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  1. Out of 7 hour successful spinal surgery. Just wow
  2. Bottom one is mine, Left Hook. Top looks like a Guppy.
  3. if it’s too good to be true then it almost always is.....I get a few calls a year about from friends about sites selling high end reels for a few hundred each and it’s always the same thing. They’re fake.
  4. Took the boys to a friends house a few towns over, left a bowl full on the steps. Came home to no candy and no bowl. Heathens I tell ya.
  5. Top left? 115$?
  6. Unfished but dirty from storage. 100$ shipped for the 3. No more Habs. Maybe a few Pichney and BM, that’s it.
  7. Sorry it took me a bit, 2 boys in hockey.....tis the season.
  8. Check out Roy Leyva on YT casting the Coltsniper. He hits 100yards with it. It is the 170 jerkbait.
  9. Check out Shimano’s Coltsniper....
  10. That sucks man, sorry to hear. It does bring up a memory though. When my grandmother passed about 15 years ago we got to the cemetary and they dug the wrong hole. They brought her back to the funeral home and waited for the right one to be dug then brought her back and buried her. I’ll ask my dad what the funeral home did in terms of an apology or compensation.
  11. I’ve got some, I’ll throw up a pic tonight when I get home.
  12. I can’t get over that there were 4 sisters.....heartbreaking.
  13. Beautiful
  14. Saw it on the way to Hooksett for a hockey tourney this morning. Never seen anything like it.
  15. Hopefully you know by that bottom pic where he’s headed or where he’s coming from.... Keep us posted, love to see him on the ground.