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  1. stuff
  2. Patagonia Stormfront sling, fully waterproof...pricey but the best I've used. Plenty of room for flies, water bottle, rain coat....Used to use an Orvis guide sling but kept getting stuff wet in the surf.
  3. An olive copy of BFD's great fly, the Betsy
  4. Started fishing for stripers ~10 yrs ago...have tied thousands of different flies, but always end up using a darker, more olive (less chartreuse) version of BFD's Betsy. I have a full box of many patterns, but for the past three years, it's the only fly I've used. Last summer, I caught over 500 fish during our week on the cape on that fly.... In my opinion, the best striper fly of all time. Thanks Dick!!
  5. Haven't seen any reports from Bonefish Dick in quite a while....Dick are you out there?
  6. Just returned from our week long annual pilgrimage to the Cape. Started out with a couple trips down to the the past couple years we've had great fun down there, but this year, far fewer fish and mostly micros. Seemed like the topography and tidal currents have changed significantly. Seemed the current was always going right to left...past two years we never saw that direction, was always left to right. Jalthoff...which direction was the current running for you? For the remainder of the trip, we stayed closer to our rental on Monument beach. Fished south side and north side beaches, Buzzard's bay, Buttermilk bay and a few brief forays to the canal. Overall, I probably caught ~30% as many fish as in the past two years, but ~4 times as many fish over 22". The seven guys I fished with experienced a similar pattern. What gives? Water temp? Declining striper population? Hard to believe a big change in population like that could occur in a single year....
  7. Ended up using Goo-Be-Gone. Put a little on a q-tip and gently daubed the paint. It came off easily and left the rod finish intact. Thanks for the help!
  8. A+...nice tie, that dog'll hunt!
  9. Just bought a used rod from the big auction site. Rod has measurement markings on it that look they were made with a gold paint pen. They're pretty sloppy and I'd like to remove them. Is there a solvent I can use that will not hurt the finish of the rod? Thanks... Bruce
  10. I like that!!!
  11. Agreed Mike...the fishing will be what it will. No matter how the fishing shakes out, just being on the ocean, feeling the clam shells crackle under my boots, casting to what might be the striper of a lifetime, makes for the best week of the year for me. We're down there for about 8 of nine great guys that have been doing the same for the last 10 yrs. Takes about 2 days for the "striper buzz" to kick in. All who do this, know it as the feeling that sets in from lack of sleep and many hrs on the water. Bleary eyes, dragging boots and sore shoulders....just can't wait!
  12. Headed down in a week for our annual pilgrimage and looking for something to get excited about! OTW reports make it seem like you can walk across Buzzards Bay on the backs of the schoolies that have inundated Cape Cod. Anyone doing any shore fishing lately?
  13. Posted the following a while ago...may help you pick out the hook you want: A while ago I posted about my frustration with the Mustad S71 SNP-DT hooks I was using for stripers on a recent trip to the Cape. I broke the points off of several hooks and had a couple open up on stripers that were not very large...mid to low twenties. I got many good responses with many hook recommendations. I decided to do some home testing to help me make an informed decision on which hooks to tie on in the future. This was for my own edification, and the testing method is pretty crude, but I think I have the information I need to make my choice. To test the amount of pressure, or weight, required to open each hook (all 1/0), I clamped the hooks upside down in a vise, catching only the front length of the hook; from the point to the beginning of the bend. I tied one end of 40 lb mono to the eye and hooked the other end to a small, lightweight bucket. I then added water to the bucket in 4 oz increments and measured the deflection or bend of the hook with increasing weight, recording the weight at 20, 30 and 45 degrees. It was interesting to note that all of the hooks, after bending to 30 degrees, sprung back to zero if the weight was removed. This surprised me as there have been many times that I've lost fish and checked the hook and thought it looked fine. I may, in fact, have been opening the hook enough to lose the fish, but not enough to put a permanent set in the hook. After a deflection or bend of 45 degrees, all of hooks had a permanent set. I sacrificed two hooks of each model and took the average of the two measurements. Both measurements were, for the most part, very close, within 0.2-0.3 lbs. 20o bend 30o bend 45o bend make model length (mm) gape (mm) (lb) (lb) (lb) Daiichi 2546 35.5 12.0 3.1 5.0 7.3 Tiemco TMC811S 34.8 12.1 2.1 3.7 5.5 Dai Riki 930 34.5 11.5 4.7 7.0 9.9 Mustad S71 SNP-DT 35.2 11.8 3.7 5.7 8.3 Gamakatsu SS15 33.1 11.0 2.9 4.2 6 Gamakatsu S11-3H 34.8 11.2 7.5 10.2 15.8 I also did a subjective test of the “out of the box” sharpness by doing the thumbnail sticky test (four hooks of each model). The two Gamakatsu hooks were the sharpest, the TMC was also quite sharp. The Dai Riki and Daiichi were less so but still OK. The Mustad was the dullest of the lot and would require sharpening before use. No more Mustads for me...I won’t be scrimping on hooks in the future and plan on using Gamakatsu S11-3H hooks from now on. Bruce
  14. Have always wondered about that...I only have nine footers for the salt but have been tempted to buy a 9'6". I'm really interested in what the wisdom of the group will provide...
  15. Mayfly emerger...sparkle dun or sparse parachute. Caddis emerger...tough to beat the LaFontaine series of emergers...