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  1. It's not nice to burn Ole Glory!!!
  2. 45 but feels like I'm 80+ most days
  3. PM, I own both 3500&4500 Baitrunner reel. I fished them both real hard up until this year (couldn't fish much at all after June this year due to health issues)and have never had any problems out of either reel. Great for plugging or eels.
  4. Sharpton, Farrakhan & Jackson = Moe, Larry & Curley
  5. Well said Jason. I didn't let them give my daughter the meds for long after seeing how it effected her. She would cry when I tried to give her the Rittlin and beg me not to make her take it. The little boy next door from us had ADD/ADHD and he was the type of child as you explained. No one could be in a room alone with this kid without him driving them nuts. After seeing his actions I truly knew what ADD/ADHD was and knew that my daughter had nothing to worry about.
  6. Sergio,My 14 y/o daughter got diagnosed in the 2nd grade with ADHD. As she got older I noticed her calming down quite a bit and now as a teenager she shows no signs of this at all. In my day the teachers just assumed we were "bad" kids if you could not stay in your seat or stop talking in class. Now they politely call it ADHD or ADD.
  7. My former neighbor and best friend I ever had until he died was a 3rd generation American of Syrian decent. His oldest brother to this day works for the State Dept. and his youngest brother served with the Army Infantry in Desert Storm. I never have and never could think of them being anything other than a good American family. I did ask my little buddy how he felt shooting at fellow Arabs while he was in Iraq. He said he pulled the trigger every time he had to and would do it again if Uncle Sam needs him to. That is American enough for me. I realize that somewhere in his neighborhood there is an ignorant person or persons that might give him grief because of his olive colored skin tone and the way his last name is spelled. That is what makes me feel bad for the Americans or Muslims living here that are as American as we & our families are.
  8. Sorry for your loss.
  9. Yes Ditch, Looks as if a guy from Pawtucket,your hometown, is listed as being one of the victims on one of the WTC jets. A girl from North Smithfield is listed as the flight attendant and another person from Cranston. The whole country is effected by this. Time to hang tough and hope for the best. As they were looking for the suspect in Prov-- one of the news guys in the Prov train station stopped what he was saying and said " now we see the Mayor of Providence, Buddy Cianci coming quickly into the station. I wonder what he's doing here?" Good ole Buddy never misses a camera shot does he. Only 1 guy did get detained. When I posted earlier they did say 3 and 1 was missing. Turns out the 1 was detained that they were looking for and another 3 on the train were not the guys they wanted so they let them go. [This message has been edited by rhodyred (edited 09-12-2001).]
  10. It seems like some of the Arabic guys that they were looking for in the Hotel in Boston got on a Wash DC bound train. They were stopped in Providence and bolted. Now we are hearing they have 3 in custody and may be still looking for a few more here in Prov. I hope one of them come up my driveway. My buddy Desert Eagle and I will give them a warm Rhody welcome.
  11. My 17 & 14 year old daughters asked me to take them down to the red cross in Providence to give blood for the NY victims. I'm very proud of them to even have thought of this on their own. Our country has a good future if we teach our kids to pull together and take care of each other.
  12. This is an act of war not taken out on any military installation but on our innocent American brothers & sisters. I pray for all families and friends involved who may have lost loved ones and I'm feeling a lot of rage too. I don't think I'm alone with these feelings either. If it was Osama Bin Laden who is responsible for this cowardly act upon our country I hope he gets it back 3 fold. We need to hunt him down and take him out and include attacking whichever country is harboring him. If it wasn't him our leaders need to find out who did this and act swiftly.
  13. Thanks Tim, real cool chart!
  14. Heartfelt sorrow goes out to you and your entire family. Kevin
  15. Thanks Sergio, I checked it out and it was a good read. Never had a blank give out on me yet and I would hate to build one myself and have this happen. RR