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  1. Nice largemouth I got on a Cortland Fairplay 8wt. Its an economic set up and decent for the price. This was the 1st cast an hour after I set it up. I blew it up battling this fish in the pads. They are sending me a new one. Ha
  2. Big wild Brown from the western branch of the Delaware. #18 BWO.
  3. I told them that last time and asked them again to check it.
  4. I have 3 Scotts and 12 Sage rods. Probably go with Sage at this point.
  5. I like the rods a lot but I am not sure if I am going to go with them again after the response that the rod cant handle a 200-250gr line. Makes no sense.
  6. While I agree with not breaking many rods.... the Scott thing freaks me out as people on IG responded that they had breakage issues I had on other models. I agree with you. When the rep emailed me that I thought BS. That new Tidal sold for $310. Oh well. Maybe time to get this one fixed and keep it as a spare. Spring for a new rod.
  7. Thats what I said. It has broken 3x where it goes into the ferrule. $50 a pop +shipping out cost.
  8. Im just nervous because my A4 Butt section broke 3x now. Scott said it wasn't designed to throw weighted lines. Other people have had similar complaints with different models.
  9. Yeah. I get that. The guy I want to get it from bought it as a backup on a trip and never used it. Still in plastic. Has original receipt. I emailed Scott to see if they will make an exception.
  10. I buy most rods from shops but wanted a Scott Tidal. There are a few on Ebay brand new at a cheaper price but because they are from ebay they will not register the rod. Even with a blank warranty card rod still with plastic on the handle. Has to be from a Scott dealer w/in 30 days of purchase. Other companies do this as well? I kind of get it but if the rod is brand new I dont see an issue.
  11. Hahaha. Nope. They just try to push the hook out then I just feel bad as they growl at me taking the hook out.
  12. They dont actually fight. They just kind of struggle.
  13. Battled wind in my face for a few.