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  1. Had a nice weekend road trippin' in DE. Got a few Stripers on the fly and 15 at night on spinning tackle because you cant fly fish in this one spot. I went to sleep and watched them busting in the lights out of my windshield. The next day I made my way to a few ponds and landed 15 Largemouth on a Bucktail Deceiver before I could not take the rain any longer.
  2. I used a fly rod last weekend and caught 2 stripers on a jetty in DE I visit time to time. Went to dinner and came back to stripers busting in the lights. I cant use my fly rod in this location so I grabbed a spinning rod. I caught 15 and was like..meh..whatever. Cool night. The 2 on the fly made my day. I went to bed in my van and looked out the windshield and could still see stripers busting. I went to sleep. Whatever makes you enjoy life is what it all comes down to.
  3. Caught a bunch of bass after the blow in South Jersey with a variety of presentations. Don't mind the editing....the stalkers are good.
  4. Yes. Its not the self deploy but has all the other features.
  5. Aside from the God awful ride in from Bay Head to Barneget Inlet it was an ok afternoon. Never rode in with live vest on before. Took an hour and a half.
  6. Brand new. Never used. $225 shipped and paypal.
  7. Great story....I would have cried
  8. Ah man...I had one up here brand new for like $265 off retail. Just sold it on ebay. Good Luck!
  9. Good question. In the fly fishing world I always hear everyone call conventional gear "gear" meaning not Fly Rods
  10. I love everyone's replies. Nice to hear what others enjoy
  11. Your right....ANY topwater take is AWESOME.
  12. Even so...you guys that are guides still use the fly rod more than most. Do you ever have clients that wont put the fly rod down even though you know you can get them on fish with conventional/spin gear?