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  2. From the album Forum Attachments

  3. not only did i catch my 1st striper of the year today , im nuts about Boston right now. Im glad the Flyers arent on their game and seem to be choking. 3-0 in the series. i dont think anyone saw that one comin. Bruins finally scored a PP goal! OUT OF THE BASEMENT AND THE 2nd ROUND SINCE 1992? ON A FLYERS SWEEP?
  4. 11' Rainshadow blank. Fuji concept guides.made up by Crafty1Customs in Portsmouth, RI. marbled gold and white on rod before each guide.only the 12th made. gonna put either a VS on it or a Shimano Stella. tested it out this month. it frickin flys.
  5. you tube search- the pogues - dirty old town
  6. saw lots of bait stacked up in newport last night... schoolies were tearing them up. nothin big at all.
  7. when in doubt, the metal comes out
  8. havent seen much bait, eel grass moving in thick...
  9. i think im gonna hang up the waders for a little bit and grab my freshie pole. skunked in newport 2 nights in a row and this early morning. should have done it a couple days ago!
  10. wet pack your braid... no problems.
  11. somehow, people leave all sorts of rigs/braid/ trash and the people that really live and love what we do , have to pick it up. everyone that has to get a license or NOAA registered should have to take an oath ... " thy shall take what thee had and retreated with when thy fish"
  12. i was there today too. got there at 0330 fished till 1000. one huge blue near sagamore bridge . they were mostly on the frickin cape side of course.
  13. what do you think the chances of gettin struck tonight are with a graphite tica?? SW winds and good tides for me. havent seen much action lately, need to get out there into the surf. anyone else heading off to battle?
  14. skunked mid bay again. fished the ebb, threw small sand eel imitations and shads along with wood and spooks. threw eels later on.anybody have any GOOD news? seems schoolies have been everywhere. didnt see them tonight though...