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  1. Older run herring, unfished. 30$ shipped.
  2. All unused. Bottom needs hook removed or replaced. Top 3 and bottom are @3.5oz, 4th down is @3oz and 5th down is @4oz. 33$ shipped.
  3. Sorry man, my cousin just reminded me that I traded him my floaters for his sinkers.
  4. Got a few that I may be selling soon. Just don’t want to misrepresent them. Any info is appreciated. Are they Hab a Tats? Just John’s? Brass lip, wire.....was it a special run? Thanks
  5. Might have one floating around, I fish mostly sinkers. What’s the going rate nowadays?
  6. War of Will and Tacitus are in post positions 9 and 10. Tacitus is the early favorite at 9/5.
  7. Believe I have owned a few over the years. Not sure I have any left to take a pic for you. Did a quick search of the bst.
  8. I’m assuming that is supposed to read “father”. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse.
  9. If either one of them had gone down it would have looked like Talladega on that last turn.
  10. Sent this morning. hunan51
  11. In....
  12. Thanks bud. ^^^ May I add, fish em slow. Keep a tight grip because the hits are violent.
  13. I fish my eelies a few feet down. I really like fishing them at night and just before sun up when the tide is between slack and mid or vice versa.
  14. For sure. PETA had no problem showing cell phone footage of Arms Dealer trying to walk with a broken leg though.
  15. Now that you mention that, it was said by my buddy who I was betting with. Makes sense for sure. I couldn’t find the replay online so I could show friends how hard that Fuentes hit the ground. I still can’t believe he’s ok.