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  1. Why is the OP infatuated with Fetterman, he posted like 4 threads. Was there an argument or a hurt feeling?
  2. Is this about the lawsuits of Fox by Dominion and Smartmatic to the tune of billions$$$ ? I think you’re right they should be punished
  3. Did he make a nice breakfast for you after your overnighter?
  4. You can always go over to the other fishing site where they eat your lunch every time you open your mouth.
  5. He’s not the one who watched his wife do the pool guy is he?
  6. He has family there and they actually own a TV
  7. And where are you on the spectrum?
  8. I think his taxes are being audited. Unable to show them,
  9. It’s the Trump crime family with the tax evasion problem.
  10. Some how he beat the Wizard of OZ.
  11. Like Bobby Flay?
  12. TTT Would make a great Xmas gift
  13. New price $80 shipped