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  1. I have the 905 Superfine. My favorite rod for top water fishing to selective trout. Med-slow action with a really soft tip. Great rod for dries, protects fine tippets very well. Not sure it would be so magical for LMB...not a ton of backbone.
  2. Two of the best:. Trout Magic and Trout Madness by Robert Traver, aka John Voelker.
  3. I never saw those magical days of big fish from the shore with a fly rod. Only started fishing the salt with a fly rod ~10 yrs ago and only seriously for the past six. Each year, during our June trip to the Cape, we catch tons and tons of smaller mid-teens to mid-20's...rarely anything larger. For a long time I really thought that was the deal with fly rodding from the shore on the Cape. Sure, occasionally you might luck into a large fish, but mostly, it's smaller fish. In a way, I'm glad I missed out on those glory days as I've never known anything better than the current state of striper fishing. However, I keep thinking that NEXT YEAR these smaller fish will be larger and we'll start to catch larger classes of fish, but it never materializes. I don't understand what happens to all of these smaller fish and why we don't see the larger classes of fish as they grow. When they get larger are they mostly offshore? Caught and killed? What gives?
  4. Not a fan of the Recon... in my hands, it's not enough backbone for windy conditions. Prefer TFO's BVK for a mid-priced rod.
  5. Best wishes, Dick. Hope you heal quickly and get back on the water soon.
  6. As a side note to this post, we've recently been doing quite a bit of trout fishing in VT and NH. One spot in particular has had a ton of #16 caddis and an X-caddis tied in this size has been the ticket. Most of the flies were originally tied on TMC 100's. We had many, many hook failures on trout that were not that huge...hooks just opened up. Since we switched back to the old reliable Mustad 94840's we haven't had any hooks open up. Guess Mustad still makes their trout hooks pretty well. Really surprised at the failure of the TMC hooks...they used to be very reliable.
  7. A while ago I posted about my frustration with the Mustad S71 SNP-DT hooks I was using for stripers on a recent trip to the Cape. I broke the points off of several hooks and had a couple open up on stripers that were not very large...mid to low twenties. I got many good responses with many hook recommendations. I decided to do some home testing to help me make an informed decision on which hooks to tie on in the future. This was for my own edification, and the testing method is pretty crude, but I think I have the information I need to make my choice. To test the amount of pressure, or weight, required to open each hook (all 1/0), I clamped the hooks upside down in a vise, catching only the front length of the hook; from the point to the beginning of the bend. I tied one end of 40 lb mono to the eye and hooked the other end to a small, lightweight bucket. I then added water to the bucket in 4 oz increments and measured the deflection or bend of the hook with increasing weight, recording the weight at 20, 30 and 45 degrees. It was interesting to note that all of the hooks, after bending to 30 degrees, sprung back to zero if the weight was removed. This surprised me as there have been many times that I've lost fish and checked the hook and thought it looked fine. I may, in fact, have been opening the hook enough to lose the fish, but not enough to put a permanent set in the hook. After a deflection or bend of 45 degrees, all of hooks had a permanent set. I sacrificed two hooks of each model and took the average of the two measurements. Both measurements were, for the most part, very close, within 0.2-0.3 lbs. 20o bend 30o bend 45o bend make model length (mm) gape (mm) (lb) (lb) (lb) Daiichi 2546 35.5 12.0 3.1 5.0 7.3 Tiemco TMC811S 34.8 12.1 2.1 3.7 5.5 Dai Riki 930 34.5 11.5 4.7 7.0 9.9 Mustad S71 SNP-DT 35.2 11.8 3.7 5.7 8.3 Gamakatsu SS15 33.1 11.0 2.9 4.2 6 Gamakatsu S11-3H 34.8 11.2 7.5 10.2 15.8 I also did a subjective test of the “out of the box” sharpness by doing the thumbnail sticky test (four hooks of each model). The two Gamakatsu hooks were the sharpest, the TMC was also quite sharp. The Dai Riki and Daiichi were less so but still OK. The Mustad was the dullest of the lot and would require sharpening before use. No more Mustads for me...I won’t be scrimping on hooks in the future and plan on using Gamakatsu S11-3H hooks from now on. Bruce
  8. Hmm...anything's possible but I think that's highly unlikely. First, it wasn't an was an older model. Second,I stripped that line off the reel several times (once I actually respooled from a second story window to get all the twist out!), stretched it many, many times. Also have had many other lines that didn't coil like that. I'm glad that you are satisfied with your line.....Maybe Rio has figured out a solution with the InTouch, but they still won't be getting my hard-earned dollars. It was a lousy line and worse customer service. I called several times and all they could tell me was to stretch it more often. I've since bought Airflo, Orvis and Cortland lines for my salty fishing and have been much happier.
  9. Does the running line on your Rio InTouch sinker coil up a lot? I had a Rio sinker a couple years ago and the running line drove me nuts...coiled all the time, even after thorough stretching. Called Rio...they were zero help. Ended up cutting off the head and splicing it to a floating running line. Casts like a bag of rocks but still way better than the horrific coiling. Have been very reluctant to put money into a Rio line since....
  10. I've bought boxes directly from Flambeau, made my own slotted foam from 3 sheets of 5 mm EVA foam glued together with 3M 90, from the big hardware stores.
  11. Just purchased some TMC 811S, Gami SS15 and Gami SL-11 3H all in 1/0. Have some Mustad 34007's and some S71SNP-DT/34007's left. When all arrive, I'll post my impressions. The practicum will have to wait until I get back down to the Cape in the fall.
  12. Agree totally...but the 811S hooks are more than twice as expensive as the Gami SS15 hooks. If just as good why spend the extra money?
  13. I've always tied my salty flies on Mustad 34007's and never had a problem. Before the winter tying season began, I sought to buy more (hadn't in several years) and found that Mustad had replaced my treasured 34007's with their new model, S71SNP-DT/34007. No problem, they must be better, right? Ordered 50 and when they arrived they appeared different from my old 34007's, seemed quite a bit thinner and had more shine. With some trepidation I used all but a few tying for this summer's Cape trip. I found that this new model does not compare with the old...out of the box they seem sharper but far more brittle. While fishing I broke the points off several hooks and had one open up on a striper that was only mid 20's...big current though, so lots of pressure..BUT, I never broke a point or had a hook open up with the old model. I'm done with the Mustads and am looking for a good replacement. Have been looking at Gamakatsu SS15 or SL-11 3H, also in consideration are Dai Riki 930 and Daiichi 2546. The Tiemco 811S are too expensive... Thoughts?
  14. Good replies all... Last trip down I had two consecutive days of many, many fish. I always pinch my barbs in the vise and was able to shake several fish off but had to handle the majority. By the second day I was doing the belly or gill plate grab on the smaller fish but still had to lip the larger fish. For the most part I try not to bend the lower lip over as I don't think it's so great for the fish's lower jaw. I try to lip and dangle while I use the other hand to remove the hook, which usually slides out very easily. Dragging up on the sand wasn't really an option as I was out quite a ways and up to my waist. Got nailed several times by the dorsal spines. Hands were just a mess. Went out yesterday and bought a roll of the Nexcare tape and will be using from the start on my next trip down. Of course, now that I have the tape and plan to use it right off the bat next time, I imagine it only follows that the fishing will be much slower! Thanks!