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  1. Two days away, can't win it if you're not in it!
  2. @Scabelly Thanks again for your generous vendor 50/50 donation to the BSC Youth Education Fund. Hope to see you again next year. DB
  3. Coming soon to NJ waters near you! Details, rules, and applications can be found here: https://berkeleystriperclub.org/spring-tournament Proceeds benefit the Berkeley Striper Club Fisheries Defense Fund. The defense fund is used to help fund organizations to continue their work on the preservation of striped bass, through either research, effective management, habitat protection, or forage protection.
  4. Top left, top right, bottom right? Decisions, decisions. FOOD!
  5. Just a bump to confirm the show is still on for tomorrow. Might be a little damp at times, come prepared. New for this year: Food
  6. Some "porn" just in time for tomorrow's show: Dino's and Food
  7. Sunday the 15th. Still on for Sat the 14th as of now.
  8. Wet newspaper is gross! Who baits your hooks?
  9. Maybe one of his close friends that posted here could help: Good luck
  10. Working on it. There's always FB
  11. Rumor has it, one of the available grand prizes is a top of the line $,$$$$.$$ wood pellet grill from a high end vendor. Enter one category or all three to increase your odds. I did!
  12. Newspaper, came before electricity and Amazon. Ball it up, stuff it in where it's wet. Change until it comes out dry. Recycle the paper.
  13. Century Slingshot SS1145