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  1. That's almost the same as the car dealer undercoat. Special "heat" is just tempered glazing...all doors come tempered (w rare exceptions). If it's a Pella it's a stock panel...same as Anderson, Marvin, etc. Buy the panel and save the labor + aggravation. Not to mention, if something goes wrong during the installation and the new glass're stuck subbing out the busted glass for a plywood panel while you wait for new insulated glass (because your installer happens) Once you replace the panel you'll realize it's literally a no brainer chore. Even with the learning curve figure 2-3 hours absolute max
  2. I couldn't forget Blade Runner if I tried. I had never made the connection with the Ace movie...thanks!
  3. Increase the height of the bed in the spare bdrm and slide the containers under. I picked up a 2nd hand 4-poster (rather decent actually) that had generous space under the frame...just had to allow for the center stanchion. Less than $150 all in and no one is the wiser A friend liked the concept enough he did the same but added either Xmas Deco or Tree in permanent marker to the end Edit: Should have added I grabbed some of those Slider (Glider?) pads from the Orange Empire...boxes are heavy (ammo in the 2nd) but using the pads they pull out as easily as a cabinet drawer
  4. Floor mounted High Beams or a manual Door could go either way lol
  5. Not to get to far off subject but what part of AK were you living in?
  6. I'll admit, it took longer to get it than it should have but a solid funneh
  7. I think you mean the drywaller...
  8. Same here in Ohio. My guess is that model which, if we're being honest, is/was always a bit homely. For some reason folks caught on and it went boutique... 2 of my uncles would pass it back and forth in the ground hogs allowed. Actually might have been my introduction to anything larger than 22 Short
  9. I'm forever using the Search feature...GunBroker, Guns Int, etc for that Ruger Carbine. Even at the ludicrous prices they go for I'm sorely tempted
  10. The most boring gun I own. For unknown reasons I considered Carbine conversions a gimmick, possibly a dangerous one at that, messing with a factory platform. Combined with my dislike of plastic guns and I never even had something like this on my radar. This is a MechTechSystems Glock 17 Conversion I received in a trade. I have 9 boxes of mixed type ammunition thru this (using 3 different magazine brands) and no anything. The Romeo 7 makes it a brainless operation as well. The platform is heavy but I do not consider this a bad thing for bedside use. I freely admit...I was wrong
  11. Birds of a feather... That Dragoon trigger guard would catch me right above the knuckle every damn time so awhile back I switched gears to it's brother shown below. Garrett Cartridge 310 grain have been with me since sometime in the early 90's. Great for Deer...crushing on Hogs. I'll swap the grips for Hogue rubber if I'm out and about
  12. Good morning, I have an extra NIB Burris Fullfield E1 4.5-14 that sits (yet another back-up scope lol). If you have interest I can provide additional details. Really only looking for trades in shooting gear. Thanks!
  13. If my Dan Wesson 1911 or this new Drake are examples of the breed...I could not agree more. As the years press on I get real joy from owning not necessarily the very best of any firearm but rather a great example in each platform. I feel much the same of my S&W 586, Ruger RSI or Mark IV (or, well...take your pick) Probably the same reason my best pal is an Old English Bulldog lol
  14. Quality shotguns are available out of in point, both my Weatherby pump and semi. I just picked up a brandy new CZ Drake (also made in Turkey) to learn Trap shooting and I'm very pleased with it's simplicity and finish. As an entry level shotty it fits the bill
  15. An underrated saw designed before Ryobi became a Home Depot sucker punch. I've had both of mine since roughly this day (1) sees weekly use (the other is fine but will likely be a parts donor as time wears on).