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  1. Where are u will meet
  2. Lakewood
  3. No won’t ship but I have box and paperwork I live in Lakewood NJ
  4. New g-shock gg1000 mudmaster ! $130 firm 1 week old $300 value! Meet or pick up Jersey Shore!
  5. ODM or Black Hole or Lami GSB.
  6. Great set up!!
  7. I bought my ZX22 last moth from them and a BH Suzuki Great combo. Can't beat that place!
  8. Well finally had air dam removed off my Colorado Looks great and no more plowijng sand at IBSP. Cost me $50 I'm to old to be laying under my truck!
  9. Can't we all just get ALONG???
  10. I was just ay the PP Canal using my VR50 0n a Tica 8ft. Dolphin for the 1st. time. What a nice combo. No hits but it warmed up a little. I really like this reel! Man that current rips!
  11. I like a 3 ft leader to my braid I usually use a small swivel but I have damaged my rod tip on my Legend. Should I try a FG knot?
  12. The line lay on the 150 VSX is good better than the VSB and the ZX22 is great. I have them both.
  13. You are wrong on both counts so get your white bucket and Ugly Stick and catch some Bergals!
  14. I like those Boomerang nippers and allways a good set of light weight pliers{ Van Staal 6in.} Manleys are in the truck.
  15. I thought thia post was about the SC Legend?