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  1. Was on the Vineyard at South Beach two weeks ago, saw one seal the entire week but don't think I didn't consider what lies beneath. Water was 70 degrees, a bit warm but see a seal and assume 'ol whitey can't be far behind.
  2. I think god forbid it's you or I, or anybody else on this thread, we all would have no idea as to how we would react knowing our children were killed and this fat pig is earning money spewing about how it never happened and was created by those he opposes. Not once, but repeatedly over and over since that dreadful day. JMO
  3. I saw one eat a rockin' chair one time.
  4. Expect wind, depending on how much of a googan you are, practice your cast both traditionally as well as casting towards the beach away from the water, releasing it on your backhand. Should you get a quartering wind on your casting arm side, you'll want to be able to flip it from behind to not impale yourself with your fly. Can't find the perfect video but this might explain what I can't put into words
  5. And here I thought our highs have been "higher" so maybe the pull isn't as strong but the push is making up for it. The other morning was two hours pre high and rocks I'd normally see cresting were already buried. Western Suffolk county NS
  6. Although I don't hunt, my son and his friend waterfowl here on the North Shore of the Island. Both Geese and Ducks. He also has friends that do so in the Oceanside area. GSB had legendary waterfowl hunting years ago, with many active sportsman clubs. Most of the "bay houses" that dot the bay were put up for that reason along with fishing and shellfishing. Hopefully some locals to the SS shine in with more info. Definitely contact your ECO, they will tell you some things your town might not even know about or want to discuss with you.
  7. 48-52 quart
  8. So true....I think that was the idea NY granting the Spring season, keep off the shallow water spawners.
  9. Came across a dead Sea Turtle in LIS a few years back, called the NY Marine Rescue center in Riverhead, NY. They were happy I called even though it was dead, gave some coordinates and they mentioned they have volunteers throughout the island to look into cause of death, etc. Said they've have somebody out in a few hours.
  10. Getting lots of false statements down here on LI with the rash of shark bites this summer. Predominant species are Sand Tigers, Brown/Sandbar and Duskies but every other few news "flash" you'll hear Tiger Sharks and Bulls. I'd think if it was a Tiger, test bite damage would be more significant, if it was a Bull you'd get repeat attacks and major blood loss, death. Besides the fact nobody has seen or caught either of those species from NYC to Montauk, near shore in years, if ever. Reporting for shock, not fact.
  11. Green Heron.
  12. Having had both here's why I would go with boot foot for salt: Sometimes you want to throw them on, take them off, go have lunch, or grab a coffee and check out another spot. That on/off process while driving around, IMO is a lot easier to take off and put back on than the stocking foot process. As mentioned sandwiched sand between wader and boot is another concern, even with Gravel guards.
  13. Like when I recall the Montauk Pioneer having an article about a 20' GW in Lake Montauk in the mid 80's which of course turned out to be a wayward basking shark.....Somehow it avoided being turned into "Monster Mash" by the one and only who I once witnessed butchering one dockside. Then putting slabs into 2 and 5 gallon buckets for sale, labeled GRADE A MONSTER mash by hand with a black sharpie.
  14. Same here across in Huntington. Pictures from the 60's of a baymen getting two decent sized sand tigers in nets inside Duck Island Harbor, inside Huntington Bay. The old "Nursery" chat comes up now and then as well as a talk of a fin once in a while but with a pretty good network of commercials, for hires and recs in the area I haven't confirmed anything.
  15. Had my oddest double header ever fishing off a 10' inflatable as a kid just south of that dock. Flounder fishing with a tandem rig, June, keeper blackfish and baseball bat sized Mackerel.