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  1. Shot from a week ago. Let's just say very close to the three bridges.
  2. Snug Harbor or West Lake Fishing Lodge? If WL Fishing Lodge, I agree
  3. After eating seafood all week one year, went into The Dock and ordered the Pork Chops. FIRE!
  4. Other than maybe 18 at Montauk Downs, you'll fit right in.
  5. That's what he said this morning in his presser too. Terrible what's happened down there.
  6. Second The Dock for just about anything on their menu.
  7. Looks like another walking around the AMC theater at the Danbury Mall yesterday. The one in the pics above looks to have a small rack, the video I saw of the Danbury one was a female. "It takes two....."
  8. We had one land on our table, eating outdoors at Enzo's on Aurthur Ave. in the boogie down Bronx last Saturday. I ID'd it off my phone and went to kill it but our table guest felt bad and knocked it away with her knife. Later showed her all the calls to eradicate them.
  9. I know of one caught in the Fire Island area some years back. With the warm water we've had this past season, wouldn't surprise me to have one turn up out there.
  10. Agree Dogtooth or Cubera Snapper?
  11. Had a small armada of boats among friends looking from Caumsett to the Lilco platforms inside and out to 11b. None that we saw. Keeping the faith.
  12. Tyger Wire
  13. As Nite-Bite-00 says, the swivel will limit how far in you can reel the line in limiting your leader out of the top guide. I seem to always forget to bring my glasses onboard with me so the swivel's a bit easier than tying the FG without them. But I use both under certain applications. If you go with a swivel, use the smallest you can get away with as that additional weight can sometimes bring your leader down into the water a bit effecting topwater lures like poppers and such.
  14. They're now in LIS, as evident from a guide out of Smithtown
  15. I'd think they're in western LIS right now as a guide has been into them out of Smithtown LI
  16. DELETE
  17. Nice fish, congratulations.
  18. Did MV declare themselves a sanctuary city? I'd really like to know because it would change my opinion on this specific situation. Not the opinion or posturing of some of their off Island summer home owners or Hollywood types. Dukes County Itself. To my knowledge MA has eight: Amherst, Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, Concord, Newton, Northampton, and Somerville.
  19. Wish I had a place in Menemsha... albies hitting right now too.
  20. Thank you for reminding me to pull out the scuppers.
  21. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't have an impact. Without deflecting- I only said it because I was painted a classic nimby. .... This thread is about MV. An Island full of rich folk, who don't live there, especially this time of year. For the residents they have economic concerns of their own and aren't set up to deal with migrants on a systematic or judicial level.
  22. Really......nimby....yawn... Had they sent them to Logan I wouldn't have the same issue. And FWIW I live on LI, grew up in NYC. We're receiving them as well and my town is one of the most diverse on LI. Keep assuming if it brightens your Monday.
  23. Inquiring minds want to know.
  24. No I get it. I've just had it with child politics from both sides that cost us all regardless of party in the end.
  25. It's a festivus Miracle!