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  1. System or no system, the Islanders finished out the regular season on a ventilator. Kind of started with the Lee injury, although they threw a few winning streaks in early. Then hoped the deadline acquisitions would spark or bring some consistency. That didn't work either. They crawled into the playoffs, stole a few from Pittsburgh and then kicked it into gear game 5/6 that series. Played much better IMO against Boston and now have taken game one. Keeping the faith.
  2. They don't work on my Grand Cherokee, looks like it's all aluminum. No longer stick.
  3. And from an Islander fan who watches every game I totally agree with your assessment above. He's an excellent player, works PP and PK and a style of game every team would love more of or are lacking. His 5K fine for slamming Breadman was the biggest non-suspension the league has ever made IMO. Besides his rap sheet, they were playing the rags the very next game, which turned into a circus early. They were also pretty much locked into the playoffs at the time and had Wilson missed some regular season games it reeally wouldn't have hurt the Caps too much with the exception of maybe some home ice in the playoffs. Meanwhile they give Ryan Reeves two games in the first round for his actions (Warranted) which makes the non suspension of Wilson seem that much more negligible. Real stain on player safety IMO.
  4. I was hoping they'd grab 1/2 down there. Now it's like let's take two! LGI
  5. Food for thought, after the way Krejci played this series, he should give a return, let alone agree to a discount. Had that second line continue to produce this would have gone seven. Hall didn't have much to work there with him but IMO I wouldn't pay Hall a lot of money if my life counted on it. Give him one year if possible. Interesting fact I saw yesterday, as of the second round, only 1 of the top paid 17 players in the league was still playing...Carey Price. Two factors that came into play this series were the injuries to Carlo and Miller, causing a lot more time on others in their backend. I don't think Tinordi played all that bad, Grezllyk had a tough night last night. The other was puck luck to the Isles when Pasta's shot hit the post to that gaping net the other night. At a time some wind might have been taken out of the Isles sails. (If that's even possible )That being said: LGI! Going to be another grind, Tampa has mucho skill, and some guys you need to watch out for like Killorn and Cro-Magnon headed Maroon. To the B's fans, I think Marchand is one hell of a player. Yeah his history of dirty play is beyond and above, but of late he hasn't been doing as much, or at least more than every other guys who plays his style in this league. He's fantastic, leveraged out Mayfield last night, great hands to the net. He looked PISSED on the bench once it was pretty much over. His impact on these playoffs certainly goes beyond Crosby, McDavid and the other "elites". He's top three in my book when it counts, year after year in the postseason, when he can keep himself on the ice. Lastly Adam Pelech....what a series. I don't think he made one error and if he did, he quickly corrected himself to avoid any repercussions. GO ISLES!!!!!!
  6. Classic NHL waiting for the retaliatory before they make the call. What Barzal did first 1-2 cross's is let go all the time in the postseason. Third times not a charm I guess. Bottom line is they cut Boston some slack on that call. Initially a five, probably during the review said "we blew the crosscheck call on Barzie", let's make it a two which a spear isn't subject to.
  7. Agree, that's all you want is consistency. The sad part is during the regular season, every tap to the hands is slashing. Every grab is holding and all the others that they've cracked down on over the last few. Head into the post season and most of it is let go. Consistency is the only way to go and it's missing at times.
  8. ...Goes both ways....I guess the NHL saw what was obvious and was missed by the refs on the ice regarding the Debrusk non call which cost him 5K, game one. The spear by Kreji and the non-calls against Barzal that same play. Could have been 2 to Barzal and 5 to Kreji which is mandatory for a spear which they downplayed as a slash. How about throw in an extra two on Kreji for unsportmanslike conduct for slapping a stick on Barzi's ass while he's withering in ball pain. Two to Zajac for roughing coming to his defense. And so on, and so on, and so on......
  9. Calls go both ways and surprised to hear the complaints coming out of Boston. After all, wasn't it Jake Debrusk game one who was fined by the NHL 5K (Max) for a cross-check to the back of Scott Mayfield's neck that went un-called? Goes both ways, we can sit here all day and say they missed this one and that one. It's playoff hockey, the only consistent call will be stick to stick slash that results in a break or puck leaving the ice, delay of game. Those are the only automatics in all the series I'm watching. The rest are just window dressing. Speaking of the NHL, interesting how they throw 4 at Scheifele for his act in the play, without any priors during the playoffs. Perhaps warranted. While on the other hand, hit Tom Wilson for $5,000 for slamming Breadman's head to ice, after the whistle. With a long history of violent plays on the ice. To a team who at the time, was locked into the playoffs and only playing for questionable home ice advantage in the playoffs some 10 games later. Travesty personified.
  10. A second after he wrapped it around into the net. Schiefeli in the backfield starts high motoring it with one thing on his mind. IMO he glided into him, folded arm into the head. If he wanted to stop the goal, best technique would have been the extended stick of which he did not, only having the big hit on his mind. He's already getting a hearing, not in person which is subject to five games max. We shall see.
  11. Very true, it's become instant 2 min.
  12. There's a difference in a glove smear, face smear when two players confront each other and putting two thumbs into a players face and eyes with the thumbs while he's pinned down. A nine minute penalty and a two game suspension echos that sentiment. If that warranted two, can only think Scheifele's looking at 3-5. Especially considering Evans went off on a stretcher.
  13. You wonder? I can only assume it was an anomaly that year as I don't remember catching them before or after and I've been at it in some capacity or another for 50 years. I think we're on the northern edge of their range so perhaps a warm water year, or atmospheric conditions sent them here en masse'. I don't think this goes by way of Winter Flounder, Whiting, etc.
  14. Funny I think we had a slew of them that same year here in Long Island. None since. I was down in Bermuda and they can grow much larger then I thought. I snorkeled and saw some that went a solid pound +. More like the size of our Sea Robins.
  15. Pretty weak call on Vegas in last night's OT. Funny how they let go some of the violent stuff they call all year, but call the stick on stick slash off a face-off.