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  1. Famous Earl and Unknown Eric.....a toast to two legends of the second shift squad
  2. The three titanium are slightly used... black is new and stainless as well....very good shape...they are stamped titanium and fairly rare in the states
  3. I have some ns6 titaniums
  4. I have several century decals/older models ss...that i never used....welcome to the wonderful world of century confusion
  5. These fly pretty good
  6. I was up for the October run and my pass was expired as soon as i hit town around 1 pm I went down and tried to obtain a new sticker....there cc machine was down and i did not have enough cash...the young woman at the window said i could stick around sometimes it comes back up right away....instead i left and went and unpacked... about 3 pm i got a call was her saying machine was back up and running..she had took the time to get my info/phone # off the form you fill out...they close at 4:30...i planned to fish sticker or not...probably a good thing i didnt this was the first year i actually had a ranger check my fishing license in 10 years....anyways she went out of her way to be helpful..which is a rarity these days
  7. Hybrid turtles can take up to 6 months to hatch
  8. What would they be netting this time of the year and how many drum are killed
  9. New Moon more closure
  10. Yeah i can just block it
  11. Could we move this to the political thread