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  1. $23 to help fee and shipping?
  2. bump Lot 2 and lot 3 are still available.
  3. I'll take them
  4. Sorry, don't have any of those Have some plugs or spinning reels
  5. Any trade?
  6. You have to post final and total price, including shipping and all fees. also, pics please
  7. Bump offers?
  8. yours´╝üpm coming! Thanks
  9. Lot 1: darter lot, TA is 3oz used, Gibbs is 2oz almost new. $15 shipped. Lot 2: Sebile stick shad and knockoff, bunker is Sebile, ghost is knockoff. both new, both are 182 Floater. $27 shipped. Lot 3: bomber lot, 17a, 17a joint, 16a and a salt. All used still in good condition. $27 shipped.
  10. May I take them? My elder son can use these! Thanks very much!
  11. Feel free to make an offer.
  12. Great! Thanks Don! PM coming!
  13. Good to know! Thanks
  14. Yours! Pm coming! Thanks