamer, always black, and sometimes with a sparse hank of deer body hair trimmed to push water.
  6. The "Rite mag" bobbin is the right weight, and has a drag system that makes it pretty great for PR's. I prefer it over the shimano, and it's half the cost.
  7. That's a stretch. I'm building rods in the same area where I tie. I keep it clean (easily, it's just a large flat surface), since a dust issue like the one you're talking about would make it pretty much impossible for me to work with epoxy.
  8. You do realize that every time you clean up after trimming a fly, the dust goes too?
  9. Unless you own too many cats, I don't see the point in owning a roll-top. I've never seen one that wasn't half the size of what I would consider to be a legit work space. My old desk was destroyed while moving in October, I picked up a 50$ corner desk off CL to get me by until I had time to find something sturdier. Ended up getting a very basic workbench from home depot and it's been great, getting ready to order a second one. Finding a comfy stool has been the bigger challenge.
  10. I've never intentionally hooked one, but it happens. Most are tail wrapped within seconds of going tight. If you're lucky it'll only cost you a fly and leader, on a bad day you're going to be buying a new fly line.
  11. Good to know, since St. Croix evidently isn't offering blanks anymore.
  12. Any time I teach a class that involves a dubbing loop, I'll have brushes ready for those who aren't quite ready for that. Having a fast & durable option for more pragmatic tyers is a good thing, but I prefer making my own blends and after experimenting with brushes of my own I came to the conclusion that the dubbing loop is actually faster and more versatile (for me anyway). On a side note, you shouldn't have to cut the wire on your brushes. Once it's secured with 4-5 wraps, just maintain tension on your bobbin while moving the rest of your brush around in a circle until it pops free. Zero waste, no cutters.
  13. I don't typically fish from a kayak, but I've probably landed 70lbs of fish on a gold 1/8oz kastmaster this week. I use a small vmc inline single on mine. I'm targeting pompano for the most part, but I've caught snook, reds, trout, & spanish mackerel this week on it.
  14. Thanks, it's tarred seiners cord. It's durable and grippy, even saturated in blood and fish snot. I'll make you a good deal on the sustain when my certate lt arrives.