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  1. If the smack it poppers are the bigger 5 inch 1oz size, I offer $20 shipped, cash in the mail. Thanks
  2. Where to pick up? Thanks
  3. Thanks! A bit heavy for me, so I’ll pass. RP, it’s yours. Thank you.
  4. What’s the weight of this reel? Does it reel smoothly? Also, is meet and pick up somewhere in ma an option? Thanks
  5. Respectfully offer $40 PayPal. You can keep the hooks and rings. Thanks
  6. Weight of them? Thanks
  7. I’ll take the 3 Mack plugs PayPal thanks
  8. Any trade? Plugs?
  9. I’ll take these
  10. $8 sounds a bit high to me. I’d offer $45 shipped for those 4 lures. Cash in mail. You can take them out of the package. I don’t need the package. Thx
  11. I’m interested in 4 lures: bone hydro pencil gold mackerel pencil green mackerel mag darter 1oz blue mackerel mag darter 1oz whats the best you can do? I’m in MA. Unless you fish canal sometime soon, otherwise, you might have to ship.
  12. Where are you located? Is pickup at canal an option? I’m interested in the top 3
  13. Interested in the blue head white popper in the middle column. Anyway you can split that lure? Thanks
  14. Where are you located? Is local pickup with cash an option?
  15. Offer $40 cash pick up for those 5 epoxy jigs