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  1. It depends on if they have had there coffee yet
  2. Birds
  3. Not at this time but ty for the offer
  4. Np;
  5. Just parts
  6. Sold to cd
  7. This is one left side cover and is aluminum….i think the 7500s were brass
  8. Left side cover from a 6500cl big game does not include clicker rash 30.00 shipped
  9. These are in great shape 9.5 condition 75.00 shipped
  10. Sold to quan ty
  11. Pay pal is

  12. Nope this is all the blue i have
  13. No sir i dont have any in blue
  14. 3 handles ….miscellaneous drag arms…1 orange spool included 9/10 condition 60.00 shipped
  15. 3 abu blue right side covers and 1 blue brake plate……..very nice condition 50.00 shipped