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  1. Yes, we are passing laws to stop her. If one person can do it, anyone can do it. How is this any different than passing gun control legislation? One person commits a crime, so you want to make it harder for everyone to buy a gun. I think this is less of an abomination than that. Who is being impeded from voting? It's supposed to be an informed decision, not a game. If you can't get off your butt to get a photo ID, which is the most BASIC function of government, you shouldn't be allowed to cast a vote.
  2. Google "Lessadolla Sowers". She's an NAACP senior official who is currently in prison for voting 10 times under 10 different names in the 2010 election.
  3. Obviously my breath is wasted. It shows how bad things really were for a while, and it's a sign of a slow recovery. How many months did the UI rate go down because people gave up? Those are the people that are now feeling good enough to start looking again, meaning the rate will go up for a little while.
  4. When you look at the UI numbers by themselves, yeah things aren't so great. However, when you look at the surrounding data, it's up because the number of people getting off the couch and looking for work is outpacing the number of jobs available. I think that's a good thing. Of course, the Democrats are going to tell you to ignore that number and look at the UI numbers, because that's what they do. This is NJ, after all, and there is an epidemic of stupid growing from the Democrat seed. Give it time, it will come together.
  5. Chincoteague is in Delmarva, no?
  6. It seems they follow me everywhere I go. You can't fish LBI, or any of the jersey shore except at dawn or at dusk, even if the fish are at your feet. Why? Too many people around and if you pull out a rod, they immediatley think you're oging to pull up Jaws and gut it on the beach and turn the ocean red with blood. Even if you wade out past the bathers at low tide and cast ahead of you, forget it. You may as well hook yourself in the eye, because that will be a much better experience than dealing with Bennies. If you don't konw what bennies are, it's a acronym for Bayonne, Edison, Newark - BEN. They are the Jersey Shore types, and they think they own the place everywhere they go. I thought I'd found a place where I could finally take the family AND enjoy a few casts off the beach in Chincoteague. You certainly can't do that in NJ. At least not in the summer time. Once October rolls around, that's a different story, but I have a baby due then, so fishing is going to be out of my reach this fall. Last year I was able to fish all day long off the beach, bathers all around. They gave you your space, and all was well in the universe. This year, not so much. Saw a pod of dolphins chasing some fish around, some birds working, etc. Knew it was definitely worth a shot. It wasn't too crowded yet, but there were some people on the beach and dotted inthe water. Nothing that would have put anyone in danger, by a long shot. Got my 12' rod out, hooked up my hi-lo on a 3oz long barrel with some fishbites to see what I could haul in. I specifically went out ahead of the pod, a few hundred yards from where I was sitting, found a spot in the suds - no one on either side of me for about a hundred yards on either side of me - and let'er rip. It seemed like before the line even hit the water, this guy in a rolled-up cowboy hat an aviator sunglasses came over to me. He proceeded to proclaim that his children were playing in the water and we were going to have a problem if they got hurt. Fair enough. However, his kids were 100feet or so behind me, making sandcastles. I shrugged it off, said ok, and went about my quest. No Virginia accent, or any type of southern drawl noticed at all. His voice sounded distinct and easily recognizeable. He kinda sounded like Ronnie from Jersey Shore. This is where the story gets really good. Not 15 seconds later, as I finally got to tighten my line and set my drag, some lady came up to me and declared that this was a "Bathing Beach" and I wasn't allowed to fish there. I told her that I was certainly allowed to fish and as long as no one was in danger I could fish wherever I wanted. I pointed around to the fact that the area was clear and I was really presenting no danger to anyone around me. I could not have cast to the nearest person around me, that's how much room I had. She demand that I leave immediately and made it clear that I was not welcome on her beach. I was so angry that I could only leave. I didn't want to stoop to their level and make a scene. It turns out, as I walked away, they were all sitting together in a large group. This lady must have been the other guy's mother or some sort of relation. It seems the Bennies will find you and ruin your fun no matter where you go.
  7. I live in NJ. I see communists all the time. We just call them Democrats here.
  8. I love when liberals use factoids from a Democrat-controlled time period to demonize republicans and then try to tell us how good things are. We all know they are the ones that sabotaged the economy in the first place. They try to paint 2% growth as "good", when traditionally anything over 4% is moderate and under 4% is mediocre. Kinda like how they tell us Reagan raised taxes, but ignore the fact that it was after one of the largest tax cuts in history. This recovery would be much better if BO wasn't in office.
  9. http://www.*********.com/toro-parts-c-121776.html
  10. USDA governs pollution? I thought that was EPA's job? THAT's a real classy organization, if I ever saw one. And I don't know too many species of fish that rely on juveniles for their reproductive stock. If you want to disband a bad government organization, EPA would be the place to start.
  11. Funny you should mention that. Pink slime is bad but hot dogs are good? I love when people criticize one thing as bad and then do the exact same thing, and say they are "Americans" for doing it on Memorial Day. Why not attack Scrapple, while you're at it? That's pink slime, only pork. What about reconstituted chicken nuggets, for that matter? That's the same thing, with wheat gluten added to make it stick together (wheat gluten is one thing that REALLY makes people fat), only it's chicken.
  12. Pink Slime was not much more than media hysteria.
  13. USDA is also responsible for inspecting and testing all the food that gets imported from other countries, and making sure they aren't loaded with DDT. They also make sure domestic meats and poultry aren't loaded with salmonella or E.Coli. They also orchestrate many food pantry programs that give food directly to the poor. For the schools incidents you can thank Michelle Obama and the people, not the USDA. That would be like blaming the Enola Gay for radiation sickness in Hiroshima. They're just doing their jobs.'> As for Monsanto, they are one of the largest Big Ag lobbys in the country. It's no secret that all government has its price, so naturally, they get their patent enforcement. If you want to end the injustice, you have to get rid of the people guilty of the injustice. That would be people like this: and|69&RBSUSDA=T They are the ones responsible for this stuff.
  14. Those are market forces at work, not so much the government's fault. When airline ticket prices go up, you buy stock in Alcoa and GE, because they make the aluminum and engines that go on new planes. If there's money being dumped into farms, it creates demand on suppliers, so prices go up. That's the market at work. That being said, the supplies are WAY overpriced, so much that there is almost no profit for small businesses that don't get the subsidies. I had a guy ask me to plant soybeans on a small plot that he needed to keep his farmland assessment. I had to tell him no, since I would have almost been guaranteed to lose money on it, because fertilizer is $800/ton and seed was $260/bag.