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  1. There is a Gen 3 about 2015 I think but I cannot see any real step up from the 2 ( or the 1 for that matter)
  2. Is this a Generation One Saltiga (2002 if I remember correctly) ? (Not an adverse comment, just a question - I own one and it is a tank - Gen Two had some slight upgrades but not anything to wet your knickers over) just thinking about what to sell so I could own another, plus a spare spool.
  3. What ya need BG is a compressed air shotgun
  4. Wrong place
  5. I get a new cell phone number every summer when I get down there, which will be next Friday. I will PM you payment details and you PM me a number I can reach you at and I will call when I get my cell phone up and let you know where to reach me. Assume you are coming down 495. Willing to meet you at the Bourne Rotary (prob the Mobil/CVS lot) and you can pop back up and over the bridge. (The cottage is about an hour total trip, meetup included from Bourne) I tend to be kind to cops, my grandfather, Mum's Dad, was the Chief Constable in my hometown in England -cool guy (was in France in WW1 at 16) and I spent a lot of time with the local Provincial cops when I was a crew chief on the local volunteer fire dept here. Regards Puck PS I rarely get on line down there so getting to me via SOL is waste of time.
  6. rickhern - to clarify your statement - are you saying "I will take it" at the asking price?
  7. This is a stamped (vs unstamped) lip from an early RM Smith Peanut Giant. It IS centred just the flash reflection throws it off Regards Puck PS will try to chase you down next week
  8. I am fine with $45US. What do you consider to be suitable arrangements? I will be staying about a mile from Scusset right on Sagamore beach so I will be easy to reach. Puck
  9. Lee I would be fine with $45 but how do you plan to pick this puppy up? This is delivered at the Ditch. Regards Puck
  10. Any offers? This was my spare bag for my daughters boyfriend on those occasions when he came along. She traded him in on a vegan so this is sitting idle. To sweeten the deal I will also throw in one of my 6" 3oz pikies or a 6" 2 1/2oz pencil - I turn a pretty good lure. Regards Puck
  11. Selling a used Small/Tall. In great shape, flap lined with black duct tape (do this to all my bags to stop hook snags which ruin the bag and the lures fall out and get lost). Tubes in solid shape. I will deliver the bag and the two lures (both have improved hardware - retail on the SP Minnow abt$10, on the bullet abt$15) on the mainland side of the Ditch between June 1 and June 14. The Small/Talls are $80+ retail plus shipping (never mind the lures) so I am asking $50 Paypal immediate. Regards Puck
  12. Do a search on "access" within the Massachusetts forum and you will turn up a pile of stuff on here as to where you may legally fish. Generally speaking, while access may be private, the tidelands when legally accessed are not. This is a brief introduction: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/public-rights-along-the-shoreline The Bay side is reasonably easy to access via public lands, though Scussett State , particularly for furners (like you and me - Canadian - ex NW Brit ) is expensive. There are lots of other places to park cheaply or free so long as you do not overstay your welcome, BTW when will you be there? Regards Puck
  13. Terrific, Igor did well that night and found me a French Canadian brain (Southcoast would appreciate that - plus he knows who I am married to) and we managed to get the correct voltage from the lightning strike. Good work Puck
  14. Just out of curiosity RRBF is that the "Frankenreel"?
  15. I have a proposition for you. You offered both the 1322 and the 1261 as a package for $275 to one buyer. I want the 1322 and GraniteSt and I are meeting up as soon as I get down there May 31 for 2 weeks. You meet up with him, the buyer, give him both rods for $275 and he and I will sort the rest out between us. I have communicated with him and he is fine with it. Works for all of us. Regards Puck