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  1. That's a riot
  2. I know NOTHING of the Colt 45 but while ordering trigger parts I stumbled over this and thought about the thread. If it helps the shipping is $10 flat rate. Obviously links aren't going to fly but Google CDNN Sports...looks to be lots of other configurations as well. Good luck... Special Sale: $799.99 ADD TO CART Details COLT GOVERNMENT 45ACP SERIES 80 CUSTOM LIMITED Action: Semi-Automatic, Series 80 • Finish: Blued Slide & Stainless Frame • Barrel Length: 5" Stainless 1:16" Twist • Sights: High Profile 3 Dot • Magazine(s): 2 - 7 Round • Grips: Walnut Double Diamond • Weight: 35 oz. • Overall Length: 8.5" Custom Stainless & Blued Two-Tone Colt - Non-Cataloged Item - Government Model With Rare Two-Tone Combination - Includes 2 Grip Sets with Hex and Standard Grip Screws - Premium Black Laminate Wood Grips & Colt Rubber Grips With Horse Logo This Colt is a direct descendant of the original Colt M1911. A long trigger, flat mainspring housing and original style recoil spring system remain from the original M1911 design. Upgrades from the original include white dot sights and a lowered ejection port for extra reliability. It still remains “the standard” that everyone tries to imitate, but no one duplicates.
  3. I'll be darned. If a machinist hesitates I'd like to take back my earlier recommendation.
  4. Accepting a Glock mag is a great idea and using the "Sig" style dovetail is another smart move. That said, I'm a little worn out from polymer guns.
  5. I don't know... I set a budget and so far, I'm under. What I am looking out for is an Extended Charging Handle. Not a priority but a nice to have with my fat fingers. I see the Badger Industries extension and it's promising. I switched out the Sig Romeo 5 for the Vortex Strikefire II...that seems to have been a good move.
  6. You know the Rav4 is built by Toyota right? As in same people that make the Taco, Tundra, 4-Runner? Not exactly known for a Cadillac ride...
  7. Praise allah, finally right about something. You’re no mechanic... A change in sidewall will have a huge effect on ride quality. More than shock rates actually. Wanna drift...go low. Wanna “crawl”...get some cushion
  8. Wednesday afternoon was a lesson. I put 8 boxes downrange...worst trigger on the planet. Went home and ordered that JMT trigger. Also, I'd forgotten how crappy the grip angle is...hurts the wrist bad. Trigger came in today and although I haven't shot it (tomorrow) it's nice how crisp the break is. Wish I had a trigger pull gauge but it's better than a typical hunting rifle.
  9. It’s not bud. A lot like’s ALL in the prep work. Go w those YTube videos...I checked 2 before posting. Honestly wouldn’t hesitate
  10. K I'm still alright with the original comment though...
  11. Different state but same, same. Our shack was on the Bay in Rhode Island...nothing was more than 90 minutes and most spots I liked (Beavertail, Jamestown, Breachways) were more like 20. They can still keep it...
  12. Yup, murderous rampage of bottles, cans and other assorted hooligans. Certifiable I am...
  13. Yeah, Geriatric cock holster can stay sidelined...he added nothing