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  1. Took my little canoe out and got 5 Bass and some pickerel.
  2. A few short flounder on a quick road trip to the coast.
  3. School club outing. A few kids practicing their fly fishing.
  4. I doubt it but I guess ya never know.
  5. A few from the weekend...
  6. Running 7ED96146-789C-4D9B-BE44-1CF0BD511162.MOV
  7. shakedown run. 35097230-9D52-46F5-805E-A140B14112E3.MOV
  8. Im gonna take it out when I dont feel like messing with the boats. Clammin’, small lakes, and maybe waterfowling here and there. I do have some skinny striper spots that my boats wont get to I am going to try. I messed up my back real bad so I have not got it out yet. Maybe this afternoon. Each day has been hit or miss as to how I feel. Been a rough month.
  9. I have 2 boats but always wanted a Gheenoe to screw around with. Got this cheap and cleaned it up and outfitted it. Kept it simple.
  10. Yes. First cast I thought I felt something. Said must have been a nerve thing. Second cast the rod crackled and I felt it real good. My wife heard the rod crackle. Storms were in DE. I was in Cape May. I made my way off the jetty with the rod pointing down. 2 years ago.
  11. I caught possibly the World Record Striper on 20lb tippet. Record was 51lbs and change. My fish roughly touched the 54” 2nd ferrule on my fly rod so definitly over 50” and THICK. Let it swim. Sure Id love to know bit oh well.
  12. I chose the Biological factors being important. The public are not scientist even if we agree with the scientist. I know TONS of people who fish the spawning grounds on the troll or with bait and think the fishery is great. CLUELESS.
  13. Regulations MUST change to save the fishery. Fill it out!!!
  14. Amazing man for sure. His service to our country speaks for itself as to his fortitude. He lived his life in success and sounds like with great people. RIP.
  15. I love seeing everyone’s pics. Someone mentioned earlier this thread is thriving. Keep them coming. Not just fish but anything fly...