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  1. I've been dicking around a lot lately with different optics, the Vortex Strike Eagle II is a fantastic sight. I'm also sold on the Sig Romeo 5. The fact the Sig turns itself on at the slightest movement is fantastic for sleepy eyes when things go bump in the night. Lousy pic but you get the idea
  2. If I had to guess...the nightstand has had a rotation of .357 revolvers over these many years. I was slow to adopt a semi-auto for my CCW but eventually the profile and increased round capacity won me over. Every time I give serious consideration to making that same switch for the home, I just ask myself "do you really want to fumble with a safety, did you leave a round chambered, will your half awake hands be able to manipulate the slide in the event of a FTF?" When "it" hits the fan at 2am I want less to worry about...not more. Confidence is a flashlight, 5 rounds of XTP and a 12 gauge pump 3 short steps away.
  3. I agree on the 2nd but damned if I know the first. Could be any number of things to be honest...
  4. I am a revolver guy thru and thru. Your statement is the one and only reason I'd give serious thought to putting a semi-auto in the nightstand. Probably not going to happen but it does give me pause...
  5. Boyfriend's thinking. If I sniff dick breath's off (maybe)
  6. 61 years old and you find this trash breaking down your door. I honestly, no bullsheet, wish he'd taken all 4 out...waste of air
  7. Does the Timber Tech install between the joists or is it suspended below them? I've done many below the bearing but never tried a product going between..
  8. Never was a car guy...with the farm mostly grew up on 2 wheels. Anyway, has the Monte Carlo SS been mentioned? No idea strip numbers but it was a good looking piece of metal.
  9. I'd be good hearing "Won't be down for breakfast"
  10. You got moxie....I'll give you that. Otherwise your fuq'n retarded...
  11. Now you did it. Head or gut you Manilow cuddling meat smuggler...?
  12. Well done J. The idea that govt can seize ANY property without reasonable means of recovery is ludicrous. It is in fact, antithesis to our very principles. People have and continue to lay down their lives as testament. Certain circumstances demand lethal items are removed until things are sorted. You don't prove drunk driving and hand the keys back. You don't give Dinghy brass knuckles...I can go on. BUT, accusations are WAY to easy and are not guilt. Without a means to recover your property you are simply stealing from an individual. I am proud of you.
  13. Reading the OP now I agree with you BA. Although to be up front, our costs here in Ohio are low. Simple case of we are overrun with deer stock. It hasn't been mentioned but our feral pig population has exploded as well. I mention the hogs because it's, bar none, my favorite game for handgun hunting. Anyway, Ohio Resident License = $19 Either sex Deer Permit = $24 Harvest up to 6 Deer Deer require ball or slug. Deer Rifles or Handgun laws are a bit screwy. .357 Caliber and up for either which is in the process of being changed. This was a legislative typo (but still enforced by Wardens). Something I really like (IMHO shows active game management) All Swine, Coyotes (and for that matter, any varmints like groundhog, etc) are No Season, No bag limit and no restrictions regards caliber or use of buckshot.
  14. Ahh, so 'Merica? Looking back over it. **** turns in some uber capitalists for being naughty, walks on touching charges. That about it? This is my shocked face...
  15. Straight up...I dicked around this whole holiday weekend, didn't watch a single news segment. Is this all related to a guilty plea back in 2008? Thought I had the gist of it until it went political...Clinton Foundation?