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  1. Just regular old Surfcaster rod rack. Sells at $105 for a double now on the site they don't seem to have the quad. Lemme know. Thx
  2. Reduced to $80
  3. Hey guys I have this 4 rod holder Surfcaster rack for a front license plate mount. Mount included. I'm on the North Fork could meet in Riverhead if needed rather not ship. $100
  4. That's it the ES ! Awesome thanks guys. Have to stock up now! Thanks for all the help.
  5. The daddy mac is close my buddy gave me one today when I was bitchin about my loss. My jig was heavier I think it was lead painted and epoxied over. I bought it at a tackle shop it was loose and didn't have a package.
  6. No I have some hogies it's different. It catches everything albies, blues, weak fish, porgies, sea bass you name it. I almost cried when I lost it.
  7. I did my boat yesterday with 3M cleaner wax put on with an orbital polisher and wiped off by hand. Looks brand new and the boat is 12 years old.
  8. Come on now nobody actually fishes with a cup!??
  9. Sorry sold. Thanks.
  10. PM sent. Thank you
  11. Whats up fellas, any buyers here? A real steal!
  12. Bobber I think it would be ok on you it had plenty of room on me.
  13. I'm in mattituck. Just east of Riverhead
  14. Ok how about $40 shipped?