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  1. God I wish you two would just get it over with...
  2. Forget what I said in the "other" thread. Well played sir...
  3. Kinda new round' here...Belmo. Hands down
  4. No idea if this has legs but... Born in 67 and did the HS thing until 85. Kinda straddled the Concert generation versus Vinyl versus Video. Punk, blues, rock to country, I've got much love for each. Anyway, YT video's constantly put a new context on so many songs...take your pick of genre. For me, some videos that sold me new appreciation for a tune. Great example below...Cash never grabbed me. Watching the videos has me seeing how some folks interpreted. He's easily one of my favorites now. Food for thought. Johnny Cash - Hurt (June's face in the background near the end) CCR - Fortunate Son (Vietnam footage says it all) Stones - Paint It Black (song is is something else) The Band - Up On Cripple Creek (live k/o's the studio version) Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again (unlistenable previous to this. Revenge Tour live in Australia) Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love (wtf?) Tavern random thoughts...
  5. ^ Jesus
  6. Not being a Sig guy I've no idea how good the deals are but... CDNN Sports is having a "below cost" sale on all Sig firearms, magazines, parts, frames, etc. Something to consider...
  7. I checked my Foundry Outdoors order status (shipped same day FWIW) so scoped out your Grendel asking. Lotsa match grade stuff available but bulk quantities of pew, pew are sold out. Given the low price it's something to keep an eye on. Good luck
  8. Can't speak to the Grendel round but I buy all my ammo online now. Buds Gun Shop has always been great. CDNN Sports has only very, very specific availability but the shipping is only $6.99 no matter quantity. Lucky Gunner has awesome, real world tested ballistics/chronograph/opinion info on a ton of different ammo and their shipping's reasonable. My latest is Foundry Outdoors...easily the cheapest per round pricing but their shipping is so-so price wise. Ex. been wanting to try some Underwood +P Ammo in 380 with the XTP bullet. EVERYONE is $17.50 a box of 20 but my order of 5 boxes was $12.56 each. I seem to experiment with a lot of ammo in the last couple years...
  9. None of the answers on here matter until you determine if you have a footer. Given the size of the masonry column you're dealing with it may be built as it's OWN footer. Meaning they likely dug a hole and simply laid up the block. Given the width/depth of the assembly it would function as it's own just fine forever. Point load column footers here in OH are generally only 24"x 24" below frost so consider that a reference. Getting past that (big if) the intersecting joists cross over the top of the block or only catch a few inches as they come over the outside edge(s)? If they cross over OR marry to a beam that is resting on the column then another piece of the puzzle solved. As already the real world you'll have no problem replacing it with a Lally column. Another good question was also you only have a single floor load or is there a center carrying beam on the 1st floor also (thus carrying the 2nd floor joist load which is transferred down to the basement beam). It's unlikely but you may have a roof load to contend with also. Any good framing contractor would go miles towards your answers. Lastly, forget a structural engineer. Draw it out WITH dimensions (seriously, a napkin would work). ANY local lumber yard can have their LVL supplier calculate the load...we do it every day. Forget the Orange Empire for this...talking 84 or similar. Make sure you include the distance between the existing columns. Especially in they vary between each other. There is a healthy margin of error here but you can do this no sweat.
  10. In my checking I can honestly say I haven't heard that but I'm far from a 1911 guy. What I have done is installed Tritium sights, G10 Slimline grips, Wilson extended slide stop, swapped the springs and polished the trigger bow/sear. I'd like to get rid of the Ambi Safety but otherwise it's exactly the way I wanted. It serves me well and eats +P like I'd hoped. Truth is, with the Wolff 22lb recoil spring it's flawless. Anyway, maybe check out the Wilson slide stop color before you go with their version. Has a burnt blue color for lack of a better word. Edit...the RIA only comes Parkerized so the Wilson might match a blued 1911 perfectly. Honestly makes no difference to me.
  11. I misspoke. Had the slide stop for a month now...the mags and kits I got on sale. It’s a funny color (not blued and not parkerized), I cant see it ever breaking though.
  12. No affiliation (duh) but was perusing "shopwilsoncombat dot com" and they've got a decent little sale going. Picked up (2) 1911 type mags for $27 a piece, 2 mag rebuild kits for my others and an extended slide stop. My understanding is their mags are THE standard and run flawlessly for me. Their shipping has always been reasonable so maybe worth a look.
  13. Summed it up nicely I ain't going out like that...
  14. As I said you tool...dragging other cases, other sheet into it. One case has nothing, not a thing to do with the other. And not for nothing... I've supported your cause before. There are horrific acts by cops out there...not as a rule but point made. BUT...fuq me? No, fuq you and your self-righteous, blinders on BS. I'm floored you even went there...
  15. Straight up...done a sheet ton of laughing at so many of your memes. That one...rough. Much respect otherwise...