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  1. Last place I saw older Stradics was out of South Africa
  2. Since using circle hooks for chunk fishing since soon after they first appeared I have never had a gut hooked fish. Pulling in a gut hooked schoolie always bothered me. I would cut off the line just above the hook and leave it in but always felt bad about it.
  3. I bought a couple of the 5.0 M18 knockoffs for my herd and they have been fine, about 1/2 price of name brand. No different than my 5.0 Mikwaukee battery. (I have the smaller Milwaukee batteries the tools came with I use for short jobs or tight spaces). Herd is: Drill and mini driver Sawzall, circular saw, jig saw leaf blower all work fine with them. Regards Puck
  4. I own a custom spinner and what was Ditch Jigger's conventional and keep a tight rein on them. They do show up from time to time - saw one on BST last May.
  5. I can do that Sudsy, who do you know up here? PM me their name. With M&D,s gone the Troll Post Office is closed but I am sure we have a common friend up here. I will PM a couple of possible contacts. Sale to Sudsy pending upon transfer arrangements.
  6. The simple fact is that a lot of people that read those reports are as dumb as the rocks they stand on. They think that the Ditch is the same as a lake and that nice bass nest will be in the same place tomorrow. Ditch = high and low, west and east currents, slack current to about 6mph. All of this as the tides change in time an hour plus a day. Add in weather and finicky bait and a good spot just an hour ago could be a dud for days. BUT! post a pic or a video and hordes will show up for a week to stand in the same spot in the belief that the fish are there and only there. One good thing - when I see those posts I go anywhere else but and can usually find a nice spot.
  7. Go looking for a Lami Arra 1261
  8. Nice custom Arra 1321 I got in a trade for a 1261. Missed the 1261 and got another so this sits idle. Has a few slight carry rubs but is otherwise spotless. Standard spinning configuration, no idea who made it but they did a nice job. Pickup at the Canal Sept 01 through 13. I would like $150, $50 Paypal to seal the deal and $100 cash at meet up. Thanks Puck
  9. Sold. I would rather not get beaten up by PPal fees etc and you seem like a decent soul so I will PM you meet up details
  10. These are an interesting reel, by pulling the handle back on a retrieve you can take up to 25% of the drag off, useful at that last moment when a large fish decides it is good for one last fight, as soon as you crank forward the drag increases to 100% again. Bought it as a distraction when I was going crazy on my Navy program and needed a project to stay sane. Completely stripped- cleaned and lubed, new seals, Carbo drags, new driveshaft (old one was still in great shape - just did it). Minimal number of carry scratches on it (tiny) and the white mono has been replaced with 40# Stren yellow. Has become a cupboard Queen - too many other reels. Picked up at the Ditch Sept 1 through 13 $60 cash. Best Regards Puck
  11. ED, never seen a Canalbie - seen a lot of Canalwannabies, all you need is a Walmart fresh water 6' rod and a 3000 series reel and some 20# mono.
  12. The frame for that is 1. Left Handed and 2. Paddle Release (rather than push button) - therefore hard to find. You would be looking at $85 Cdn plus postage from Mikes - part is 1117215. I have seen a reel foot silver soldered back on, however that rear cross bar looks like it has been rotated back and bent in, last time I saw that the reel had been driven over. Lefty baitcasts are much less common and as a result hard to find parts for. Sniff around on fleabay, if you have friends in the US you can put enough productive time in on here (15 useful posts) and go look on the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum and get stuff shipped to your buds - SOL members will rarely ship outside the US. By the way - I like your SOL name,I live just south of Ottawa now but grew up in Otterburn Park (Mt St Hilaire) after we came from England in 1958. Au Revoir et Bonne Chance. Puck
  13. Sure, I will PM you my cottage coordinates and my US cell number. Pls PM me your contact number and we can meet up. We arrive aft of Aug 31 and leave early AM of Sept 14. Regards Puck
  14. Straight off the label - 7/8 to 3 oz.
  15. It is a one piece rod.