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  1. Moderators please erase this thread as I didnt mean to start any problems!
  2. Thou I personally dont like Firestone the Destination AT's have been rated super high over the past few years and they are less expensive compared to the Revo AT2's and LTX MS2's....may want to check them out.
  3. Sure they are! Tire rack has them in stock among 1/2 dozen other places. Where are you located?
  4. What is a tie off?? I couldnt wrap a rod to save my life!
  5. (*edited - please don't post other websites here - thanks. TimS) I dont know what it is these days......Years ago all captains, mates, tackle shop owners, rod builders, were all stand up people. Today is so differant! So many people have attitudes and things are:mad: simply not the same anymore!
  6. +1! I heard a rumor a few years back from the secretary at my old job that her and husband signed up for this and after driving with this device for 30 days that their insurance went up. I understand this cannot happen but allegedly they pulled up some ticket from a few years back. Who knows the truth?? All I know is our privacy is at risk......No thanks!
  7. I have a new (probably refurb) Evo 4G still sealed in the plastic from Sprint that I may want to part with. Being I dont have a price off hand do you have something of equal value that you would trade?
  8. Nice pics! My mother and father have a condo in Tarpon and growing up I fished on the Two Georges every winter and easter as well as several times each summer! Great times on that boat! Havent been there in years thou.......
  9. Price reduced to 100.00
  10. I was getting some of my rods ready for a trip and noticed this? *** happened[ATTACHMENT=6394] (902k. zip file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  11. I just bought a new used truck and went with the Michelin LTX MS2's.....was a big fan of the Bridgesone Dueler Revo AT2's but these Michelins blow them away!
  12. There nice but starting at 700.00 it's a tad more then we wanted to spend!
  13. The 291CBQ is out the price range, if he would lived up there maybe it can be justified. I am thinking the MS 250 C-BE.........Or maybe the 290 Farm Boss.....was contemplating the Husky 455 until I noticed the weight! As far as the Stihl go I wonder how much easier the starting is with EZ Start feature?? He has alway's purchased used Homelite, Poulan, Craftsman chainsaw's from the auctions so in all reality I think any Stil will do! Just need something user friendly (easy chain adjustment, easy to start, etc)