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  1. I was living in Brooklyn. My POS car got broken into, and it was completely empty except for a 20$ Plano tackle box containing a 200$ vise and a lifetime of fly-tying materials. It was a big hit and it broke my heart. Stupid junkie probably threw everything in the trash and sold the box for 5$.
  2. They are not the same size, and you can't put 706 on a 704 without replacing a bunch of other parts. What's wrong with your cup? I had one that was out of true, so the cup and spool were rubbing constantly and driving me crazy. I removed the cup, banged on it with a rock until it was "rounder" and the rubbing went away. This was years ago and it's worked fine since then.
  3. No Kidding! For him it's just another tuesday..... Fantastic pics and stories btw, thanks for sharing with us.
  4. I don't view a grill basket as cheating at all. I'm sure most who've tried to grill whole fish have made a mess of things at least once. The grill basket eliminates this problem.
  5. Lots of good info offered in this thread, here's my small addition. It's really important to spool your reel carefully. You want all the line below the 80 yrds you are regularly fishing to form a solid, tight,even base. A phone book on the other side of the room and reeling line onto the spool doesn't cut it. Improvise something with a power drill or wrap the line by hand if you have to. You never actually get down to this line, so it's not something you have to do frequently. If you feel the line on your spool and it's soft and spongy, it's going to throw loops that turn into wind knots. This is actually an issue with any reel, but on a reel with a lot of play like a 704 it gets amplified. One reason you have fewer problems when throwing more weight is that the line goes onto the spool tighter when you're retrieving. Too much line on the spool is another thing i've seen frequently. 1/8 in. less than you think you need will work much better.
  6. My rig is just like lou's. 5" to 8" inches long, 80lb mono. No helicoptering.
  7. Eagle rare is one of my favorites. Nothing better for the price, IMO.
  8. I've never fiddled with the piece you replaced, but make sure that the screw that attaches the crosswind arm to the main shaft is nice and snug. That connection needs to be solid.
  9. I've had the best luck with the yozuris already mentioned. I like pink and green the best, with the small pink one probably being my favorite.
  10. Bacalao with fresh fish is outstanding. I've made it with striper and it was great. The only thing is don't stew the fish too long or it will fall apart. Prepare the rest of the stew, cut the filets into largish bite size chunks, and then poach the fish in the liquid until it just begins to flake. Maybe 7 minutes or so.
  11. Totally safe and some of the best cheap food (Asian) in the country. Since I'm already in Queens, I don't even bother heading to Manhattan anymore when I get the urge. Yelp can point her to decent places, but honestly, any place that's busy around mealtime will be just fine.
  12. Wilder can't box, but he's got serious power. Some guys just have it. I'm really looking forward to the Joshua/Ruiz rematch. I'm hoping Ruiz dropped a few pounds in the last few months and takes Joshua to school again. Wilder was behind on all the cards when he stopped Ortiz btw.
  13. As someone said above, there is enough good stuff on the table that no one's going to starve. I enjoy all the classics and the process of putting it all together with my family. What is this orange wine that 7% of people are apparently drinking? Is that like pumpkin spice Mad Dog or something?
  14. Not that exciting, but Heinz ketchup and Hellman's mayo. I've tried cheaper and I've tried more exotic. I've not found anything that I like better. Since I discovered de Cecco pasta, I rarely buy anything else.
  15. So this is something I'd like to try to grow. Wait until after a frost or two, dig up the root. Like a giant carrot I'm assuming. What do you put back in the ground for next year?