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  1. Hello guys, I am sorry that this is nothing to do with buying and selling but I really need your help to figure out how much are my little zodiac inflatable boat and small outdoor motor cost. If I am violating any forum's rules' then please remove this post for me because I do not know how.... My zodiac is 12ft long, has seat in middle, and also have 2 wheels in the rear to help a person to carry it. It is in excellent condition except it is a bit dirty due to not using it for a quite long. I just gotta give a good clean and it would look nice again. It came with 2 plastic oars and there is a mounting spot on each side for those oars. Next thing is I believe around 2003 model Tohatsu 3.5 hp 2-stroke motor. It has a built-in gas tank and I barely used it. When I got it from my cousin, he claimed that he never used it since he bought it. And I used it for only few miles so as a condition wise, it was a brand new. My buddy and I had a little trouble at the beginning when we tried crank this motor. We believed that a motor wasn't in use for a long period of time, it needed some warm-up haha Thank you guys and have a nice day guys God speed
  2. Okay guys appreciate for your info and advices. And when you using those lures, do I just slowly reel em in or should I slightly switch em few times while I slowly reel em in? I just would like to know how to use them to target flounders.... And Im sure I wouldnt be able to get dead or live bait...
  3. thank you for your time and advices. Well I will be wading out to catch those fish. I wish there was a boat or kayak... Im in the Ft. Eustis as an AIT trainee so my freedom is quite limited... But according to the instructors and permanent service members, there are lots of flounders here so that really caught my ears. I haven't really caught flounders in my life except once when i was on party boat in NY. So if I will be wade fishing for fluke, should I go with bucktails rigged up with Gulp minnow or mullet type of lures?? Do flounders also get hooked on Silver or Gold Spoon? Or should I stick with actual bait fish shape lure? Thank you guys
  4. Hello guys, Im currently located neat the James river in Virginia and I need some help with catching fish here especially flounder. What are the recommendations for artificial lures to catch flounders? And.when is the best time and tide to.target them? I heard incoming tide but where am I suppose to target them? Like structures and what toshould look for.. I cannot use live bait. During this time of year which is above 90 degrees.outside, where shouldb I look for and what should I do? Thank you very much guys
  5. Hey guys, Im still in Fort Eustis for my AIT training and I was just wondering how is fishing in places like Sarasota, Bradenton and St. Pete. Fishing here in VA is obviously as not as great as FL. I was visiting Yorktown beach and saw a smaller pier which was about like 25 yd long and I was upset.... I got depressed for a fact that i would be spending another 6 weeks in this place where I can't even catch a fish especially when I can't even fish anytime I want... If I want to go fishing, I have to call taxi which costs me 20-30 dollars to go there and same cost for coming back.... Ah well, its only 6 more weeks left...haha So... How is fishing down there? On fire? slow? What you guys been catching lately off the beach, pier, or??? (no offshore please... lol....) Thank you very much guys and if i make grammar mistake, please blame my slow axx internet connection from my phone lol... Thank you very much
  6. Hello guys, I've been gone for approximately 2 months due to my basic training. Now I am at Fort Eustis which is about 30 mins away from Virginia beach. Im planning on going fishing when couple of my buddies and I get our first passes and I was looking for some party boat. And yesterday, I found this party boat name Rudee Inlet Charters and it seems they are real great party boat for the price. Im looking on 16 hours trip which is 170 dollars per person. Or 12 hour trip depend on how long we wanna stay out there. Those who went on this party boat before, I would appreciate if you can provide me some infos, advice, or suggestion. Thank you very much and have a nice day ARMY STRONG HOOAH & GOD SPEED
  7. When I went black drum fishing one time, four of us caught total 16 of them. And every 1 of 4 drums had so many worms that literally it will make you puke.... When I found one or two, I just pulled them out of fillet and ate them but when a whole fillet is filled with those spaghetti worms, I just threw that fish away... I mean I know the spaghetti worms dont cause harms on human but it seriously looked really really....uh...Nasty.... Ok so my opinion is if there are only few of them, just pulled them out like Drako said. Its fine. But if a fish is literally filled with those worms, I would say throw it away... It will make you lose your appetite... Hope this helped.
  8. I hope they did released it and I believe they released it
  9. one really suck thing is... I need to drive up there from bradenton once in a month to report to my unit after basic and AIT.......its a good 5 hr drive...... So I think Im gonna find something to do near the St.Augustine.
  10. What is he waiting for? I would bought that as soon as I saw it!!
  11. These are the materials that I use. 1) 16/0 mustad circle hook 2) 275lb or 480lb test 49 strand cable leader 3) 300lb monofilament leader 4) 350lb test barrel swievel 5) Heavy duty crimper. 6) And cirmps that fit either 275lb or 480lb 49 stranded cable leader I just use fish finder rig but instead of putting it on mainline, I put the sinker on monofilament shock leader part and I make those part about 10ft long so the shark can have plenty of space and time to take the bait and not get spooked. This is a beach shark fishing set up, not from the pier. So I put a 16/0 circle hook on 49 stranded cable, double crimp it. Attach to one of 350lb barrel swievel, and also, double crimp it. (49 stranded cable ledaer, I put about 5-8ft) Attach 300lb test monofilament leader to the swievel, do not forget to put a sinker on this section, and either crimp or tie an another swievel. (I make this section about 10-15ft long) And at the end, put the mainline on end of the swievel, hook the bait, kayak it out, wait for something to bite.
  12. Whatever you do, do not buy a bait buster. It has really rediculous design... They say they have a new type of swievel called "Dragon swievel" and it prevents tangle of your lead lines blah blah blah. I say its all good and great idea. However, when you look into those parts and materials that been used to make the net, you will find out there is only a piece of plastic that is holding whole entire weight of a net and fish that you will be catching. My 12ft mullet net from bait buster broke because of that. I had about 30 whole mullets and that dragon swievel just snapped after my 1st pull. I would recommend calusa or something like high quality. I would never buy a net from bait buster until my last breath... If you are going to buy a mullet net or something like that, buy a custom handmade net by some professionals, not the machine made ones. And for the size, if you are going to use it from a boat, I say either 10ft or 12ft if you are experienced netter. I have 10ft bait net for all purpose from pier or boat and 12ft bait net just for boat purpose with 3/8 in mesh. I should've bought quarter size (1/4) for bait net. But like I say if you are using it from a boat, I say bigger the better. Bigger the net, if you are experienced, one throw, you are done catching bait for a day.
  13. haha thats what I've been hearing from alot of my friends who joined the Army. All the recruiters were telling me Ft.Jackson is like for panseys compare to Ft.Benning. Ah well what can I do, I can only do what I get haha
  14. I wish I can afford avet reels like you do
  15. Yea I will be able to become a citizen way faster than regular process. If I dont join the army, I need to wait at least 5 years to apply for citizenship. It doesn't mean that I will be getting a citizenship after 5 years. But if I join the military, the process of getting citizenship will be alot faster, which means I will be able to get better jobs that require security clearance check.