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  1. Frederick Douglas Cause it worked out so well for him...
  2. Normally yes, I'm not crazy about their minimum $20 shipping charge though. The firearms selection is why I visit their site...the ammo prices are meh
  3. I've been using Freedom Munitions for target, practice in 38 Special (A LOT lol). Anyway, I ordered 2 cases (1000rnds) Monday afternoon and checked the order number late last night, I was curious if it had been processed/shipped? They're out of damn near everything which I've never seen. They reload their own and apparently can't keep up with demand. It's a very strange world right now
  4. I'm glad you found what works for you. FWIW, it's the same reason (granted different platform) I press on with revolvers for weekly practice and daily carry. When it doesn't fit you find something that does
  5. Here here!
  6. You could not be more wrong...literally
  7. For the 2nd year in a row we stopped at Frischs in Troy on the way back from the lake following the 4th's celebrations. For the 2nd year in a row it sucked. Take away the shaved ice and the place isn't worth saving... RIP
  8. Proof positive the mighty 410 should be abolished...criminal even! Who "needs" a shot shell OVER 4 inches in length
  9. I've watched a number of videos from reputable barrel manufacturers. The consensus (tough to get with shooters) is 16-20 inches is ideal. Any shorter and the bullet doesn't get a complete single revolution (typical 22LR twist rate 1 to 16) and the propellant may not have time to completely burn (this 2nd one I question) however any longer gives unnecessary friction and actually reduces velocity. Realistic range is up to you and conditions. In the big scheme of things it's still a pea shooter. Also, I've personally learned that a clean barrel affects 22 a lot more than your Centerfire cartridges (a lot more!).
  10. Every now and again Ruger will do a run of Mannlicher stocks for TALO. I really like the basket weave checkering also...I know it's pressed but it gives the rifle a different appearance. The ext mag release is a Volquartsen and is exactly what you suggested...a nod to a Ruger #1
  11. Your showing your age friend...hasn't been CCA in quite some time. Anyway, we had a Video conference with Grayson Lumber today, a large producer of SYP (Southern Yellow Pine). SYP is the base material for virtually all Pressure Treated in these US. The choke point (much to my surprise) is not the treatment plants but rather the harvest cannot keep up with the unexpected need. If you thought petroleum lived by Supply and Demand they have nothing on the Timber industry. If there is a hint of a slowdown they'll cull hours and move to shut the resaws down without notice. The housing starts took them by surprise but hold off on any pity. Yes, their margins are razor thin in normal times but they are taking in cash by the wheelbarrow right now. Give it 4-6 weeks and we'll move past this.
  12. You guys are taking the tact all wrong here. To the OP, you have a priceless historical artifact of American History. It's value? In the 6 figures based on the collected wisdom of SOL members. Take additional photos, talk to your Insurance guy and sit tight for maybe 3 years. Then report the terrible boating accident...
  13. Any advice on the loader you use for 22? Does it only work on the MarkIV (or other Ruger 22 pistols)? I ask because this is one of my joys but loading the thing gets tiresome...
  14. Hold my beer... Check Check Check Check Check Check and... Check
  15. We're a mid sized lumber yard and we cannot source anything in the Midwest. Last week I needed treated plate material so badly I paid retail at Menards (not sure if you have those) for 4 units of 2x4 and 2x6 just so I could ship packages. It was funny watching them try to load a roll-off trailer (for hauling trusses) driver took a cell phone video. Apparently the guard shack where they double check the load before pulling out was confused also. She saw our company logo on the cab and said something like "I guess we'll sell to anybody". Not even the distributor's know ETA's on fresh product. They'll only quote pricing at time of order and are giving 5-6 week lead times. The guess from them is Treatment plants were slow to begin production after coming out of the Winter with low inventory. Now, with incredible pent up demand...there is very little they can do but wait and hope. Nothing can happen without those treated sills.