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  1. Well, after thinking it over like a million times , I got a BH 9’ 1-6oz rod . I figure I can use it for bigger fish like Tarpon when I go Florida. I have a Stradic 5000 I am hoping it will pair together. Will that be a to small reel for a 9 ‘ rod .
  2. It’s sucks that I can’t see one in person. I narrowed it down to the Suzuki special or the 9’ 3/4-4 oz .
  3. I will also consider that too. Is the tip of the rod real thin, for some crazy reason I have a fear of snapping the tip off while casting . I just probably need some good practice I guess.
  4. Great rod . Now I need to make my mind up about the length. 9’ or 10 ‘ .
  5. Much appreciated Ksong, Will definitely look at them.
  6. Thanks for the reply , Well I will just be out front using sp, Ava, and maybe 2.5oz plugs max.
  7. Hi looking to pick up a black hole surf rod . I am thinking either the 9.6’ 3/4-4oz or the 10’ 1-6oz Stripe bass special ,while I am not an expert at throwing plugs or metal, I wanted something with some backbone in case I mess up ,just don’t want to snap the top off.Also I am looking at the VR 175 don’t have any store near me to pair them up ,so I am hoping you guys can help me out . Thanks
  8. Hey all, I just got a St Croix Triumph Surf rod (10.6), and I wanted to match it up to a nice reel.I only do surf fishing. Was looking at the shimano baitrunner's but its a bit over my budget.I cannot seem to find the older shimano 4500b reel.I think that might work well.If anyone knows where I can find one please let me know,or any other reel that might work thanks.
  10. Hello, Everyone. Just wanted to know if there is any action down in longport yet.Was there two weeks ago and nothing.Was thinking about going down there tomorrow (sunday).Maaybe the bass will be around..... mike
  11. Hi Everyone, I will be heading down IBSP on sunday morning.I have never been there,so I dont know which area to go (surf fishing)I have been down to Longport and Ocean City many times but not a single fish.So I decided to try somewhere else.Maybe I might catch something,anyway you can throw me some info about the area,or if you are going to be there fishing and need a fishing buddy I will be willing to join you.Heck I might even carry your gear and help out , just to learn about surf fishing.Either way any info is appreciated. Thanks Mike.
  12. Yes I will put a steel leader and I have the one with the double hook,Thanks guys..........
  13. Hey Guys, I will be in ocean city tomorrow,and I wanted to know if I throw this rig out from the rocks if it will produce a fish or am I wasting my time.I bought this last year and never got a chance to use it.I am pretty new to surf fishing ,so any help is appreciated. I will be on one of those rock jetty in the ocean side. Thanks Mike