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  1. Check out the Quantum Smoke Inshore. I just bought the 40 but have yet to use it. (Literally bought it today) I'd suggest maybe the size 30. Check them out they're good reels.
  2. AIS80MHF 8' MH Fast 1 14 - 30 1/2 - 2 7.0 AIS80HF 8' H Fast 1 17 - 40 3/4 - 3 8.1 Interchangeable: 40 Model: SL40PTS Size: 40 Gear Ratio: 5.3:1 Line Capacity (yd/lb): 250/10 Inches per Turn: 33" Max Drag: 20 lbs. Retrieve: Interchangeable Weight: 9.7 oz. Interchangeable: 50 Model: SL50PTS Size: 50 Gear Ratio: 5.3:1 Line Capacity (yd/lb): 225/12 Inches per Turn: 36" Max Drag: 25 lbs. Retrieve: Interchangeable Weight: 10 oz. Really just trying to match a combination of these two if that helps at all
  3. Hey guys, a few quick questions here... I'm looking to get a rod/reel setup for inshore fishing around the North Carolina area (Onslow/Camp Lejeune). I'm pretty set on the Quantum Smoke and the St. Croix Avid Series Inshore. I'm just wondering what would be the right size matchup for the two. I'm looking to get something about 8 ft and plan on using about 20lb braid on it. I'm thinking the Quantum Smoke 50 might be too big for an 8 footer, but I'm really not sure. I'll mostly be fishing for flounder, apparently there's some tarpon around here, and I'd like to have something I can take and toss at some stripers every now and then. Any help is greatly appreciated... Just a Marine trying to get a line wet around here. Thanks in advance, Tommy
  4. Apologies for this jackassery I posted 4 years ago... a lot changes between 16 and 20......
  5. No, thats absolutely not what I'm saying. You're missing the point. Look at Brandford Jeffs post above mine. That's more like my idea. What I'm trying to say here, is if you can't feed the family you already have, then why are you having more kids?
  6. Are you saying the people already collecting it won't get as much? I don't see why they would get any less.
  7. This might belong in pg forum... But anyways, for one of my classes we had to come up with a proposal or an idea that would be borderline controversial etc.... Here's what I came up with: If you're collecting welfare, or unemployment for longer than 1.5 years, you should not be allowed to have kids. What do you guys think?
  8. It's idiots like this that give Marijuana users a bad name
  9. Yeah it helps a little bit on the dosage I have now but I still don't get that kind of, "I just want to work" feeling when I took 20mg adderall. I think maybe I need a higher dosage of Vyvanse.
  10. Unfortunately yes
  11. Yeah I do pretty well I can typically allow myself plenty of time but I get distracted way to easily while I'm doing it.
  12. Yeah he only prescribed 15 pills this time it's just a trial dosage to see how I'll react to it but once I get it dialed in I'll probably be getting dosings in 30s instead of 15s.
  13. Yeah I was the same way, skeptical at first... after trying it it's like night and day it's so much easier to focus on school I actually want to do work, like when I run out of work to do I legitimately wish my teacher would've assigned more. It's kinda crazy actually
  14. Yeah I was prescribed on 30mg XR capsules to sort of gauge how much I'll really need... There have been times in the past where I've taken an XR 20mg Adderall in the morning for exams or a hard day but its been probably a total of under 7 times. Anyhow, the Vyvanse I took today didn't give me the same 'euphoria' for lack of a better word that Adderall did, with Adderall I could tell I was on it. Vyvanse is a little more subtle at least I have noticed, I am also thinking that a higher dosage like 40 or 50mg would be better for me because I don't have the same kind of "drive" that I had on adderall.
  15. Long story short I was just prescribed on this for my ADD that I was tested for and I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences with it... I've never taken anything for attention so I don't know what to expect. Thanks -Tommy