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  1. Damn...I lol'd
  2. It's what keeps folks like Simpson Hardware or CPL Systems in business. Generally called "Hold Downs", they're countless different versions that "tension" the structure's floor and wall systems together. The simplest (and still regularly used) are threaded rod assemblies with heavy coiled springs and take-up nuts. Most are embedded at the foundation, passed through each set of floors, then walls and finally secured at the top plates supporting the wood roof trusses. At it's simplest, they resist shear and uplift...basically "sandwiching" the platforms together. They're expensive and brutally strong but just as important, they allow a structure to "move" within certain parameters (as the building settles, the wood moisture content dissipates, building reactions to wind, seismic, etc). Trust me...those buildings are not going anywhere in our lifetime.
  3. RR... We've got 2 of them going on right now that I'm doing the floor and roof trusses on. Home2Suites 5 story and a Residence Inn 6 story. It's a relatively recent trend. Both are steel and concrete for 2 floors then wood framed above. It's entirely driven by cost. I've gotta admit it's taken some getting used to working at that height. Our equipment costs have skyrocketed and of the 6 framing crews I rotate...I honestly only trust 2 of my foreman for this kind of work. Fall protection out of a 2-story is mostly lip service. Protection 3 stories and up is 100% pucker (at least for me and I'm generally cool with heights). Anyway, there's other advantages to wood framed as well regards fire protection, seismic and flexibility of design versus cost. All of that is over my pay grade but I'm happy for the work.
  4. I've been giving a lot of thought to the Weatherby Vanguard Modular Chassis in 6.5 Creedmoor but more to your's readily available in 223 Remington. Street price is $799 and it's one hell of a platform.
  5. Bought this Galco Summer Comfort Leather Holster for a back-up J-Frame with a 2-1/8" barrel. I honestly don't think it ever left the house before that S&W got traded for a K-Frame. I can personally vouch it fits equally well with a Taurus Model 85 and the Taurus Model 605, both snub nose. There may be others but I'd ask you check the Galco website. The Model Number is SUM158B, the color is black and the holster shows as new. It has not been broken-in to any pistol and the snaps are out-of-the-box tight. FWIW, the extra leather band around the "rim" really does help with reholstering. I will ship this well packaged to the Lower-48 for $45.
  6. These both are from my short lived affair with different S&W Model 2.0 M&P pistols. If I had to guess they each have 1, maybe 2 days of carry. The leather is excellent, the IWB carry clip is very strong and the reinforcing leather at the rim does an adequate job helping with reholstering. Zero issues with just didn't work out with the M&P series. FWIW, I've always liked Don Hume Holsters and will buy more in the future. To be CLEAR...although both are for the M&P, they are molded different for a reason. * The Tan Holster is Don Hume H715 Model Number 99MP. This holster is made for the 4 inch barrel. * The Black Holster is Don Hume H715 Model Number 99MP-C. This holster is made for the 3.6 inch barrel. I will ship either well packaged to the Lower-48 for $40. Save me a trip to USPS and both for $75.
  7. Shows as virtually new. I bought 2 styles, decided which I preferred but foolishly let the return period expire. The Galco Model is CCP-226H. The color is "Havana" leather, fits up to 1-3/4" belt notch, adjustable cant and the fit is very tight. One of my pics shows a Dan Wesson 1911 Commander with a 4-1/4" barrel although it's listed for the 4" barrel as well. IF IT MATTERS...I cannot for the life of me find the damn plastic package it came in (which naturally, had the receipt folded in it) but the pics tell everything. I'll ship to the lower 48, packaged well, for $75. Again, leather and paddle are excellent.
  8. Terri > Belmo Indeed, the work is now truly done...
  9. I WILL ****ing throat punch you...
  10. . If you don't mind me asking... My folks sold their Mass home in 2015. The sale was painless but around 9:30am of the closing day, the future owners called begging for a favor. Somehow their insurance company (who they had done business with for years) "ordered" the dive board removed or they would not insure the property. Not for a higher rate, not for a softer bed...they simply would not insure it. They also wanted a photo and receipt from a licensed contractor indicating the work was completed. I drove over and took care of it but more to the point... Does that single dive board hammer you on insurance or is it of no concern to your carrier? I was gonna ask Red to do it but I hear his OT rates are ludicrous... Thanks out of curiosity...
  11. ... Edit...scratch that. I didn't realize the Model 60 has a factory grooved receiver. All you need are a set of Weaver medium height rings, some blue Loctite and you're literally done.
  12. All good other way right This Galco Paddle Holster fits any make of 1911 in the Commander length slide. That would be either 4 or 4-1/4 inch barrel. If you have a CCO version which is simply an Officer Frame and a Commander length Slide it fits that platform perfectly as well.
  13. I'm still laughing...
  14. Don, I'd like nothing better but if it's a full size with 5 inch barrel, he wouldn't be happy. Any 1911 frame fits perfect but the slide will stick down 3/4 inch below the leather. If anybody's wouldn't be good for an Officer model either. Perfect frame but, depending on the model, the pistol would be tucked up 3/4 to an inch inside the leather. Thank you for asking and hope you are well
  15. I missed something, somewhere...story of my life
  16. Jesus Pete...bad day at the office?
  17. Selfish Jane...ate the mint
  18. Buy BushWOOD!
  19. Aaand... Morning Red
  20. Plywood Laid perpindick-ular