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  1. Tough to see but my guess is hickory due to the lower jaw extending.
  2. We used to have carburetors - We have injection We used to have points - We have electronic ignitions We used to have maps - We have GPS We had 2 cycle outboards - Now all 4 strokes Commercial fishing has become extremely efficient only in targeting and how much area it can cover. It's time they get more efficient at targeting species and size PLUS eliminating bicatch.? I also agree with Joey - It all counts. Also remember - We used to have a LOT of people making a living building refrigerators, toasters, washing machines, radios,TVs...... What are those people doing today ? Adapt or die.
  3. Caught a 35# in 1986. Had it mounted. That was it for me. I'll take one for the table. But release anything 20 and up. I look at it as shooting an elephant, lion...etc.
  4. NJ has great opportunities. Unfortunately in the past 40+ years pressure on the resource has increased a thousand fold. The "Epic" days of fishing (acres of fish blitzing all day) haven't occurred for at least 20 years.
  5. https://www.dailypress.com/news/york-poquoson/dp-nws-bahamas-escape-0914-20190914-nzl7en7epbavrcfv7mg2l6ieiq-story.html?fbclid=IwAR083-dxY0TLud20h8MwY7JCC8tLAYOFcerO661LPd7xTNugJXfbfifeF6o
  6. Not to worry - Those shorts won't be shorts for netters.
  7. Available at local Bucks county Giant food store !
  8. It's dredged from right off the beach. You can see them now from Seaside north. You can also see loads of charcoal on the beach and in the surf where they dug deep into what I've heard is buried ancient forest. Thinking about shore development this week, I thought, if people who own properties don't live there, then they can't vote who runs the local government. If the residents are primarily Real Estate Agents, Builders, Contractors and land developers, It would seem that foxes, coyotes and wolves are guarding the hen house.
  9. Heard stories from oldtimers in the 60s how crowds watched someone for over an hour with great anticipation only to find out he fought a log in a strong undertow. Surf outfits were very stout and low tech. You could reel in a sunken barge.
  10. Possibly air is trapped somehow. When you peddle, water pressure pushes the air backward ?
  11. I had a couple of versions. Powercord was getting tangled with each. I went the retractable closeline rout. I use a small grappling hook anchor made from 3/8 rebar for the river, and a small boat anchor in the bay. Check Youtube for details.
  12. Yes - I agree with what you say. I saw beach netting in NC via truck and row boat in the mid 80s. What was a total disgrace was how netters picked over what they wanted and left most of the catch on the beach to rot. I recall beach people really giving them an ear full. NJ has it's share of old power plants that also kill YOY trout, crokers and anything else that tries to breed in the bays.
  13. A thought after reading the above - If fish are migrating farther north due to climate change, what southern fish has moved into NJ ? Redfish ? Speckle Trout ? Cobia ? Spanish ? Crokers ? What I've experienced is a lot of nothing - no flounder, kingfish, weakfish, bluefish, stripers, blowfish.
  14. You are correct. Blues and striper are way down compared to years past. Some people will argue this. I'm 70, been fishing over over 60 years, grew up in a tackle shop, heard oldtimers stories and saw what they caught. They didn't have Vanstahls, braid, graphite rods or 300HP boats. They caught loads of stripers, blues, cod, weekfish, fluke and winter flounder.