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  1. Second on the three reels, if seal falls through
  2. You got it. PM coming! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the offer but I’d prefer selling for $$.
  4. No worries at all. Look forward to your update. I will take whatever you can find. Thanks
  5. Yeah, I remember that because I bought that lot :)) So, do you have another 8 different loaded CC pencils or you don’t have any and you just posted wrong. If you have another 8 loaded CC, I will take them as well. Thanks
  6. I’ll take it if you ever come to MA or RI area. Thanks
  7. Sebile lot, $90 shipped
  8. $40 shipped
  9. Respectfully offer $35 shipped! PayPal, thanks
  10. $45 shipped !
  11. Sebile lot, $90 shipped.
  12. Let’s try $50 shipped.
  13. I can do $50 shipped if you are still interested.
  14. Gags, guppy, lights out. All between 2.5-3oz. All in great condition except the guppy which has seen some use. $60 shipped. Any payment method works.