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  1. I am about 10 miles from the mouth of the Elwha. Great river. The legendary giant Chinook Salmon of the Elwha have been on decline ever since the dams were built. A few manage to make the spawning run in the river area downstream of the lower dam. I see hope for their return with the removal of the 2 dams. I have seen one of the giants, caught just outside the kelp along the shore line west of Freshwater bay. Impressive fish, long and lean instead of a short stubby looking fish. This was in about 1979. In a few more years we should see an increase of the big fish returning to the Elwha to spawn, and hopefully those fishing the area in the salt will release any that are caught. I sometimes fish the area and I certainly will release any Elwha giant if I am lucky enough to hook one.
  2. My Alps wrapper with 3 of the 4 foot bed sections. The rod in the lathe is a one piece 10 foot Salmon Mooching rod. All of the major rod building suppliers offer wrappers with extensions available. Below is a rod lathe I made in the 1970's. Track is unistrut, a channel used by electricians. You can find Unistrut at Home depot. Or at a electrical supply store.
  3. Timing of the run is critical. Sometimes Coho run near a beach, gotta be in an area where the salmon pass on their way to the spawning river. Coho and Pinks are often caught from shore in my area. 3 to 5 ounce jigs work: Dungeness Stinger, Point Wilson Dart, etc. A small pink buzz bomb rigged with a small pink hoochie works great for pink salmon when they are running. A medium spinning outfit with 12 to 17 pound mono is ideal.
  4. - Oh way upriver on the dry side of the state. Read the regs carefully, they are complicated. If you obtain a boat and start fishing salt water, give me a PM and I will help you out with gear recommendations.
  5. And if you build rods, Rainshadow is here in Western WA just 10 miles from me. I have several Rainshadow 13-1/2 foot Hatteras Heaver 8 & Bait Composite blanks that I will eventually build into heavy surf casting rigs. Two piece blanks with a 60/40 split. These things are beasts and will handle 10 ounces of lead and a nice chunk of bait. My plan is to use them for Halibut fishing from shore. One of my Halibut drops is just 80 yards from the beach, reachable with a heavy surf outfit. What city will you be in?
  6. Go to websites that talk fishing in the Pacific NW: Bloody decks Fishing Washington section Ifish I live in Port Angeles. Nice salmon and halibut fishing except for the shutdown now for Covid. Lots of folks bank fish the Columbia. Hatteras style 8 and bait outfit would be ideal. If boat fishing, anchoring in the Columbia is a bad idea. Due to a lot of big ship traffic. And the current. Catch the current and the wind working against each other and you will wish you played golf instead of fishing out of a boat. And the bar crossing can be a killer in the wrong conditions. If you want to go extreme from the bank find an Alvey outfit. You will get a lot of looks and questions from the other fishermen! My 14 footer:
  7. Alvey's of yore. Not as easy to use as a big spinner or a nice magged ABU 7000 but some can cast a great distance with the beasts. I have about a dozen in my collection plus 5 Alvey rods. The 3 reels/rods in the photo are not mine but belong to a chap in Australia. Our friend California Caster was pretty good with the big Alveys and could cast a great distance. The big rod in the doorway is a 14 foot LamiGlass made for Alvey. It is a handful with the Alvey reel, but will sling 8 and bait way out there. I do not use mine much as I live in the Pacific NW, not a good surf fishing area. Most of my fishing is for Salmon and Halibut from a boat, area is the Straits of Juan de Fuca between Washington State and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  8. Some bait to bring him back and post about California Casting:
  9. Would be nice. Have a good bit of stuff gathering dust.
  10. deleted
  11. Payment sent. Thanks
  12. At $18 shipped it is a steal for me, if only for parts. I have several of the D models and use them for Salmon "Mooching" where the direct drive feature is important for back feeding the plug cut herring to an interested Chinook. PM your pay pal info and I will send payment. Thanks!
  13. Darn. Too bad I am on the west coast. I would use it in my blacksmith forge.
  14. PM your address and I will send fresh water hooks, sinkers, and other items.