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  1. Born to copy/paste...well done sir
  2. I don't know much about guitars (or really the music business). What I do remember is many 1970's nights looking forward to Hee Haw and he was a big part of the enjoyment. Every now and again I'll trip over an episode channel surfing...invariably I'll still watch the whole thing. RIP old Roy
  3. I'm not real proud of the condition she's in but's a tool. Going a couple of years with this Spyderco from Amazon for around $45.
  4. I still have the 1209 built conventional for my CC rod but for the life of me I can't recall if you or Saltheart did the build? Actually, it's at 8'-10" and, if u were local, I'd hook you up just to share stories but the shipping would be a killer.
  5. Mick, s'up with the color of that pool water? Isn't it nearly mid-summer down there?
  6. This from the guy who rants that everyone's a prick? 3,2,1...go
  7. I was typing the same when I hit refresh...nicely done
  8. Been holding back from the scrum, thinking maybe the dude just lacks in the social skills...then you went and proved it. You're not welcome here. Not in this thread...not in any thread. Please take your ass baby, your sniveling, your off topic somewhere else. Plenty of internet out there... Dude hurts but just continue to make it about you.
  9. Shut up, adults are talking. Takes a special kind of person to muck up a suicide thread
  10. I'd like to separate him from SOL but that's not where my comment was headed... I've experienced death up close and personal but never by way of suicide. I can honestly admit that I've no idea how handling the loss would affect me. It's not hard to picture, just think of a loved one. Now try to consider how you'd manage that kind of news...what could of/should of I have done? I just can't imagine being in the OP's shoes. My heart goes out to you bud.
  11. ^ "too" easy? ^
  12. Poor thread has twisted and turned. Any chance we can come back around to the OP's loss of a dear friend? Trust me, I get it. Seven's makes it much to easy but "I am a hoping..."
  13. Ya' got so excited you forgot to answer the question. A week or maybe more...either way good on ya' for taking the better half
  14. That is parallel you knob...
  15. Consider what you said in context...America is the largest petroleum producer in the world. It's not always about the oil...