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  1. I appreciate the offer....I have a glass rod already. Looking for 9' Graphite...should have specified.
  2. Looking to spend under $100. Just to keep in the back of the truck.
  3. Awesome! I always carry a 5 in the car...love little lake stops.
  4. Aside from trout leaders my salt and warmwater leaders are straight flouro or mono. 6-8'. Loop to connect to flyline and loop knot of your choice for fly. NEVER have an issue turning over flies. It is the simplest leader and effective. I got that advice from some of the best fly guys and guides. Tapered leaders have their place but I RARELY tie tapered leaders. I catch 100's of fish a season of all kind and never had an issue. Flyfishing can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. I keep it as simple as I can while still being effective. Mid-Atlantic/Northeast....
  5. Whip finished loop
  6. If a line does not have a loop or the loop gets beat up I make a loop with the line and wrap it with mono, nail knot, and coat with Goop. I dont remember where I saw that method but it has NEVER failed.
  7. Thanks. Someone else told me they actually ahve ripped the bezel off multiple times. Its funny. One of their accessories is a new bezel. Im going to file these a bit.
  8. Thanks
  9. I actually like this but on the fly fishing front a complete failure. Could have done so much more to include actual fly fishing.
  10. Wish I had some free cash for this. GREAT price!!
  11. Awesome
  12. I JUST installed the Simrad. I will use both but mostly the Simrad.
  13. I agree. It is a GREAT movie...with fly fishing in it
  14. I have this and think its a good movie. NOTHING will compare to A River Runs Through it. That is and always will be the finest movie with fly fishing movie ever made. I hope I will some day be wrong but I doubt it.
  15. I have it...I watch it occasionally. Its terrible. His acting is forced and atrocious.