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  1. Shore Catch Gene Quigly has AMAZING fly rod holders that insert into regular holders. Im going to try to track them down in Instagram.
  2. Rosi Oldenberg. Check her stuff out. Amazing fish/fisherman art
  3. I got a 16x20 Pencil drawing from a well known artist.
  4. Sod Stripers...
  5. Love their stuff
  6. You and Fly Girl are the best. Love it. Insane trip!!
  7. Id go 8 but love my 7s for weakfish and schoolies. I was in the Keys and a lot of guys were using 7s for Bonefish
  8. I just saw this after I posted. Curious about what your drag is doing because both of mine are really smooth. Did they offer a solution to what is going on?
  9. I have 2 Nautilus X in XL. Ive caught a ton of schoolies on them but nothing too big. I caught Albies on them and the drag was flawless.
  10. Thats funny. I didnt read the initial post when I posted that response. Interesting topic. When I plugged the surf it was nothing to catch a 12” Bass on a 3oz plug. No idea why they would hit something more than 1/2 their size.
  11. I didnt read this all yet but ive caught 20” stripers on 8” flys.