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  1. Worn not more than a few times, still in great shape. 23$ tyd
  2. I use a step drill bit. When the flat bottom gets done the grommet sits on too of the wood, when the plug stays round the grommet sits inside.
  3. My wife bought a house two years ago and the taxes on it were 5k. When she got her new tax bill for the following year it jumped to 10 grand. When she called the town they said that they looked at the listing online from the previous owner’s realtor and noticed all of the upgrades and changes that the previous owner hadn’t told the town about or got permits for so the assessment doubled. Ouch.
  4. Striper books are sold, pm incoming on the lure book.
  5. JTR, that 10 is one of the most symmetrical deer I’ve ever seen. Wow
  6. Just went out back to check the cam, scrape was dead so I figured there’d be nothing on the cam. I was wrong…
  7. 2 striped bass books. 25$ shipped. 2 peacock bass books. 20$ shipped. Lure book 15$ shipped.
  8. Is that Pickle?
  9. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and your families.
  10. Ok, now they’re toying with me. How come they don’t give us these chip shots in the woods?
  11. So, it seems the drawing itself wasn’t delayed so was why there a delay at all. Tickets were bought, time and date stamped, I’m sure that could have gotten sorted out pretty easy I would think. Now all it does is put doubt on the whole thing, especially when that much $ is involved.
  12. Yup, lefty here. Cast conventional and spinning with my left had. Handle always on my right. Agreed, switching hands just seems odd. When are the upside down reelers going to chime in.
  13. That’s crazy. On the radio this morning they were talking about the delay and one of the dj’s said I bet it’s going to be 1 winner in California.
  14. Man, I’m a glutton for punishment. Left the cam out there. If a good buck shows during the day, I’m pulling it.
  15. The fam and I are in as well.