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  1. Lost my mind bump peak no longer for sale anvil still on the market
  2. [img=][img=]guys these tails have all been tied off of all tails have some left to tie on them selling them accordingly 20shipped. next up is my tool collection 2 pairs of regular ice scissors 1 pair midge scissors 2 griffin midge bobbins 2 griffin regular bobbins 1 saltwater/ bassbug bobbin 50 dollars all scissors are very very sharp still all in perfect shape 9 spools of thread 7 bucks all flat waxed 4 white 5 black last but not least a clouser eye painting rack every slat has small slots you load it up paint them all and let them dry super easy for something that is a pain. 20 Take it all for 75 shipped Need to sell badly
  3. [img=[img=The peak vise has the white base. It comes with both regular jaws and over sized jaws. It is in very very good shape it has the upgraded brass thumbscrews. It will be shipped with a waste basket. I can give you the option of the c clamp instead if you don't want the base. It comes with the peak bobbin holder. hackle gauge. Does comewith the hard shell case not the tools. they will be for sale in another thread. This will hold from size 18 to size 7/0 or so. It is a great vise I hate to sell but need the cash I accept paypal and it will be shipped in a dosko sport padded hardshell pistol case as well which is how I have always carried it to fly shows. 105 obo need to move]' alt='448'>Next is an anvil apex it is a rotary vise just not on axis rotary which means it spins but is not and inline rotary like the peak. It is a very nice vise I upgraded the rotary tension screws to nylon because it made the rotation smoother. It comes with a base. I would like 60 dollars it Also has a brand new jaw on it and will hold from 20 up to 6/0 or 7/0 ( it has a grooved jaw like a dynaking) 60 dollars Obo really need to move. Also comes with anvil bobbin holder. Guys I really need to move these to pay for my clumsy wife breaking her fibula let's take the dog for a walk in the bay oops fell in a hole. Leave it to women to do that. Guys first I'll take it leaves me the right to keep the other vise. I am really on the fence about selling both. I would rather sell her Get me some offers low ball away
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