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  9. oil birds, where are the fish?
  10. hell, yes!
  11. According to the Wick, "In 1978, Nugent began a now-infamous relationship with a seventeen year old Hawaii native named Pele Massa." Big difference between 14 year olds and 17 year olds, if you've ever noticed...Seventeen year olds are much more physically developed! As far as the dodge for the Vietnam draft, when he was on student deferment, I thought all good liberals approved of that!?
  12. 8.59mm-calibre =(.338 Lapua Magnum) for those, like myself, who hadn't heard of it! The L115A1 is the British equilivent of Accuracy International AWM...Potent weapon, and expensive. And the .338 Lapua Magnum, just a tad down from the .50 BMG, a potent cartridge...and still, good shooting!
  13. Good to know the justices are still weighed in on the right side....and can still understand the meaning of ambiguity and freedom of speech, as well as appreciate hunting!
  14. Sure is the first I've heard about it...I will write senator and congressmen. Now.
  15. Depends on what your way of defining a Christian is...Do you mean being evil or doing evil? If being reborn in Christ doesn't give somebody a handle on doing evil or even "being" evil, then he/she might as well crawl back to where they got born from.....
  16. Why not "go to the government" instead, and see these ills rectified, with the ballot in November? The power of the government is much greater than the churches, but the power of the governed is much greater than the government...
  17. Yes, I am seeing the need for separate's called being exempt from governmental interference..Perhaps you remember, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"?
  18. The question was asked about what has the Democratic done....Would you deny the democratic party is liberal? The point is, is that "liberal" laws, or "unChristian" laws have been enacted to put Christian churches in a category of not being taxed because they are "non-profit". That is not what a church is. A church was originally exempt from laws concerning taxation, because they were churches....not because they were "tax-exempt". It's the liberal point of view to categorize them as being "under the law"...
  19. Why would you call that a "church"? How about political party?
  20. You miss the point entirely.... Why should the government ever have had to institute such a policy (law) in the first place? Churches are churches, they have no need to be taxed. They are propagating morals not money! But now, you and other liberals, (unChristians) are content to see them as grouped as "non-profit" organizations................haw!
  21. Without fear, what good is a warning?
  22. Why should they have to? Why should they be "included" in laws pertaining to "non-profit" organizations? They are churches, not dealing in sales, but in moral matters that are no concern of the state except in the fact that the state has decided that they need to be "regulated"....
  23. He was on to him tighter than a tick to a turtle.....haw! Good show! Infiltrators trying to sabotage the tea party, don't look good in the tea....
  24. It looks like Robert has just done the job for me...But aside from government taking away the individual responsibility and benefits of personal charity, the rights of individual worship in and around school systems, the "entitlement" of homosexual rights, and the tax laws that need churches to steer clear of political favoritism, there are many more that I'm sure I could remember given enough time....But, all in all, Christians have a pretty good like here, at the moment, given that at one time they were fed to the lions...
  25. You're probably a pretty good example of what it is in the Democratic party that does not understand what it means when they enact legislation that conflicts with Christian principles....nothing they would claim that is really anti-Christian, because they wouldn't want to offend their constituents, but by the same token, they really don't know Christ enough to determine that in the first place....After all, they claim, quite correctly, there is enough controversy and difference in "Christian" faiths, and churches, to merit some discussion..