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  1. Connetquot two weeks ago. Both on an articulated sculpin on a 3/4 wt.
  2. One thing I don't see here and I believe is worth mentioning is that when fishing alone on a jetty, kayak, SUP or boat a mid-flex (mod-flex) allows for an easier time boat side. If you hi-stick the rod to net or grab a fish or grab the rod past the handle it's forgiving. Do the same with a tip-flex (fast) and you're bound for breakage. I've learned this the hard way high sticking a cocktail blue that snapped a tip flex I was using. JMO
  3. Nobody's taking the bait on the OP?
  4. I was thinking if you were fishing with a friend, the old bait & switch with a popper might be the best way to present the fly. But strictly talking out of my non-experienced mind. That's how they get sails and such to take feather.
  5. With the disappearance of winter flounder, I'd hate to see Snappers removed from keeping only for the kids to be able to bike down to the water and get in on the Sport. Perhaps a reduction in bag limit of all sizes.
  6. Exactly! Use to keep a small CC at GFM ‘86-‘96 and would start out down near Duffy’s early on. Then to Tabbacolot. Anytime the wind would kick or arse, and it did often, we’d retreat to the lake all season never keeping a flatty under 14’. Our biggest around 21”. Yes not like the behemoths I’ve seen you take but fat healthy fish. After May we’d almost exclusively do it on the drift. Fun stuff. I remember at the fillet table guys would come in, beat up scraping together a few fluke and would see one of those sinks overflowing with big flounder we caught in two hours and would ask me Block? More like the green can I could almost hit with a skinner shell. Bet we bumped elbows more then once. Sorry to hijack...out
  7. That flounder may have gotten more attention because for anybody under 30 they might be as rare as a Yetti. The reality is that the younger generation get almost everything off Instagram, Snapchat and to a lesser degree Facebook. Worth your time to post some online marketing with one of them. It's as easy to manage as any website, it's all about gathering people to your site. See you already have a FB page. Location in a trade show is vital. I've done some at Javits for my business and sometimes a poor spot makes participating useless. That being said it's sometimes important to stay in the same general area once you do one, as repeat customers have it in their head where they saw you and might return. That being said, I think if you're on this site you should know who Little Sisters/JC are. Perhaps I know because although I'm on LI, I do check the Mass Forum as I fish the Vineyard almost each summer. Plus I like to see fat flounders like I use to catch in Lake Montauk years ago.
  8. Perhaps you can see if there's additional interest to other owners there and try to change the bylaws of the association? Maybe there's more then one body of water they could designate to fishing within? Artificial only, etc. Getting on the board might help too.
  9. In the early 90's I kept a small center console in Montauk Point. We use to do a lot of bottom fishing and casting for all that swims. Got really into casting plugs and lures on the South Side of the point, rolling up and over the breakers there. (With engine lucky). Anyway one day one of my baitcasters got a bird's nest and needed to be respooled. We drove into East Hampton to get some line and a meal, stopping at Harvey Bennet's "East End Tackle". It was around 1993 and he ran a Mako Flats boat at the time fly fishing and light tackle the waters around Gardiner's Island and Montauk. Fixed the reel then asked him what this fly fishing was all about. My pals with me weren't interested but it perked my curiosity. A week later on a ride back home I stopped in and took a lesson from Harvey. Having played a lot of tennis, my initial review was pretty good. He sold me an 8wt. St. Croix rod, Martin Click and Pawl reel, line, flies and a box. A week later I'm out off Shagwong chasing Albies making a complete mess of myself. Finally they bust open not 15' from the bow, I drop a Farnsworth Darter into the froth and it's off to the races. Could I have picked a worse fish out of the gate? The clicker is zinging, I go to palm it like Mark Sosen did on TV opening two knuckles and drop the fish on his return to the boat. Same afternoon land a cocktail blue and the rest is history. Still use that 8wt. The Martin made it about six trips.....
  10. Heightened senses at night for sure. Skunk = Skunk The long walk from Lobsterville to Dogfish bar my head lamp lit up some eyes walking towards me. I'm actually thinking skunk (hey it's the Vineyard) but what surprised me is that when the critter saw me, and I rattled my keys he didn't change course or stride. I actually took to the water to avoid this brazen critter. Not so much creepy...took a skunk on the bar too. Somebody mentioned a Heron squawking, I had the same one night fishing a worm hatch against a lit pier on my boat. You could hear a pin drop. Then all of a sudden two Skimmer birds in tandem came around the pier skimming the worms, (unbeknownst to me) and then practically skimmed right into my hull. The two of them SQUAKED and quickly went vertical up and around my console and head. I didn't know what the hell was going on practically dropping my 8wt set up in the drink and checking my underwear.
  11. Long Island Sound while bottom fishing with clams. 20’ of water. One of two, Almaco Jack?
  12. Then I stand corrected and apologize to the Wellfleet FD. But not knowing was this just FD or FD/EMT trained op's.
  13. Forget culling of either animal. Too vague, too political. Seems they should look into overhead scanning drones or spotter planes. Looks like the Cape can use a cell tower as well and perhaps warnings could be sent via text, etc. to those who use the beach. Like a 1-800-SHARKME chain or alarm based off GPS Coordinates of spotted GW's. A bit more real-time then whats happening now. Otherwise it's here to stay and will repeat itself. Of course JMO.
  14. I've seen large grey seals in MTK as late as mid-June. One right in front of Gosmans, another or the same the next day at the Town Beach. I could foresee should more seals coming from up north to stay off MTK a similar situation evolving. The one thing maybe keeping that at bay are warmer water trends in regard to both seals and GW's
  15. I agree in his case as it appears he bled out within minutes. That being said 20-25 minutes response time for a beach area that welcomes tourism is WAY too slow. Wouldn't have mattered here but what about a heart attack, taste bite, women going into labor, stroke. With some of the approaches onto Cape beaches being what they are, even more so IMO