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  1. So sorry Kevin.
  2. That's what I said originally: "Deducts mileage, tolls, and supplies off his gross but pays SS and taxes on the rest."
  3. Quarterly payments to both the state and feds unless exempted. My son is 1st mate on a scallop boat out of Mass - self employed contractor, lives in NJ. He's exempt from fed quarterlies but must make quarterly payments to Mass or pay a penalty. Deducts mileage, tolls, and supplies off his gross but pays SS and taxes on the rest. What do the accountants say?
  4. What does Carole say you should do?
  5. Blinking CEL means missfire or shut it off before you cause damage. Solid CEL says it's driveable but needs to be read and fixed. Having said that I have driven on a blinking CEL, power was down but eventually cleared up on the highway. Needed to get the family home 500 miles away.
  6. Caught Whiting off the Long Branch Fishing Pier back in the days of plenty. A little chilled Wild Turkey in a thermos to ward off the cold temps was an added treat.
  7. Just for comparison, a spooled ZB22 weighs 21+ oz while a spooled VS150 weighs 12.6 oz. I like as light as possible, others have different preferences depending on where and how they fish. Just my $.02
  8. Funny, my age is the year I graduated high school. That is until next year when I'll be a year older.
  9. Ruby-throated Hummingbird finally showed yesterday at my Hummingbird feeder. Put the feeder out in early April, birds are late this year.
  10. 640x360_MP4_8973998101623782662.mp4
  11. Did you do the upholstery too? I see where the lattice idea came from. I did a contrasting wall in my house, went 2 shades darker than the original color. Couldn't tell what wall I painted, turns out you need to go 4 shades darker for best contrast.
  12. Golf courses open up Saturday, TimS doesn't need a rake anymore.
  13. Clambrella rig trolled along the shore from your beach buggy is deadly.