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  1. LL Bean 7 ft 4 pc 10-20 lb test $85 shipped PP
  2. Put up a WTB thread and I will respond for the travel rod

  3. I called Beans once and I think the lighter one is up to 3/4 ounce the heavy one 1 1/2 ounce
  4. Case is 25 inches sections are 23 inches price $85 shipped
  5. LL Bean 4 pc travel rod 8-17 lb new condition still has plastic on handle
  6. Have you thought about posting this on the other Striper site more local to Mass
  7. Dungeness $9.99. Snow crab $10.99 here
  8. Hey Tim my 1 week PG suspension is going on 2 weeks now.

  9. Get me a list and amounts you want.
  10. Closing
  11. 12 ft 30 amp. $50 shipped PP
  12. It’s been over a week now since my suspension 

  13. My new Trane unit came with a 10 year factory warranty
  14. The secret to ice is using blocks instead of cubes. We fished Nauset beach and only had Igloo and Coleman coolers sat out in the sun on the front of the truck for days. I would take the blocks in and put them in the freezer for next time when we got home.
  15. You realize Trump worships Hitler.
  16. Didn’t some moron ride up to the capital and fired into the air before killing himself? We had the idiot with the nail gun a true Trump supporter raiding the FBI and the raging bobbit flake getting a new breathing tube at the Capital. Who’s next?
  17. No it’s about the price of gas and food.
  18. Have you read Mokies posts
  19. I’ll help you out.
  20. It’s all on his security cameras he actually watched it.
  21. I spent a lifetime in the construction field. I don’t need to hunt possum to put food on the table. I’ll send up some road kill for your dinner. Manly Man
  22. I read that the rump family watched the search from NY on the cameras.
  23. Off topic
  24. We pay the same taxes as the ignorant fools here. I run my whole home on what you pay for taxes unless you live in a tar paper shack. Smart move
  25. Because he downplayed a pandemic and no body went anywhere the Texas oilfields were shut down