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  1. I see we're still doing the double post thing...
  2. My god you ain't kidding. I was curious so I did the right-click thing and fleabay has got every part you could ask for, including a couple of Decks for short money. Must of been one popular mower...
  3. Right...? There outa be a law with the county. Dogs beg for your attention whereas you beg a cat for attention. If it's not a farm and the cat doesn't work...pfft
  4. I can't believe I just did that...
  5. Talking about dogs you maroon...not a cat
  6. I wanna hear his follow up....
  7. Never gets old... That said, cats suck
  8. Dave We've had 3 Golden "Doodles". Ozzie only made it to 6yrs with a bad heart valve but Zoey and Sophie are over 13 and show no signs of slowing. FWIW, things we learned along the way... *95lbs for Ozzie before he got really sick, Zoey is around 70lbs and Sophie is right behind her. * Without training or command, all 3 love the water. They literally dove in as pups the minute we walked down to the salt. You've got to push the issue (repeatedly) to get them out and head home. *I'm no trainer but they take basic commands with little instruction. Ozzie was to dumb for anything but "sit" (dog was legitimate retarded and easily my favorite). The girls are really good...Sophie needs no encouragement for "roll over". Cracks my daughter up every time. *They shed...I don't give a fuq what the internet tells you. Ozzie was a fur machine, Zoey is like any other long hair and Sophie hardly at all. It's a crap shoot. *Toss most advice regards breeders. Demand to see the actual living area of the pups. Great breeder (husband/wife on a horse farm) and the general "vibe" was clean country (west side of RI). Well, BS on that. Ozzie and Zoey were siblings with shots, etc... Both had parasitic infections (name of escapes me) and ear mites. Sophie was from a regular lady who's Doodle got knocked up and needed to unload the pups. Indoor living and nothing issues, just follow up shots. *Unless it's changed...there are no such thing as papers on a Doodle. Like it matters... *They're nothing crazy with the energy. Pretty much all 3 have what I'd call normal big dog amounts. *They're natural bonding machines. Zoey whines ridiculous if left outside my daughter's room, Sophie is the one and only dog I've ever allowed on my bed (what choice did I have) and Ozzie...holy crap. You leave, he laid down at the front door, you come home...there he is and I doubt he ever lifted a paw. *If I could offer a rating...solid 11 on a scale of 10. From St Bernards to Old English to Australians...we've had em' all. Kids would likely say the same. The Golden Doodle model is truly the best breed I personally have ever owned. Best, Dutch
  9. Anyway... The logs make a lousy back-stop for obvious reasons. That said, with only 100yds to the nearest 911 caller I'd reconsider the idea. There is a sheet ton of energy after a ricochet...more than enough to span that distance. However unlikely, your insurance company would also take a dim view of any claim caused by your firearm use in a confined area. Adding to that scenario is the fact any strange damage to a neighbor's home (not even your fault) and you'll be having a long conversation with the popo.
  10. Helpful, nice
  11. Thank you for the comparison...truly helpful. Question, for the "S&W 66 no dash .357" are those standard, Performance Center or aftermarket grips? I honestly can't make out the logo. Regardless, they look they cover the backstrap? Best,
  12. It needed saying...
  13. Fuq'n RT34
  14. You don't mention which model. SA or Lever style? Is the receiver tapped for a scope (so you can borrow the mount holes)? You have options...