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  1. He’s not the one who watched his wife do the pool guy is he?
  2. He has family there and they actually own a TV
  3. And where are you on the spectrum?
  4. I think his taxes are being audited. Unable to show them,
  5. It’s the Trump crime family with the tax evasion problem.
  6. Some how he beat the Wizard of OZ.
  7. Like Bobby Flay?
  8. TTT Would make a great Xmas gift
  9. False Albacore by Tom Gilmore $40 shipped PP
  10. New price $80 shipped
  11. LL Bean double fly rod reel case will fit the largest reels. In used but great condition. $60 plus actual shipping. PP
  12. Hell a golf ball can kill you.
  13. He probably thought Cruz’s wife was ugly.
  14. He didn’t take the stand in his own defense.
  15. Deflect isn’t a defense. Lots of people died needlessly. I think taking a down crime families like Rudy did makes more sense. Start at the top.
  16. James refused an offer to settle from Trumps lawyers before she filed, right it’s going to be messy.
  17. It worked when James got Trump for misusing his money, didn’t it cost him 2 mil$ The state has a license to charge criminals with fraud, that’s what they get paid to do.
  18. Isn’t he the reason for the investigation? He was the rat in the house Who would know better.
  19. Michael Cohen was on TV this morning explaining the suit filed by the AG for 250 mil was only the base line, the fines could go as high as 750 mil - 1 BIL.
  20. And this has what to do with the Trump crime family and a civil suit. Try to stay focused.
  21. The fact he is involved with the attempt to overturn an election makes him something. He’ll end up with nothing.