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  1. Closing
  2. Closing
  3. You mean the IRS audites his taxes Right. What line does insurance and bank fraud go on. They don't. Tax evasion is separate handled by the IRS
  4. I read they already got them from the Douche bank.
  5. How many bankruptcies? When his taxes are shown we'll see just how successful an insurance fraud and tax cheat really is.
  6. How many died in Benghazi? We're looking at 300000 in November for Trumps failure.
  7. Closing off to the Bay
  8. Have Thule 881 Top Deck in excellent condition $90 shipped PP
  9. Have Thule Hullaport Pro XTR 835 in excellent condition $180 shipped PP
  10. No they just reassign or fire anyone investigating them. There will come a day when he can't hide anymore.
  11. They can still get him for obstruction.
  12. Why does Trump fight so hard to not produce evidence if he is innocent?
  13. Would you do $210 shipped for the Orion

  14. Have 2 Stradic 5000 FH with multiple spools