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  1. Plug1712 bought both cases and decoys. Closed. Thanks!!
  2. I have a 50” and a 36/37”. Brand new. Model tags in pics. 50” I want $140 Smaller one $100 Buy BOTH for $200. Not shipping these. Will drive as far as Sandy Hook area. Tanglefree Bufflehead...2 boxes. Not separating or shipping. $70 both boxes List is double that. $250 for cases and decoys. I am in Vineland. I’ll drive as far as Sandy Hook area for cases. The decoys not as far.
  3. Sure $135. . Where ya located?
  4. $20 each $5 shipping each. Buy All 3 for $45 shipped. * SA Sharkwave GPX WF-6-F Dark will/chart 95’ $20 * SA Wavelength Trout WF-6-F Dk willow/willow 90’ $20 * SA Frequency Sink Tip Type III WF-5-F/S blk/chart $20
  5. I would meet you in Amboy if that helps. Thats if your taking both cases or everything. I could do it Friday or Saturday. Make a day of it with the wife.
  6. Im more than 10 years out of the plug game but I remember guys scarfing up his giant pikies while I was grabbing Leftys. I never got one because I didnt throw plugs that big but I think he sold out way back then.
  7. Thanks. I’ll send tomorrow...
  8. 1 JBR Pencil Popper 7.25” 1 Big Don Pencil Popper 7” 12 Teasers. I tied these for someone and they stiffed me. Simple teasers on 2/0 Mustad C68SNP-DT Tarpon. 2XH/2XS. $56 shipped. Not splitting.
  9. Ok. See what he says. Paypal is hipkvw@comcast.net
  10. Ok. See what he says.
  11. Only cause padded envelope and shipping is like $7 and paypal takes a buck or 2
  12. I would do $30 shipped and I’ll whip you up 2 teasers in 2/0 or 3/0 your choice of colors w/ or w/out flash eyes etc.
  13. Sure. Ill make another plug lot and add to it. Paypal is hipkvw@comcast.net
  14. $46 shipped firm
  15. Hopped the ferry to DE a few times this December and got a handful of bass. January...Nada.
  16. These are the flys I caught my big bass on. Gonna have to chuck them this spring.
  17. I’ll do $56 shipped
  18. Listed elsewhere
  19. Had this on a rod I never used. Loaded with 30lb Cortland backing. $85 shipped
  20. Listed elsewhere
  21. $185 Shipped FIRM TFO Deer Creek Series 5wt 11' Switch Fly Rod 250-450 GR. Cast one time. Line Rio Scandi Versitip. Cast ONE time. Running line included. $80 shipped.
  22. Steelhead and smallmouth but never got into this type of rod.