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  1. Time to start a new thread: Oak Island Season 11 or not.
  2. The interwebz says to cut the grass to a height between 3.25 and 4 inches
  3. My current message/gif is way to big to be understood. Tried editing, not successful. Alternatives?
  4. Either Bill, Tom, or I sold you that Youth Ed raffle ticket, congrats. I had an SOL hat on, nobody mentioned it.
  5. The BSC has many in the starting line pre-pay and are given wristbands. When the doors open, apparently they now race to their vendor of choice. There are also maps of vendor table location available. Hope to see you next year.
  6. I spoke to one of the Hahn sellers, I believe Bob was his uncle. That was a huge stash.
  7. Maybe 2 or 3 vendors had lines, no lines at all the other premium priced vendors. The entry line was processed in 15 minutes, walk up and pay after that and then browse leisurely. Looks like @Lamiglasmike added to his Twisted collection
  8. There's a video on the Berkeley social media page of the first people on line sprinting to Scabelly's table. Hysterical, need to move his table closer to the entrance before someone has a heart attack. Epic weather, hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all that came out. DB
  9. I went by at noon today, nothing that I could see, yet. Going back at 5 to begin setting up, stay tuned for another report. Weather looks epic!
  10. As promised at Berkeley this weekend:
  11. A little more plug porn from a long ago, very much sort after, builder who is returning this year to Berkeley:
  12. Youth Education raffle donation from Big Rock Custom Lures
  13. The Berkeley Striper Club will hold it's annual Youth Education Plug Raffle at this years Flea Market event - 5/6/23. Donations are beginning to trickle in but one in particular deserves it's own thread. From: Big Rock Custom Lures Tickets/Chances SOLD the day of the Show - May 6th Good Luck! Donations are starting to show up from our generous vendors/plug builders with many more donations expected the day of the event. Russ with an incredible donation of some truly rare lures. I’ll let Russ provide the details in his own words…………. “So let me tell you a little bit about this shadow box. First off, each plug is a one of a kind and I’ve never offered these designs for sale, they are personal use designs, or should I say “were”. Secondly, the skull and flame backdrop is a piece of my table cloth from the first time I ever sold at Berkeley, which happens to be exactly 20 years ago in 2003. There’s a lot of nostalgia in that box, all plugs are 100% fishable, not just show pieces. And yes, someone is going to win this box!!! The winner will be drawn at the Berkeley Striper Club fishing show on Saturday May 6th.” Stop in and see this fantastic shadow box on display at Grumpy’s in Seaside Park until the raffle on Sat. May 6th. A wonderful donation from great builder and better man. A long time friend of the BSC. Thanks Russ for the very generous donation.
  14. If you can find the vendor list online, you might think differently. About a 50/50 split between builders and fishing tackle/equipment vendors. There's B&T's and a bunch of guys selling surplus personal items. 3 free seminars included in the entry. Food & soda/water too. Don't speculate, show up and see for yourself.
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