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    I have fished most of my life, and love to fish the canal
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    I am an avid wood carver, ducks and fish. Fluke and striped bass are my favorite fish to carve
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    I am currently recouperating from hip surgery. Had a labrum tear and a piece of bone in the joint.
  1. From the album Any news??????

  2. I bought this painting . thought the colors were amazing
  3. I met tony last winter at the plymouth show. and bought a beautiful painting he did. such a good guy. lives a simple life. hope he gets better.
  4. I believe there was a very large fish caught off Scusset beach on Halloween as well. 20 plus yrs ago? Red top had a pic in the old book.
  5. I spoke to Abby's brother a few weeks back, abby was going to the canal sportsmans club quite a bit, I have not seen him in ages.
  6. Those are nice fish HFG. think the MV derby leader is 19.69 lbs or so. large fish. nice to see large blues every now and then, been years since I caught one over 10lbs.
  7. I found a school of big blues 6-7 years ago, everyone was close to 36", feeding on pogies. they were gone in a day, and I never saw them again that year. Happened a few years later, on pogies again, just massive blues. all 15 plus pounds. reel drag burners~
  8. saw another smaller school of pogies last night, 50' from shore. nothing on them......
  9. I saw 4 good sized schools of pogies last week, nothing appeared on them, way out of casting range~
  10. Kenny Lopes was unique, always casted a jig master behind the wall at the maritime, remember how crowded it used to get behind there, and many of the 5 1/4? ounce gibbs pencils being tossed~ good old days~
  11. I have had that happen. I thought it was a tight drag, with the braid, no give. But then again, I could be completely wrong~ maybe not a good hook set I thought.... not hooked well.... who knows~ one night 3 fish, next night, lost a few. that is fishing I guess~
  12. striped bass $9.99 per pound at the market last week. seemed low? For bass Fillets~
  13. I think I met him fishing one day in Berkley, seemed like a good guy, told me to stop by sometime, never did
  14. amazing catch~ http://www.ack.net/SconsetSharkVideo071613.htm
  15. extremely shallow all around there, rocky as well as I am sure you know. Blues do come close to shore at times there, mid august, when pnut bunker is around. A few years ago 7+ fish a night was common, put past years I have not seen blues there. Hacker street I am told holds fish in the spring, yet I have not fished the area, but know a buddy that does, as for a local area for blues, I am not sure,but mid august they seem to be around in the past