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  1. Sorry for the delay. Yes will do $75 shipped. Please PM details I will try to get this stuff out to Coldclam and you by tomorrow.
  2. Is this self bailing? Scupper holes?
  3. I apologize for not considering people are in other states. @Coldclam and @DaveC: If you PM me your zip I can do a ballpark, Are you willing to pay a little more for shipping? @Youngsurfrat: Coldclam responded first, if it doesnt work out I will reach out here.
  4. Hobie Mirage Drive V2 with Turbo fins - $450 (Good condition, great working condition) Hobie Heavy Duty Plug-in Kayak Cart - $100 (Good condition, works fine) Hobie Twist Lock Seat - $75 (Good condition, works as expected)
  5. WTB 9WT 4pc - Looking for saltwater surf usage. Open to offers
  6. WTB left handed VS100
  7. After many years of fishing the NE waters. I've yet to catch a pollock above 1-2lbs. What is classified as "school pollock" is typical of my catch. Which I end up doing one of two things. First, live-line them or I throw them back. My question is this. Does anyone eat these small guys? Can/Should I just fillet them and cook them up?
  8. winter flounder?
  9. Don't worry about fishing that area next year. The majority of the cities populace wants to dredge up the harbor for horizontal directional drilling for the gas lines. As it would disrupt neighborhoods if they ran the lines under the street.
  10. first frost hasn't even hit. fall run is yet to come folks!
  11. I've done that before. Feed the seals. Thick fog had them hidden from sight. I was getting these unbelievable hits and then my bait is gone. I wonder how they manage to take the bait right off the hook without getting it in the pay or jaw themselves? Also way more seals now then I've seen in the last 20 years of fishing. Maybe its me?
  12. Also to comment on the fact that you have more moving parts thus more problems. I nearly destroyed my pedal drive after hitting some rocks. Bent my turbo fins and the rods that hold them to the drive-train tore thru the rubber. I don't believe I cracked my hull or did any further damage to the drive. I got a new Turbo fin kit and removed/replaced. But yeah its another thing to worry about or pay for when in this case you don't pay attention.
  13. I have a Hobie Adventure (non-island!). Last month I went out kayaking with my bro-inlaw who had a non-hobie sea kayak. To be fair I left the drive at home and put the plastic cassette in the drive well and paddled with him. Took all of 15mins before I realized I made a big mistake. I wished I had at the very least took it with me. That is not to say it didn't paddle good. It paddled great! I was impressed. I thought yeah if my drive ever blows up I'll be alright paddling back to shore.
  14. Thread closed - SOLD! -Thank you!
  15. I have two interested, yet to respond to my PM. So far it is still available until cash is in hand.