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  1. The feds wouldn't touch it with a fifty-foot pole......They don't have the apparatus or organization to do that. That's why it's left to the individual states to enforce.....
  2. The canal is a federal waterway but it is not federal waters. The working part of the western rivers( Mississippi, ohio etc) are a federal waterway but they are not federal waters either.........
  3. I hope they never close the ditch.....The place is a jerk magnet thank goodness........I have all the other places to myself or share with the odd angler. Real anglers that are always polite and nice. If they close the ditch, all those jerks gonna show up on the beach.......:Now that would suck!....:(
  4. Good job bud! It was a great day 2 be in the water shellfishing.......:)
  5. Well Mt. Hope Bay is loaded with quahogs so yes there shellfish beds are doing great, However, the bay has very poor water quality. The state contracts a couple of dredge boats to fish the area. The quahogs are cheaply sold to the various towns who then plant the quahogs in a good water area to flush themselves out. The area is closed to harvesting. The quahogs sit for a few months in there new home and clean out. The state then does meat tests and as long as everything is good that area is open to harvest. It's a great program. The thing about MT hope bay quahogs is they tend to have a very distinct look about them. Once you have harvested them a few times you can spot them a mile off in a fishmonger's display case.
  6. Lol.....Doesn't mean a thing....... If they don't have the matching tags on file when the EPO's or state public health checks em, They will lose their product. This happened in the Wareham stop and rob a few years back and they were also cited for having water on the scale.......
  8. No selling or bartering of any catch made in MA that was harvested with a rec. license regardless of species........
  9. That's a good rule of thumb. Iron rich mud like Mt Hope Bay produces very, very dark quahogs. Mt. Hope bay is where all the relay quahogs come from that are used in the various town's propagation programs. They look pretty when they come out of the water. Shiny and jet black and can be tinged with orange and even a slight gold colour. They do tend to dry to an ugly brown colour. They have large meats in them which are somewhat orange in colour. One market refused to by them from me because she thought they were too ugly for her customer's display cases. You can also have local black quahogs. Anywhere an iron ore deposit is close to the surface is all it takes. These are relay quahogs. That red pattern sounds like notata quahogs. Notatas are a cultured clam designed for aquaculture but for all intents and purposes they are a northern quahog. They are just designed to grow faster. They can spawn so you can find their offspring in the wild. The red pattern disappears with age and breeding with wild quahogs. These are Notata's......Planted by our own Bob.g
  10. This is 100% correct. The tag should have a date of harvest and a bed area number on it.
  11. Haven't done it in years but it still a legal gear type in Bourne
  12. The last few summers the closures have stayed the same. It really doesn't change that much. Phinney's was an exception last year. Plenty of open water in Bourne to shellfish. Because you have a rec. permit you can fish anywhere in town other than closed areas. Just remember no rakes over 12 inches wide in a family area. As Carl said just be careful with the parking as the BPD are writing tickets. Still plenty of places to park that doesn't need a parking permit.
  13. Yeah and everyone crying 4 steamers as it is the Fourth. I got a couple of calls asking me if I was jet clamming this year........
  14. AhhhhhI'm sure you both nice guys Well a million years ago in high school we drove the DoD cops nuts on the base. Nothing like riding dirt bikes in the impact area!
  15. A red gill can be a good fluke catcher in the ditch and easy to fish. I like the 4.5 inch one.......