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  1. any new reports of this reel?
  2. found this
  4. What rod are you guys using for your Penn 704z?
  5. I have a few of the inshore and freshwater rods and love them but wanted to know how you like the surf. I have a penn 704z I am needing to pair up with a rod.
  6. What are you thoughts of the Phenix surf rods? Looking for a new casting rod for bait.
  7. A new Daiwa Saltist for ICAST
  8. I bought mine off amazon to use on my trailer. I think I paid $40 for 2 sets of them.
  9. if fishing with live bait do you like a mod-fast or fast tip? Thanks!
  10. From what in understand 6500 and down made in Sweden. All else in Asia.
  11. Owner st66 are great the only bad thing is you have to use small bolt cutters to cut the hook when stuck in you!
  12. some of the weight is the hardware. Yeti's are made overseas but the reason why they are still so high in price is they pay a lot more people to promote. Pelican and Grizzly are my favorite. I know for a fact Grizzly has some of the best customer service. I have already tested their warranty and it was a easy process.
  13. I have for sale a brand new pair of smith optics sunglasses. They are the prospect matte black with blue mirror polarized lenses. Retails for $119 will sell for $80 shipped. Thanks!
  14. Any new thoughts on this one?
  15. What is your favorite conventional reel for throwing bait? The reel can be new or old? Thanks!