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    Fisherman, Painter, woodworker, sign maker, wooden fish & nautical carver.
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    FishHunting-n-Woodworking-n-Sculpture - Welding - Boat Building FISHING ARTIST
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    Woodworking, Sign Carving, wooden fish mounts, illustration,

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  1. I wouldn't mind throwing a fish or two in again for 2 or 3 old friends who asked here that found me here. I speak to them elsewhere but it's only right if they found me here I'll extend the respect. Check the inbox. Happy Holidays
  2. Lotta new work going on dried about 40 new logs this season. I think the work is getting better maybe one day I'll get rid of a few again on the cbst if I see a reply to last yrs question soon Maybe 2 yrs. Hey it's winter, thought I'd check in with a few old friends here a say hey. I hope it's calmed down a bit.
  3. A little Fish ART Update for old times sake.. Here's the new direction. Pat
  4. A Little Fish Carving Annual Update. New directions.
  5. From the album Blue Fin Tuna

  6. New Log Tuna
  7. DIY Log Fish A couple guys asked for a few chainsaw pointers, now that we're in sawing season Let's talk sawdust… Working on the new school this April, and trying to go bigger. I do have a question here: Has anyone one in the DIY ever sized & set their own chains ? Just brazed some broken band saw blades, But I'm curious if anyone has sized chainsaw chains here. Would you go about it with a bike chain link remover, and ball peen hammer ? Thanks Pat Here's the last 2 log fish, trying' to pull of a dozen for spring.