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  1. Sounds like some good rods, either length is fine for me, as long as it can hurl a chunk of bait and a 5 oz. sinker off the coastlines near Marineland, down in Florida...Some of the reds that come through after the mullet runs are plenty big, especially at night, when things get quiet, and the surf is rolling like liquid glass.....

  2. All I use in the surf are pyramids. I cast my own, from old wheel weights. Makes it cheaper to replace them where I fish, as the rocks seem to find a way of claiming them....The molds are cheap enough if you fish enough where you lose sinkers. I usually find that the mold needs a little extra heat than a lead pot, so I use a torch to boost the heat as I'm pouring them. A propane torch works just fine 1000

  3. About right, Drako! Sticks to the pan something bad, doesn't it! Good to see you're still here after all the years..... Evidently, the mullet runs have started up here, as this was about two weeks ago, and the main runs have already passed or not got here yet, so I'll be back trying for the big ones, probably in the dark of a new moon.....Here's another puppy from the week before....The west coast is still pretty messed up with fresh water from all the rain. Went out a week ago for scallops...and all the fresh water had run them and the fish out! ....That water was all tannin for over a mile from the shore, and much more in spots. ..1000

  4. [ATTACHMENT=7221]The right time of day.... (507k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]Had some nice fish come in, redfish, that is, and some nice big fish on that I lost....the ones shown were for the pan, as I like the old cast iron "blackened redfish" with olive oil and pepper for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Best times were early and late, of course, and the bait was fresh caught mullet. Time and patience are the soul of the surf, and there is no finer place when the bite is on!

  5. "By a vote of 61 to 37, the Senate turned back an effort to strip a major military bill of a set of disputed provisions affecting the handling of terrorism cases. While the legislation still has several steps to go, the vote makes it likely that Congress will eventually send to President Obama’s desk a bill that contains detainee-related provisions his national-security team has said are unacceptable.


    The most disputed provision would require the government to place into military custody any suspected member of Al Qaeda or one of its allies connected to a plot against the United States or its allies. The provision would exempt American citizens, but would otherwise extend to arrests on United States soil. The executive branch could issue a waiver and keep such a prisoner in the civilian system. "

  6. Need I? If they are American citizens, they are entitled to constitutional rights, no matter what the accusation, no matter what the context. Can you agree with that? The whole law leaves interpretation open for abuse.....


    ". . . including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces." (1031.b.2)

    Is "belligerent" a broad enough context for you?

  7. Maybe this is old hat for the crew here, but this stuck enough in my craw that I can't believe that everyone isn't livid about it.

    Maybe I should go gently into that good night, and let those who will have to live with it face the repercussions, as, actually that is what will happen anyway....But, this article left me with a bad taste in my mouth/craw: senate-votes-to-let-military-detain-americans-indefinitely, (google it, it didn't link)

    I can't believe it isn't the top contender here, as far as concerns. For that matter it should be everywhere in this country. We must be a very lax and subservient country full of ambient people who have no cares, but for their next meal, to let this concept slide by....American citizens imprisoned for nothing but suspicion, for indefinite time. Or doesn't that get your goat as much as mine?

    If there was one thing that could rally both the liberal and conservative cause, it just slipped by the wayside....or did it? Since this is the first time I have been here in a good while, it is likely a gone and past discussion, but was it? Or did it just pass like another ship in the night, to park in our harbor, and unload it's nuclear payload, in plain sight?

  8. View PostWhen he was 21 he was dating a 14 year old that he would later adopt when she was 17 then later marry her. They divorced a few years later.


    Also did we forget he's a draft dodger?


    Quite the idol!


    Also I have yet to hear about him getting an animal fair chase instead of behind a fence. mad.gif


    According to the Wick, "In 1978, Nugent began a now-infamous relationship with a seventeen year old Hawaii native named Pele Massa." Big difference between 14 year olds and 17 year olds, if you've ever noticed...Seventeen year olds are much more physically developed! As far as the dodge for the Vietnam draft, when he was on student deferment, I thought all good liberals approved of that!?

  9. View PostHe was so far away that the 8.59mm-calibre bullets took almost three seconds to reach their target.


    8.59mm-calibre =(.338 Lapua Magnum) for those, like myself, who hadn't heard of it! The L115A1 is the British equilivent of Accuracy International AWM...Potent weapon, and expensive. And the .338 Lapua Magnum, just a tad down from the .50 BMG, a potent cartridge...and still, good shooting!

  10. View PostYou certainly are no Democrat!


    "We will pass the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act"



    Apparently you fail to appreciate the significance of the intended legislation. This is DNC focus and platform issue.


    Lot's of examples but the thread was on anti-christian politics. No greater threat to religious liberties and in particular Christian liberties than this proposed body of law.


    Sure is the first I've heard about it...I will write senator and congressmen. Now.