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  1. Stormy described Trumps dick as small with a big mushroom head. Will Trump have to show his little weenie as evidence?
  2. Closing
  3. LL Bean Fly fishing vest XXL in excellent condition $40 shipped PP
  4. Have you read what you posted?
  5. Pick out what you need $3 each
  6. Closing
  7. Regal Big game head with heavy base. Excellent condition. $300 shipped PP
  8. Paid and shipped. Thank you
  9. MV Derby pin Bonito $30 shipped PP
  10. Do you have a picture?
  11. Have this also the shrimp. Not sure who made the shrimp but I remember having them together forever.
  12. Sold pending payment
  13. It’s yours will PM PP
  14. Nothing to see Trump pays all his taxes just ask NY.
  15. Time for a man bun.
  16. Not concerned at all.
  17. I walked in polling place offered my license for identification, they told me I didn’t need it. The handed me my ballot, I could of given them my neighbors name and address and voted for them.
  18. How do they know I am me? I offered my license and was told I didn’t need it.
  19. Were the box stuffers Rep or Dem? Does it say on their license plate? Did they have a chance to film any fake electors?
  20. Why is the OP infatuated with Fetterman, he posted like 4 threads. Was there an argument or a hurt feeling?
  21. Is this about the lawsuits of Fox by Dominion and Smartmatic to the tune of billions$$$ ? I think you’re right they should be punished
  22. Did he make a nice breakfast for you after your overnighter?
  23. You can always go over to the other fishing site where they eat your lunch every time you open your mouth.