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  1. Stargazer. Coloration isn't right for a Sea Robin, body style isn't right for a Toadfish/ Oyster Cracker/Mother-in-Law.
  2. I had to register my son's salvaged Sear's Gamefisher as "homemade". It began with a phone call to the Dep't of Parks and Recreation. We booked an appointment for an officer to assign it a VIN# which then made registering it a no brainer. State of NY. That be my route if the boat has no vin# or paperwork.
  3. Yes, felt soles have been found as a host to spread Whirling Disease and possibly Didymo. Transport of Zebra muscle spat has also been looked at.
  4. I'm actually going to remove the felt off the soles as it's not allowed in the areas I fish. Looking at the shoes in hand I have plenty of rubber to sink 3/8" as you guys suggest. Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated.
  5. First off I fly fish out of a boat in SW 99% of the time and when not in a boat I'm wet wading most of the time. That being said, I recently purchased a new pair of waders for the little stream fishing I do. I have an older pair of Orvis wading boots and wondering if anybody has removed the felt and glued in sheet metal screws, etc. I would glue them in and use a height that wouldn't go through the sole. Will they stay in place? With felt restrictions on some waterways looking to not have to buy a new pair of boots. Any suggestions appreciated.
  6. Three confirmed sightings here in the last two years. Roslyn, Bridgehampton and just a few weeks back Robert Moses State Park (two recordings, might be same animal). Our deer population is going through the roof. They pretty much exist in every town north of Jericho Tpke in Suffolk County. My friend in Roslyn saw one impaled on a tall wrought iron gate. I think the state may be looking to the yotes to cull some of our deer heard. Especially when I hear a hired firm to cull the heard in Caumset State Park came out to approximately $2200 per deer. I think until we start to see larger groups of Coyote and a pet or two start to get taken, this will remain. I have more of a problem in this brilliant state that they're allowing low level criminals to be released no cash bail, and then rewarding them with Met and Yankee tickets and gift cards/ when and if they show up for their court date. Now there's some Einstiene-like rationale.
  7. That's a tog for sure. They hang out in Sea Weed as juvi's to hide and naturally pick up that coloration. As they get Rusty brown spots when they are hanging on steel wrecks and metal debris.
  8. Across the sound this past weekend. Plenty of smaller blues in the Eaton's Neck area. After fruitlessly hoping to find Albies, I ventured in towards shore to start casting pencil poppers for bass. Snipped off the deadly dick and not a second later 20' from the bow, you guessed it, churning Bonito. Quickly switched back over and missed a first blow up. Second cast game on.
  9. My Mundus story was watching him as kid butchering up a then legal Pilot Whale on the dock during high season. He stood there barefoot in a pool of blood putting chunks into either 3 or 5 gallon white buckets hand labeled with a sharpie "Grade A Monster Mash". There's a sucker born everyday. One misnomer is him being the reference for Quint in Jaws. I have to think he had some influence on Benchly but from what I've read Quint was modeled after an MV Local named Craig Kingsburry who actually had a small part in the movie playing Ben Gardiner. He says "Hello back" to Hooper upon arrival.
  10. I did too! Couldn't believe it. If it was an endangered Right Whale, I can almost understand finding the cause. Humpbacks are fully recovered, almost record numbers and they waste this $$$ and time. Sharks following it in. Seemed bat****e crazy to me. Usually they drag it further out or anchor it.
  11. I started fishing LIS in 1996. Up until last year, large blues 12# and up were a guarantee every season. (Western Suffolk County LIS). I will say that earlier during that time, we use to get them early September through the fall. About ten to twelve years ago that switched from mid July through October. And consistent beyond belief, took them on poppers and flies in shallow water in a number of go to spots along with those hammering the bunker schools. First light to 7:30 and dusk being the top producer but have had good innings under high sun as well. No offense, but I think you're in the minority here in regard to big blues LIS. In regard to the Wicc, if weather was favorable and up until last year you were wasting your time bringing in anything less then 14/15 lbs.
  12. It helps with leaving fish in the water during the unhooking process, especially bigger blues. When there's a popper in it's mouth, swinging open hook, easy peasie. In regard to the original post, hero shots, etc. Guys have been flexing muscle on caught fish since the advent of the camera.
  13. Sedotti and The Campsite good suggestions or a guide willing to start you out. As for the rest of casting legends if you don't have a rod Joan Wolff will show you how to do it within only your hands. ( Must be the heat?)
  14. Connetquot two weeks ago. Both on an articulated sculpin on a 3/4 wt.
  15. One thing I don't see here and I believe is worth mentioning is that when fishing alone on a jetty, kayak, SUP or boat a mid-flex (mod-flex) allows for an easier time boat side. If you hi-stick the rod to net or grab a fish or grab the rod past the handle it's forgiving. Do the same with a tip-flex (fast) and you're bound for breakage. I've learned this the hard way high sticking a cocktail blue that snapped a tip flex I was using. JMO