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  1. 4 mins ago, Dave588 said:

    If your name is already crossed off the list, your supposed to get a ballot to fill out that doesnt go thru machine

    I walked in polling place offered my license for identification, they told me I didn’t need it. The handed me my ballot, I could of given them my neighbors name and address and voted for them.

  2. 29 mins ago, Dave588 said:

    Arizona citizens are making their own movies. The voters are complaining about being filmed at ballot drop boxes. The voters have posted videos online showing individuals with dozens of ballots to feed in drop boxes. 

    It wouldnt be much of an effort for that state to use the license plate and get a list of ballot owners to restore confidence in the election? 

    The in person ballots can be recounted?

    The lack of confidence is created by the state, not the voter

    Were the box stuffers Rep or Dem? Does it say on their license plate? Did they have a chance to film any fake electors? 

  3. 13 mins ago, Mummichog said:

    I gotta think you wouldn't be focused on one misspelled word if you actually had a good argument regarding the OP.

    Why is the OP infatuated with Fetterman, he posted like 4 threads. Was there an argument or a hurt feeling?