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  1. Sounds like a formula for success!
  2. Found this on the interwebz, disclaimer: it's from Oz. Remember, as previously stated: "there is no formula" 4WD Tyre Pressure for Sand.pdf
  3. I never said the numbers will be the same. You air down to 75% of the starting height and record the pressure. Of course 75% of 5 is not the same as 75% of 8, I'm not a republican. You believe the big lie? Just use 15 psig and put the tape measure away.
  4. 75% of starting height takes into account starting height differences amongst old/new rims. 75% of x is a variable based on what x is. X varies which each vehicle and may change with weight but width and wheel base are not factors. Embrace the science! Airing down elongates the tire contact patch, it does not widen the patch as much as it elongates. Go fact check and let us know the results.
  5. Want a formula: with the recommended door jam inflation, measure the height of the bottom of the rim above hard ground. Say it's 4". Air down to 75% or that, 3". Measure the pressure and use that. Or: Air down to 15 psig, never been stuck over 22 years (Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia, 4Runner). If you bog down, go lower to 12 or 10 psig. Yes, I've run 18 or 20 on wet sand but many will say ~15 is a good starting point that doesn't strain the trans or running gear. Take you foot off the gas, does the truck float to a stop or dig in immediately? You want it to float. Watch this: https://www.njbba.org/beach-video.html
  6. You can pee without pooping but you can't poop without peeing!
  7. Fluke Skywalker, I am your father.
  8. So there's silver in the water but not in the sediment. Boil all the water on the island till it evaporates and you'll be rich. How long would that take and at what cost: another eight seasons?
  9. Thanks for coming, hope you managed to buy what you came for. The vendor to my left sold out of plugs in 15 minutes. Great show, weather was nice if you like sunny, windy, dry in the 40's to start, but no rain.
  10. Berkeley's next show will be Sunday, March 6th, 2022, indoors providing this pandemic goes away. See you there
  11. Less than 24 hours away. Weather looks good, a little windy. Speed limit on RT 35 is now 25 MPH, watch your speed as soon as you come around the S curve. We have Porta-Potties for the weak of bladder.
  12. FYI - I obtained a permit for a fence install on my daughters house. The town will not inspect the finished fence unless one of the neighbors complains. So, complain if you want some action.
  13. Call your town or check their website. Or: https://www.academyfence.com/codes-and-permits/new-jersey/hudson-county/jersey-city/
  14. And some more plug porn available at the show: