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  1. The reality is all of these fish are not being bled since they need the weight. Albies aside, even blues and bonito don't fair nearly as well without that type of proper handling. MV Derby has implemented the 3 max weigh in Albie rule as previously stated as I would think most of them end up in the trash before, during or after cooking.
  2. Huntington Harbor but I don't think you can live on it.
  3. 19.5 Albie weighed in yesterday. Think it was boat caught. Looks like a mini bomb. Oink.
  4. Did you all see the 19.5lb mule brought in yesterday to the MV Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby? Not on the fly. Yowza.
  5. It's funny you say that because the other day after taking some big blues on pencil poppers I switched over to my fly rod with a popper tied on. Casted into a shallow area I thought they'd be laying. Nothing on or near the popper but I could swear standing up higher on my bow, I could see the blues taking more interest in the fly line itself or the fly line to flouro connection. Saw four or five of them coming after the line as it was being stripped. Perhaps I spooked them and they were leaving this tight corner to a jetty but they weren't swimming away quickly. Just leisurely following the fly line. Odd, never seen it in my thirty years of fly fishing.
  6. Just a head's up: AC Moore went out of business a few years ago. Just saving potentials a ride to nowhere as I did some time ago.
  7. brushfly


    Western LIS, Suffolk County. No adult bunker since June but peanuts of all sizes since April. Pretty good fishing bass and blues for a while now. Peanuts still swimming around the backwater anywhere from 1.5-6". Regarding Adults I have been told by two bait and tackle stores that NYS increased the daily allowable take and with that a few boats have done a pretty good job on them, pretty much cutting them off from getting in here. I haven't been able to confirm this and don't know any comms who've been doing it this year. Even the South Shore hasn't had those miles of bunker we've grown accustomed to the last few years. They've been there but not to the same level. I bought bunker once this year for the WICC and they were 9-10" at best. Only getting three pieces off each one, less the tail. Can't recall a season I've seen less.
  8. Besides the striping, check out the difference of the dorsal in the pics above. Albie's is sickle like, bones continuous.
  9. They're regulated here in NY so should've known it wasn't
  10. brushfly

    Fish art

    Very nice. He does some nice work. My all time favorite is Stanley Meltzoff. Ogden Pleissner another favorite although more of a sporting artists less fish per se.
  11. What I want isn't important. It's part of what she has platformed on. Quick Google search will show you her track record on it.
  12. Not an issue. Boebert's had an anti LGBTQ stance all along and here she is with a bar owner who at least in business advocates for them.
  13. Water on the North Shore was very clean outside the back end of the harbors. Went out just after the slack, around 9:00 AM for the incoming. Beautiful early autumn day.. No bass but smaller blues in the bay, some better sized blues to 13# on pencils on the outside just off the boulder fields 15-18' of water. Bait swimming by seemed to be bay anchovies around 1" but one of the blues spit up what looked like a squid boat side. Saw a Loon working over the same area. Seems early for them? Wasn't a commorant FWIW.
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