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  1. 40 mins ago, PlumFishing said:

    I wonder what @Terry Mac thinks about this. 

    Dam, i never thought someone would come out and ask that question!!!


    What i think is Pat should not have allowed himself to be trolled off his first post. He aired his opinion on how he sees things here, then that pompous EB Harvey bully drops in from out of the blue and takes a dump right on his doorstep. Its quite obvious that he is jealous of Pat. Why else does he ruthlessly attack the OP every chance he gets.  I will stop there as im sure one of his klamsman will suddenly come after me now. 


    Its punks like him that keep America from being great again!  :dismay:

  2. 3 mins ago, Kanine Kleenup said:

    I’m done... my employee makes way more now than I can pay him. He is ok with riding out a couple more months making 300 bucks more a week than if he was working.. I have lost a bunch of customers, so I couldn’t bring him back for a while anyway. I had a good gig going, I would sell stuff on eBay and he scooped the dog poop. I did the bills and took care of the customers. I don’t want to go back to scooping the poop, I can squeak by with my eBay sales, (hopefully) ... I won’t have to pay all the bs payroll taxes etc for an employee now. He figures he can find another job in July... if anyone in Ma needs an estate cleaned out, let me know... Kaninekleenup out...

    Sorry to hear Kanine. Wish i could help. Best wishes. 

  3. 3 mins ago, EBHarvey said:

    I cant believe I miss the old patrick.  He was immature amd moody, but at least he didnt pretend to be better than us.  


    Honestly kid, the smug holier-than-thou stuff is really lame.  And all you're doing is proving that, even after all these years, you still don't know ****.



    Prick bastard!