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  1. Sounds like some good rods, either length is fine for me, as long as it can hurl a chunk of bait and a 5 oz. sinker off the coastlines near Marineland, down in Florida...Some of the reds that come through after the mullet runs are plenty big, especially at night, when things get quiet, and the surf is rolling like liquid glass.....
  2. The eyelet is lead. Just cast as part of the usually have to open them with a fid or pointed instrument of some kind. Saves the need for fitting and buying wire.
  3. All I use in the surf are pyramids. I cast my own, from old wheel weights. Makes it cheaper to replace them where I fish, as the rocks seem to find a way of claiming them....The molds are cheap enough if you fish enough where you lose sinkers. I usually find that the mold needs a little extra heat than a lead pot, so I use a torch to boost the heat as I'm pouring them. A propane torch works just fine
  4. Slot is 18-27", and just a few months ago, the limit was increased to two a day, at least in the northern part of the state....
  5. About right, Drako! Sticks to the pan something bad, doesn't it! Good to see you're still here after all the years..... Evidently, the mullet runs have started up here, as this was about two weeks ago, and the main runs have already passed or not got here yet, so I'll be back trying for the big ones, probably in the dark of a new moon.....Here's another puppy from the week before....The west coast is still pretty messed up with fresh water from all the rain. Went out a week ago for scallops...and all the fresh water had run them and the fish out! ....That water was all tannin for over a mile from the shore, and much more in spots. ..
  6. Another keeper for the pan....sandy, but legal. The bigger ones are more fun, but more wary. I use 6 oz pyramids with 80 lb leader and a sliding sinker rig, with, for the first time, 7-0 circle hooks and a whole finger mullet or a big chunk of a larger one.
  7. Forgot you needed an image, instead of an's the rocks and me in the first one...
  8. Here's one of the youngsters that went home with me...[ATTACHMENT=7222]One for the pan. (439k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  9. [ATTACHMENT=7221]The right time of day.... (507k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]Had some nice fish come in, redfish, that is, and some nice big fish on that I lost....the ones shown were for the pan, as I like the old cast iron "blackened redfish" with olive oil and pepper for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Best times were early and late, of course, and the bait was fresh caught mullet. Time and patience are the soul of the surf, and there is no finer place when the bite is on!