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  1. Krocfoot said Ditto... Well I guess we all saw each other.
  2. Fished OC Fri evening thru this morning. It's fare to say I feel the results are shocking compared to previous years. Some of us have been doing this for longer than we want to admit. What my generation now believes is that we will eat Turkey before we'll eat Bass. So I'll see you then.
  3. Four ships aggressively circling outside Townsend inlet this morning. I haven't accessed the fleet monitoring sites for a while my ID is not active so I can't identify them. Bunker Boats ?
  4. Sorry I don't have it with me right now. It's no doubt a discontinued blank. I think a Lamiglas. 8ft fast taper able to cast 6 oz metals/jigs. You can't just go by factory specs. You have to dig through a pile of blanks bending them against the floor to find the action and heaving capacity you want. I grew up in a tackle shop. Started building custom rods as a teenager. I'm 73 now, So now I just copy the proven finished products of my friends who still build. Lately I've started some and gave it to them to finish LOL. Heavy jigs/Metal is best with a strong sweep. If it's dirty or has lots of weed it's too late. Got to get on a NEer early.
  5. I built a Heavy Heaver specifically for NEers about ten years ago. I highly recommended it. 1st time I used it it was so satisfying piercing through 20->30 MPH winds while guys were having their casts fall 20ft in front of them. Second jig after hitting the water produced 30->40 inch bass.
  6. One of the last times I got a pass, I asked if they wanted to come out and see my truck and equipment. That's what they used to do. I asked just to see what type of a reaction I would get. He just stared at me and gave a fake sarcastic laugh.
  7. I would bet that out of state purchases were more that twice that five years ago. It makes more sense now to just get on a head boat.
  8. Reminds me of a something I witnessed during a good sand eel bite about 15yrs ago - I'll never forget it. A good crowd - Everybody is hooking up about every 10 minutes. About 40yds to my right I see an Oldtimer, had to be 80s, all hunched over hobbling out using a collapsible stool (two U shaped tubes connected by a canvas seat) as a cane. I yell YO! down the beach to a guy standing to his right. He sees the guy and helps him set up. Oldtimer plants his stool, aims his butt, and successfully comes down hard and fast but OK. I can see he has what looks like a 5ft boat rod. I point and joke with my buddy "That's us in 20 yrs". Minutes later eying hookups up and down the beach, I see the Oldtimer is hooked up. He's gets pulled off his stool still standing moving towards the water. I yell YO! again down the beach. The same guy next to him helps him back to the stool. Five minutes later YO! again. I get a an arm up and distained look from the guy. I point to the wash where all you can see are two legs and a rod tip thrashing around. The same guy runs over, pulls him out. The Oldtimer staggers to his feet and continues to fight the fish. Next, I see he lands what looks like a nice 12lb fish. He gets the fish on a rope, holds up his rod up in triumph to us around him, and all hunched over, joyfully staggers off the beach dragging his catch. All this takes place in about 30 minutes.
  9. Yeah guess I'm old. In the 70's , if you saw 5 trucks, you saw them all. Haven't had one since 2016. Guess I'm done.
  10. Looks about a foot longer than the net, about 6 inches above the 1st guide on the rod. A 40 inch fish is approx 35lbs.
  11. Didn't mean to scare everyone off - Don't worry though. The NY lawyers & Politicians will sell off the beach mansions to a foreign national billionaire and then relocate to the Rockies.
  12. Do you think they'll be able to pump enough !!!!!
  13. Yep - Saw the end of that in Barnegat bay. The water looked red on grass flats. I was 10 years old. Most guys would just snag them.
  14. No Politics intended. Just saying the game is completely different now. I'm 73. Just some history.
  15. October and NE blows won't ever be the same in my opinion. Recalling blitzes in the 80's and 90's, we normally would have a good cold snap, a frost or close to one, causing a quick drop in the water temp. This would cause he bait to school up tight and put them on the move down the beach. A NE blow would then bring in the fish. This would repeat several times in the fall. 30->50lb stripers were common for two weeks in October during the 70's. The season was basically over by Thanksgiving. I start fishing for shad in the rivers in March for early run fish. Major runs were April/May. The past 10 years, fish have been caught in February and little to nothing April/May. You're a fool if you think climate change is not happening. Oldtimer Out