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  1. LL Bean LL 9 ft 9wt 2 pc. Last series built for Bean by GLoomis SA System 2 8–9 tube boxes included and extra spools available. $350 shipped PP
  2. I’ll remove the braid off the other spool on the reel in excellent condition as new spool Hate to waste new PP. $40 shipped PP
  3. Brand new with new 30# Power Pro
  4. Offer retracted no response
  5. Closing
  6. LL Bean LL last series made for Beans by G Loomis 9 ft 9 wt 2 pc Scientific Anglers System 2 8/9 weight with floating line $350 shipped PP.
  7. 2 Scotty Laketroller Downriggers 2 release clips 3 3lb weights 2 Scotty weight holders $175 pickup in NC add $30 shipping insurance PP
  8. Watch this idiot go bankrupt, I’m sure he’s already broken out his crack pipe.
  9. No the real suckers are your people. Trump keeps playing you for your donations, that’s what it’s all about. Breakout your checkbook. Fools
  10. You should of watched the trial. A jury found him guilty. He has new federal charges against him and the other pigs involved in Floyd murder.
  11. Did anyone get a chance to attend the rally on Saturday?