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    Saltwater, my 4 kids (32-37), grandson(13) granddaughter (3)
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  1. Thanks, it is the Small - the Small/Tall tubes are nearly 9" - was looking for a Tall for my longer plugs. Great bags - Hint - line the inside of the lid with black duct tape - stops tail hooks from catching. Good luck with the sale - excellent shape - great price. Regards Puck
  2. Is that the "Small" or the "Small/Tall" - how deep are the tubes? THX Puck
  3. Lamiglas does a "No questions asked warranty" where they give you a discount on a comparable Rod/Blank. Explored that last year when I bust a custom 1322 Arra. You have to cut the part of the rod out that displays the model etc and send it to them. Would have broken my heart to chop my buddy up but luckily just before Christmas their seasonal sale put the blank on for the same price as the warranty (30% off I think). Anyway - it is on their web site.
  4. Tagger is happily enjoying retirement and living the life playing pickleball and hanging with the grandkids - as well as zooming around in his kayak.
  5. Buddy of mine up here by the name of Haico owns a hot sauce company and one of his products is a green sauce named "Soylent Green" basically jalapenos, vidalia onions, cider vinegar, herbs and spices. Actually pretty good (no humans were harmed in the creation of this post).
  6. Favorite summer supper - blackened rare 6oz filet straight off a very hot Barbee with a dab of my Stilton cheese and 20yr old port "butter" on it, steamed fresh asparagus from my garden and a pile of onion rings, washed down with a nice Australian Shiraz.
  7. A definition of the "stall" = a good sized chunk of meat - briskets - slab of ribs - will eventually reach a point where the evaporation of the steam it is putting out in the cooking process is cooling it (it is sweating) and it will stick at that temperature until the H2O is gone and it can heat up again. Problem is - you can dry the chunk out - so it reaches final temp and is done but dry. Therefore you wrap it in foil (with ribs I like some apple juice, cider or bourbon in there) to get it through the stall temp to where you need it then unwrap it - let it finish cooking and produce a nice bark and chow down. Regards Puck
  8. Try Googling "Merry Plugmas" interesting info there from an expert.
  9. Salmon Candy smoked with apple/cherry and glazed with local maple syrup.
  10. In spite of all the decent intelligent souls I have had the privilege of fishing with all these years - at least 15 to 20ft apart casting in rotation - the idiots will always show up - then it is time to leave. Been coming to Sagamore/the Ditch since 1966 and no longer fish the Ditch weekends unless it is really early AM then I bail at dawn.
  11. Try this link: https://www.chesapeakebay.net/S=0/fieldguide/critter/northern_stargazer
  12. Just for info it is Tagger (Belcher Goonfoock's) birthday today - check FBook under Ed Zappa Regards Puck
  13. Can't get a mask around here right now unless you are on the front lines. Could wear my plug turning gear.
  14. Apple thing Steve, "High Efficiency Image" you can Google how to convert to JPEG.
  15. If you are patient the factory - Lami website - has some decent sales - got my Super Surf blank around Christmas for 25% off. 11ft - 2pc blank (70/30) shipped free as it was over $100. Regards Puck