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  1. A couple more shark attacks and that will change........
  2. lol....sorry not directed at you.....Just in general I meant........
  3. Any place there is no one else......Show a lil class and don't be jerk to others already lobstering..........
  4. Well 2day the last day for the draggers in the sound........
  5. Thx for the SST's........:)
  6. Must be the bottom your getting them from.......Never had that issue with Barnstable razors.......
  7. Well I'm taking the money baby! Imma take the money, gonna move to Iowa and start a cannabis farm! God bless striped bass!! But really.....Nooooooo catch shares for striped bass.....Ever! As I have said 1.2 gazillion times......The comm. striped bass fishery in Mass. was always utilized by all sorts of citizens and it should stay that way. What has really ruined this fishery is the micro management by the state. Shouldn't really blame them because they were only trying to get the most bang for the buck per commercially caught fish. This practice though increased the value of these fish so much that it attracted the attention of a lot of pirates. Just to make a point....20 years ago there was a spike in price of hydrangea blooms. Wholesalers that provided florists with these blooms were paying 3 to 4 bucks a bloom. The buyers would buy the blooms from whoever walked in the door with a bunch. People were walking up in the morning and finding their hydrangeas clipped of all blooms! Just saying.....Greed makes people do this stuff. It's not a commercial fishing thing it's a people thing. If they opened the bass fishery up to more days it would cause a drop in price....Good!! That would make poaching bass less attractive to these scumbags. Real commercial guys try and put together a years pay by utilizing 6 or 7 different fisheries in a year. No big deal to me if the bass season is only open for 4 weeks. That's 4 weeks pay I don't have to worry about. It's not us that wants to stretch this silly lil fishery out and squeeze every little dollar out of each fish. I have no problem with anyone selling bass but I don't think the fishery should be managed for those guys who just summer comm. fish. Most of those guys do striped bass and maybe sea bass and that's it!
  8. Well we have 2 types of razors The stout razor And the Atlantic jackknife The stout razor is everywhere especially so in Buzzards bay. It is edible but tastes very bland. Not easy to catch either. The salt solution does not seem to work on this clam. The Jackknife razor is the clam that everyone wants. Very tasty and easy to catch. Both clams have a very similar holes........So much so you really cannot tell who is who. The is why the pump spray method is the way to go. You can hit many holes very quickly. Walking around with a box of salt and a bucket of water is for the birds. You can get a 1 gallon pump sprayer at Walmart for 5 bucks! Write clam on the side and make sure it never gets used for anything else. The one gallon size will fit in most kitchen sinks. If you use hot water you will be able to super saturate the solution. When you see salt on the bottom of the spray bottle you know the water has taken all the salt it can. After your done fishing do your sprayer a favour and run some fresh, clean water through it. The jackknife is super easy to shuck. If you can peel a banana you can shuck these guys or you can just pan fry them in the shell like I like to do.....
  9. Ketcham trap in NB makes a good blue crab trap. They have a five pack u can buy.....You have to build em yourself though as it is a kit. A friend of mine got them and said they fish well.
  10. Beautiful cat.........
  11. Just curious.........How many Males actually migrate up this way?
  12. This is very true....... Wouldn't bother me if the bass stopped coming to the ditch to commit suicide........I hope they all go to Maine and you guys will be starting all kinds of " where's the bass" threads.........
  13. That made me laugh! Seriously though I have cleaned up Spectacle pond more times than I can count. People go down there at night and party. They just toss there trash everywhere........It's a real bummer......:(
  14. Jonesy thank you for the tips but I found out about the guy. I talked with the air base commander. They don't like him too much. They are sick of him telling peps he's in the CG. Turns out they drummed him out of the service 2 years ago for "Violent" acts. They would not tell me what specifically he did but they said he is unstable. He also said if the guy even looks at me I should call the cops.