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  1. One comment about permits, coworker skipped all the legal formalities until he tried to sell his house. That's when they caught up to him for the pool, electric, and improperly fastened deck to his house. Pay me now or pay me later.
  2. I had a 15x30 oval above ground for almost 20 years, ~40" high aluminum deck came with the pool as an option. The supports rested right on the ground, never had an issue. You climbed a pool ladder to reach the deck, ladder pivoted up for safety. Here's a reference pic, ours was oval, we called it the Queen Mary with all the side rails, looked like a boat.
  3. Sold. Thanks TimS and SOL
  4. Thanks, I would do $75 shipped, PP
  5. Cash, gliders, spooks, large metal lips
  6. Prefer cash but since this is going no where, what do you have in mind?
  7. New/unused or in like new condition Tica Taurus spinner. I never used it and the guy I got it from never used it and the condition shows that. Comes with spare TP6000S spool, box, paperwork, everything you see in the pictures. $85. Price includes shipping and PayPal.
  8. Apparently you don't live in a flood zone and understand vent purposes in those areas.
  9. Sure, sending PM
  10. Let me know as there is another WTB thread. Thanks
  11. FJR Handcarve, 1.6 oz & 7". Don't think it ever saw water. $25 shipped, PayPal
  12. What's listed on the tires is max pressure for safety reasons, dictated by the tire manufacturer. Go by what it says on the vehicle door, maybe add 3 lbs for better gas mileage, or not. What the vehicle manufacturer recommends takes into account safety/rollover testing. More psig is not always good. Less is not always good either - research the real reason Firestone tires exploded on the Ford Explorer decades ago. I'm guessing your truck will handle much better at 35 psig than it does at 80. Just my$.02