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  1. Have you read what you posted?
  2. Pick out what you need $3 each
  3. Closing
  4. Regal Big game head with heavy base. Excellent condition. $300 shipped PP
  5. Paid and shipped. Thank you
  6. MV Derby pin Bonito $30 shipped PP
  7. Do you have a picture?
  8. Have this also the shrimp. Not sure who made the shrimp but I remember having them together forever.
  9. Sold pending payment
  10. It’s yours will PM PP
  11. LL Bean Fly fishing vest XXL in excellent condition $40 shipped PP
  12. Nothing to see Trump pays all his taxes just ask NY.
  13. Time for a man bun.
  14. Not concerned at all.
  15. I walked in polling place offered my license for identification, they told me I didn’t need it. The handed me my ballot, I could of given them my neighbors name and address and voted for them.
  16. How do they know I am me? I offered my license and was told I didn’t need it.
  17. Were the box stuffers Rep or Dem? Does it say on their license plate? Did they have a chance to film any fake electors?
  18. Why is the OP infatuated with Fetterman, he posted like 4 threads. Was there an argument or a hurt feeling?
  19. Is this about the lawsuits of Fox by Dominion and Smartmatic to the tune of billions$$$ ? I think you’re right they should be punished
  20. Did he make a nice breakfast for you after your overnighter?
  21. You can always go over to the other fishing site where they eat your lunch every time you open your mouth.
  22. He’s not the one who watched his wife do the pool guy is he?
  23. He has family there and they actually own a TV