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  1. I use a combination of Yakima Sweetroll with a Yakima Showboat to self load a Hobie Outfitter on my 4Runner. That's only 85 lbs, not 150. How about a trailer, easier to load but storage is the issue. Regarding storage - is renting an option? 3 of us living in apartments rented a garage to store motorcycles. Sucked having to drive and find parking just to go for a bike ride, but it was worth it.
  2. 30 minutes Until I realized I was snagged on a piece of rope in fast current.
  3. Manager and the Law training, mandatory every 3 years where I last worked, recommended not using gender specific words as previously posted. It's not about what you meant to say, it's all about how it was perceived. Glad I'm retired now.
  4. YouTube pays Ryan based on number of views/subscribers. Ryan has 17,358,029 subscribers. Advertisers pay YouTube to advertise on highly viewed videos. Something like that. You need to build an audience before money comes your way.
  5. My 3 year old granddaughter watches Ryan all the time. Basically it's one of the parents videoing their kids playing with toys. Sponsored by WalMart I think. The mom has a voice like nails on a chalkboard.
  6. Then there are the Clambrella threads, to numerous to link. Do a search.
  7. This one:
  8. If you haven't mailed the BW's, add the jointed BM for $25?
  9. I'll take the white and bunker basswoods for $50
  10. Mono stretches and absorbs shock, braid doesn't. If you want to call it a shock (absorbing) leader, then use mono or fluro. Casting leader; either braid or mono. I use fluro and call it a stealth leader, don't care about shock just want to hide the leader from the fish. Also I have no desire to lift a fish by hand by grabbing a braid leader, regardless of what lb test it is.
  11. Disassemble one side of the box spring, move, reassemble? Had to do that in order to make a turn up a set of narrow stairs. That was after I poked a nice hole in the wall. Trimmed the hole, stuck a vase with fake flowers in it - landlord loved it.
  12. And here I thought chem trails from jets was a hoax.
  13. McFadden should be signed on top if it is one.
  14. Century SS 1145, 3/4 to 3 oz.