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  1. Buy the cheapies and change frequently was advise given a few years back.
  2. The BSC - Youth Education Program RUNS its biggest fundraiser every year that takes place during the fishing flea market. Big Thanks ! to all the very talented plug builders that make it all happen. Picture is from a previous raffle/drawing. BSC
  3. I need a carrying case of these!
  4. I have an old SOL orange hat I can wear!
  5. You're right, my second example wasn't you. Should I provide a link or let it go since it was back in 2011. Seems childish at this point and deviates from my point of members staying out of threads they have no stake in. Carry on
  6. Answer #1 - it was a few years ago. I moved on, obviously not entirely. Happened again recently, the member said his wife would make the PP payment. I assumed she didn't agree with his decision to spend $50 so I let that one go too. Answer #2 - all I see is the post after yours saying yes it's a show plug. Your post asked an opened ended question, not an accusation. Respectfully, I didn't stir the pot in that thread, others did. See my comments above about rules.
  7. I'll take these for $30 Perhaps you meant $30 each?
  8. The guy that dropped a dime on the OP owes me for a plug he committed to buy and never paid for. Ignored PM's, etc. I've since sold that plug to another upstanding SOL member. Rules say no comments unless you're buying. Let the mods and admins do the police work. Just my $.02
  9. BSC Youth Education Raffle Donation. Tickets must be purchased at the show but you do-not need to be present during the drawing.
  10. The one on the bottom, line tie wire is very thin
  11. First Sunday in March / March 3rd at Toms River Intermediate North, 150 Intermediate N Way, Toms River, NJ, 08753 Over 30 Plug Builders and an equal number of Tackle Shops with Custom, New, Used and Antique Saltwater Fishing Tackle & Equipment . Vendor list has been published. Plug raffles to benefit the Berkeley Striper Club's Youth Education initiatives. $5 entry fee, children under 10 free. Door prizes, refreshments, bake sale, etc. Doors open at 9.
  12. Now I know why they call him Frankie Z.
  13. About when did he start building?