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  1. Ok, let’s do $45. Please send PayPal info. Thanks
  2. Respectfully offer $40, PayPal. Thanks
  3. We are lookin at mid to late Nov now. I know there should still be some small fish biting close to shore, but are the big guys gone to deeper water already? Meaning too late to catch some nice keeper from shore now? Thanks
  4. If the cordell pencils are 6 inches, I’ll take the lot for asking. Thanks
  5. Would you consider $20 shipped? PayPal? Thanks
  6. I’ll take these
  7. Is it floating or sinking? I only fish sinking at canal. Thanks
  8. Is the MS Sebile or knockoff? Looks like a knockoff based on the eyes, but would like to confirm. Thanks
  9. Yes, they are what I’m looking for. I’ll take them. Please PM details! Thanks
  10. Thank you so much! Yes, I’ll take them. You can PM details or post pictures here. Thank you!
  11. Thanks Vinny! I already have plenty if this type, I would prefer longer shank ones like these:l if possible. Thanks 9A287C71-DEC3-411D-9A20-29659D8B31BC.webp
  12. Thanks Vinny! Depending on price. Could you post a pic and let me know the price? Thanks
  13. Looking for some 2-3 oz banana tog jig, prefer longer shank hook. Thanks
  14. May I ask the weight of these? Thanks