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  1. I did a fair amount of gill netting and tub trawl fishing for doggies in the nineties...........It was dirty work. We had to fill the boat with em to make money. I got tired of coming home smelling like piss and bleach. The dogs skin and spines would do a number on your rain gear as well. The fishery pretty much died when NMFS decided we were taking too many big ones. I guess it takes em forever to become sexually mature and yes all our product went to Europe for fish and chips. It's only proper fish and chips if eaten out of newspaper!
  2. What bob said........Cheapest lobster i ever caught was in the local supermarket..........
  3. The President issued Executive Order (13998), Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel that requires masks be worn on all “public maritime vessels, including ferries” to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued order, Requirement for Persons to Wear Masks while on Transportation Hubs, 29JAN2021, requires all persons travelling on all commercial vessels to wear a mask. Generally any vessel engaged in commercial trade is considered a commercial vessel by the USCG and the CFR's. I do believe most commercial fishing boats would fall into this definition.
  4. From February 12, 2021 Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Mid Atlantic, National, New England, North Pacific, Pacific, South Atlantic, Western Pacific The U.S. Coast Guard is requiring masks be worn on commercial fishing boats and other vessels as part of President Joe Biden’s executive orders mandating face coverings on federally regulated transportation vehicles.,, Now, they are also going to be enforced on watermen and those working on fishing boats, according to the Coast Guard. U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md.-1st, said mandating the mask on watermen and fishermen working outdoors is burdensome, goes against the science of how of and where COVID is spread and could require masks to be worn at all times on boats, including while sleeping
  5. Sorry......but
  6. Not really.........depends upon the municipality, whether the area is closed to shellfishing etc
  7. We use to catch the small harbour pollack all along the edge of the ditch. Great fun on a trout rod.......
  8. Not me....... I Have been busy with oysters. Helping build an oyster reef in lil buttermilk bay...... A cooperative effort between Bourne oyster growers and the nature conservancy....We are almost done for the year.....Perhaps another 10,000 oysters to move from our grant to the reef.
  9. He is in Buttermilk bay. Our grant in the hayfield which we share with Monk's cove oysters. We are much closer to the discharge area. Thanks for the info. and insight you guys.......What i learn here helps a lot with my dealings with the authorities.........
  10. Due to covid that office is closed
  11. seems like every year we tow one of two of those guys out of bourne marina/buttermilk bay..........they end up trapping themselves............We get them back out to the canal channel
  12. Been working on a deal to have the school grow quahogs for the town.......Lots of hurdles and covid certainly didn't help. I'm going to try and meet with the admiral this upcoming week and see where we are at.........
  13. I have jigged up sea herring at the east end of the canal in the springtime.......
  14. The bourne police doesn't have the money to pay for that service.........