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  1. Carp are alive and well in NYC. I caught several carp a week ago. This one is a rare mirror carp. I used a 7 wt, 6'10" Fenwick. It allows me to cast under and near trees in the city parks. There is nothing like a carp on a fly rod!
  2. Carp are alive and well in NYC. I caught several carp a week ago. This one is a rare mirror carp. I used a 7 wt, 6'10" Fenwick. It allows me to cast under and near trees in the city parks. There is nothing like a carp on a fly rod!
  3. I've heard about the event in Prospect Park. the best time for panfish in Brooklyn is the spring and the fall.
  4. Normally, I fish in the New York City area but yesterday I went up to the Rondout Creek, about 2 hours from NYC. There was no activity until after 3 pm. I caught about 6 bass before I had to take the train back to the city. We have smallmouth bass in a pond that is located in Central Park too!
  5. last year I caught my first carp in Prospect Park Lake. that completed my goal of catching carp in all 5 boroughs of NYC using flies and a fly rod. I caught the carp pictured this past spring in PPL. the rod is a 6'10", 7 wt fiberglass fly rod. I haven't been able to get out much yet this year.
  6. been there done that. I've been fishing many of the lakes and ponds of LI for years. where ever the LIRR goes I fish. I fish westchester and NJ. send me a PM about your favorites.
  7. The fly rod is a fiberglass fenwick fly rod, called floater bum. It is a 3 piece, 6'10", 7 wt designed for throwing big bass flies. I use it when fishing near or under tress in city park's. The reel is a semi automatic fly reel from JMC, called the Ozone. I've been fishing for carp since 2004 and catch them on fly rods as light as 2 wts. you must understand carp behavior before you fish ultra light.
  8. I finally caught a carp on a fly in Brooklyn's Prospect Park lake. I now have caught carp in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island! All 5 boros. Has anyone done this before?
  9. Chumming doesn't work for me in rivers. I have caught carp in the passaic, Third river,saddle river. there are carp in the Hackensack, Pompton river, Raritan river. which river do you fish?
  10. I spent 5 days chumming a lake this week. I had 5 takes and landed one. The lake I fish has a small cove which I visited Monday to Friday and dropped corn, bread crumbs and some left over carp food. The first two days,I didn't even bother to bring a rod. wednesday,I fished Fenwick Fiberglass 3 pc, 6'10', 7 wt. I repeated the chumming and began to fish after 30 minutes. I hooked what appeared to be 3 small carp . they were able to snap my tippet with violent head shakes. When the weather is cool fish become active between 1:00pm and 3:00pm. thirty minutes before or 30 minutes after 3:00 and you catch a cold because the fish seem to vanish. On the fourth day, I landed my first carp in cold fall temperatures. I lost another due my tippet snapping(probably due old age). Find a small pond or lake that you know where fish are. chum freely for at least several days before you intend to fish. chum at the same time each day. cross your fingers and begin to fish . if you have done things right you will catch a fish within 30 minutes. No fish in that time; go see a movie This is what I used(fake corn attached to a carp rig) split shot allows corn to float up in the water column, avoiding all debris laying on the bottom.
  11. Gentlemen, I have fished for carp using everything from 2 wts to 8 wts for years. I am good at catching carp . I do no harm to the carp. My catching a carp with light equipment is not what I think you are envisioning. It is NOT a life and death struggle. My tactics are sound and the fish is released quickly.
  12. I used "fake corn" attached to a standard carp hair rig. what that does is allow you to catch carp when the water is brown. the fake corn floats so I attach a split shot to the rig (about 2 inches above the fake corn). the fake corn is not on the bottom of the lake but sits about two inches up in the water column. I used this type of rig last winter to catch carp on Christmas morning. I use 8 lb test as a tippet I posted a picture of the rig on my blog: The Great Lakes of NYC.
  13. yes the carp was caught in Loeb Lake located in NYC"S Central Park. there are 5 lakes inside of Central Park. I'm not sight fishing but chumming quiet spots on the lake where there is less pedestrian traffic. From past experience, I know when carp feed . check my blog: The Great Lakes of NYC. Fishing for carp is different. watching how the carp live and eat is extremely important. whether you sight fish for carp or chum a pond and use things that resemble their food, your presentation must be as close to perfect as you can be. carp are shy and are easily startled. Be patient, be accurate with your cast and be as quiet as possible when you are fishing.
  14. check out "youtube" they have videos on how to cast a fly rod and just about anything else you want to know. and keep asking questions.