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  1. My grandfather used to do this many years ago when he worked at the dog track. “Who you like in the double”? Everyone would get a different combo and sometime when it hit, he would get a few bucks on their way out. I miss him.....
  2. ^^^Walked up to a bud just in time to watch him split his head open when he was pulling the control arms off an 80’s Camaro to get at the front springs for our buddy’s street stock. Knocked him off his feet.
  3. Zoom in, the one on her face is down. I don’t even know what to say about this pic. Just smh
  4. Mini 1 Gags Top 2 pencils CCT- Cape Cod Tackle
  5. Top Light’s Out maybe Middle Gag’s Bottom don’t think it’s an AH. Pretty sure his are all signed but the tell tale is the tail wrap. Looks like hobby builder.
  6. Scrapper is me, Left Hook. Yesrs ago I was building a bunch of different plugs, some were small runs, tackle shop specific. Sure looks like the style I did for a cape shop but I think I did them all squid pattern in red cedar. Hmm I would be able to tell you exactly what it is but all of my old templates and prototypes are boxed up and stored, I’m between houses at the moment. Sorry. A few ways to tell for sure if it’s mine are the direction of the tailwrap, I’m a lefty so my wraps are clockwise and I countersink my nose grommets. Hope this helps.
  7. Count Olaf
  8. At my son’s pre-school a few years ago.
  9. Hollywood Nights ”my wang is in the punch”
  10. grammar*
  11. Sure looks like 1 of mine. Got to be 10 years old or so.
  12. I have seen a few on YT. They killed a big buck under an apple tree iirc. I remember wondering where the guys harness was. I could be wrong but I think he wasn’t wearing one. That’s crazy. I’ll subscribe next time on...
  13. Chris Brown and Rhianna He’s a first class douche, at least she likes to walk around showing off her pokies and rings.