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  1. They should be up there. I know they are at Fletchers Cove in the Potomac.
  2. Fished 2 1/2 days last week. Got a 40 and a 23 1/2 Striper. Oh wait. Got one Skate too. Lol. Used Peelers, Fleas/Fishbite combo and Bunker. Both Stripers were on the Fleas/Fishbite combo. That's it for me for spring. Might come back in July to take the dog out to see how he does in the ocean
  3. Couldn't agree more. Glad you got out.
  4. I complete agree with Seabassplug. Please be careful. Even if it looks shallow, the mud can be super soft and can trip you up quick. The rocks are in the water are super slick too. Even with spikes on my wader boots, I have had my share of close calls.
  5. I've heard the Stripers are still in the DC area but I can't remember if DC waters has the closure for Stripers right now. Not sure if the are still up by Fletchers now. I've heard down by Haines Point and the Woodrow Wilson bridge.
  6. Shad are running good right now. Have gone the past 2 weekends. You can catch them just about any where but obviously, some spots are better than others. I was at one spot 10 feet away from another fisherman and he out fished me 15 to 1. It was very frustrating. The next outing, I was able to fish one of my favorite spots and did very well. Caught on tandom rigs. Switched from 2 Darts to 1 dart and spoon. Both seemed to work equally.
  7. Nice catch Pilotman. I should have gone to the Potomac instead of the PAX. Walked a section of the PAX above Tridelphia for a few hours. Nothing but Fallfish and Creek Chubs. Had a few Trout chase my offering but no takers. It was good to be out nevertheless.
  8. Thanks Surfman. I must have a few beers in me and missed the 1 when copying and pasting. Lol. :-)
  9. This is the number I have for him. 302-545-305. He made mine a few years ago.
  10. Hi Nycedreamz, How old is it and how often did you have the drive serviced? Nice looking Kayak
  11. Not sure if you got your parts or not but I used this site to get parts for my Shimano Fliegen. https://www.plat.co.jp/shop/catalog/optionparts/language/en/?manufacturers=&siries=&search= Not sure if adding a link breaks the rules and if it gets stripped out, send me a PM and I'll send it to you
  12. I guess you have another fishing partner. Congrats!!!
  13. Marcus. Thanks for the Peelers. We really appreciated it. Also, thanks for taking the time to show us some of your gear. Pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately, we did not have much luck. We managed skates, Whiting and some other bait fish though my buddy Paul managed a short Striper. Glad to have gotten back out after being out for a year after shoulder surgery.
  14. How about meeting me half way? $67 plus shipping?
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