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  1. McConaughey may have said that but that’s Brad Pitt. Hmm
  2. There’s a bunch on YT. Check em out.
  3. Isn’t it all children over the age of 2?
  4. There’s a vid on YT from a dozen years ago, 2 guys on the cape catch one by hand. I’m not positive but I think they may have gotten in a little trouble for that one.
  5. My wife buys bird seed with cayanne pepper. Haven’t had a squirrel at the feeder in over 2 years.
  6. Almost looks like Bernzy paint…
  7. I get what you are saying but why would you mind?
  8. I’ll have to watch the replay, something must have happened for the 3 to fade like that….
  9. 2 to 1 could be worse too. Good luck. That was a nice pick 5 today…..I wasn’t close.
  10. For sure. Did you listen to Andy Serling before the 4th? “Strong odor has no shot at beating this field.”
  11. Outdueled by an 11 to 1 shot. That stings.
  12. What the hell were you Googling? Haha
  13. Did any of his passengers know how to get that thing to the ground?