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  1. Down here in North Carolina we have a lot of black squirrels with pointy ears
  2. I spray the cleaning solution on from the bottom up so you don't get any streaking doing the top down.
  3. Have 4 Penn manuals Dates 1969-1971,1972-1973-1976 $25 shipped for all 4
  4. No problem reel alone are $450 spools $200
  5. I would need $800 plus fees
  6. I have a green backcountry wide with 3 extra spools minimal useage just serviced by Tibor.
  7. Hard to find a real hotdog in North Carolina they have these little red things and they fry them, yuck
  8. Saugy dogs Boars head Maple leaf
  9. Offer withdrawn
  10. I have 2 Shimano Sahara 750 FB reels
  11. I'm open to offers
  12. I have a green one with 3 extra spools I may part with for the right price. Reel was just serviced by Tibor.
  13. Sully makes a clamp on adjustable transducer bracket.
  14. Yes I'll do $10 it'll go in a regular envelope. Will PM PP
  15. 22 inches wide 17 inches high