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  1. fwiw, one of the top reasons I left RI and MA after 11 years was the lack of elbow room and basic freedom. Everything (and I honestly mean every dam thing) is regulated, taxed or parlayed behind closed doors... Perhaps the final straw was working downtown Providence (I owned a licensed, insured, professional Contracting Company) for a lawyer's office. They wanted a concrete Handicap ramp and Electric opening door installed to accommodate a long time Secretary in their firm who was developing a disability. We had remodeled Jim's home in Jamestown and felt really good about doing this job knowing they had no obligation to do this (grandfathered) but Jim felt it was the right thing to do. The Arch and Struc plans were Stamped, I had permit in hand and the demo had begun. Install trades were lined up on a tight schedule (single entry so outside of business hours) when towards the end of the week a City Inspector plastered a Cease Order on the window. Mako Contracting didn't have a Sidewalk License (you read that right). Readily available for the sum of $750 TO WORK WHILE UTILIZING THE PVD SIDEWALK. I sheet you not...a Sidewalk License when they already had the monies for planning review, historical review, application and permit fees! Back in Ohio now and I'll admit I miss the suds but I can visit 3 times a year and pay less for all the vacation time than the property taxes on my single family home in Rhode Island.
  2. Ok, PM coming
  3. Butch, have a look at the pics. I gave the whole Top the once over and, outside of the dust lol, it's solid. Please ignore the sizing that Bomber shows. An XL is definitely about a Medium. The wife is 5'-5" around 125 and this allowed her a thin sweater underneath with room to actually move around. I have the exact same top and had to go with a XXL which in anything else I'd never wear. If she doesn't care for it or the size doesn't work just ship it back and I'll happily return the money. $75 Shipped CONUS
  4. I'm not sure where feelings or a break got involved. There is no question or "discussion" of the damage done with a shotgun using bird shot. Your friend "the dolt" is pulling the shotty thru a fence and it discharges. If you want to defend his position with semantics or "technically speaking" all means, knock yourself out. That's as close to point blank range as you're going to get. What I am saying, very clearly, something in this story is missing. Whether he was pulling the firearm towards himself front wise or had his back turned and reaching behind him he's not "walking away" from a broadside of 7.5.
  5. In all my years here this is the first time I'm calling out and out BULLSH**T A load of 7.5 or 8 or hell...take your pick of any bird shot at point blank range WILL blow a substantial hole clean thru. Not a pencil hole...a hole measured in inches. This is not a discussion...there's either more to the story or he completely made it up to cover some other idiotic behavior. "Limped back"... give us a break
  6. You have a deal. I'll PM you on details
  7. If you'd like to combine these with the back support in that other thread I'm happy to pay your asking. Let me know if you need a few bucks to help with shipping. Thanks,
  8. Your use of this word has inspired me. I have a set of new sights to install, 3 pistols to clean and a needy Bully to nudge back from the bench (constantly lol). What better way than a bit of good, solid rock to handle the background.
  9. Meet Wally...80lbs of affection (whether you want it or not). Breeder "surrender" that took 3 months of training to keep him from humping every leg in sight.
  10. Getting back to the OP... Triumph was pretty good back in the day. Ric's (sp?) voice has held up well and he was always a show stopper on the guitar. Still no Zappa but who is?
  11. I've got a black and white Bomber Dry Top that I bought for my wife. Literally used twice. Their sizing was always nonsense as they ran small but a great Top none the less. Your height and build would help me tell you if it's worth posting pictures (dusty no doubt lol).
  12. Either very clever or you're a maroon
  13. That's ridiculous the way that product has held up. We even tried putting pieces together on a perfectly flat surface to see if it was our technique and it still fought us the whole time. I'm glad you got someone to do a competent job with the stuff. I left RI in 2015...11 years was enough. I do miss the house on the water but not the tax bill. Just thinking of those checks going out compared to what I pay now is sobering.
  14. You're absolutely right...I'd forgotten about the flooring (terrible click lock design). Bobby and "Abs" had a go of it as well and none of us could get that stuff perfect. This was a whole lot of jobs ago but...didn't we install a substantial beam in the 2nd floor to open up the kitchen? If I remember right, that was the reason you got me involved. I do recall your home has a fantastic view out the back. That really was some time ago now that I think about it.
  15. You had it ripped up before we got there but I saw what was left. I was hoping it wasn't the same stuff.