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  1. If only this wall were built by Mexico as promised. Just another money grab by Trump loyalist’s.
  2. Instead of prison they’ll have Bannon finish it on a chain gang.
  3. Does Mokes even fish?
  4. The judge who yesterday allowed the Dominion lawsuit to continue against Mike and his company. Very serious. Mike will be back on the streets with his pipe.
  5. Maybe he’ll show this evidence when Dominion rakes his sorry ass over the coals in his lawsuit that will put him out of business finally. The judge is allowing the Dominion lawsuit to go through against both him and his company.
  6. Closing
  7. Rockport XCS Sandals 11 wide in excellent condition $40 shipped PP
  8. LL Bean travel rod 7 ft 4 pc 8-17 lb test 1/4- 3/4 ounce with case. Brand new still has plastic on cork. $90 shipped PP
  9. Tim wouldn’t the new price be considered asking price? He had the opportunity to pay the full price, I offered a new price how long do I have to wait for an answer? Looks like 2 hours had passed.  I’ll leave it up to you if I broke any rules. 

  10. I’m waiting on the box to ship this had to order from USPS online my 2 PO didn’t have any more. They should be here tomorrow. Will get this out then and get you tracking.  Thanks

  11. Got it Thanks
  12. Sold pending payment. Thanks
  13. PP Thank you

  14. It’s yours for $85 shipped PP

  15. It’s yours
  16. $85. Shipping & PP fees cost me $15
  17. Payment made closing.
  18. Albie Jigs 15 total 3/8 ounce to 2 ounce. Most NOS $30 shipped PP
  19. TTT
  20. Were his pockets full with ketchup packets?
  21. Sold pending payment
  22. PP Thanks

  23. There yours will PM PP Thank you
  24. Got it. Closing
  25. Abu 5000 B in excellent condition with neoprene case $70 shipped PP